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A story I wrote
Posted:Apr 20, 2019 10:54 am
Last Updated:Apr 20, 2019 1:55 pm

My wife and I have been married for over thirty years, and most of the time our sex life has been wonderful. Of course we've been through our ups and downs over the decades, but overall we've both been happy with the frequency and intensity of our lovemaking. Most people think we're Ward and June Cleaver, and to most outward appearances we are. But in the bedroom, we can be quite uninhibited.

We began sharing our fantasies more frequently after our had all left home for college and the , and we finally had some time to ourselves. We real estate together, so we can set our own hours to a large extent, and we often have time during the day for play. We spend a lot of time on the Internet as part of our jobs, and during some of our "down" time, we began to explore swinging sites. One of our favorite sites was designed to help bisexuals make a connection.

My name's Don and my wife is Kathy. We were both strictly heterosexual when we married, but over the years we began to share fantasies about threesomes and foursomes, and during the course of discussing these fantasies some bisexual play began to emerge. First it was just my wife and the other woman engaging in a little light petting, and then we worked up to oral play between the women. After a while, the man and I in our fantasies began to engage in a little touching and oral play. That's how it all began...

We had been exchanging emails with another couple on the bisexual swinging site for a couple of weeks, and we all decided that maybe it was time to meet for some drinks and dinner, and then see what happened. Dave and Joan were near our age (mid-fifties) and we seemed to have a lot in common – empty nesters, time on our hands, model middle- citizens with some unfulfilled fantasies. Best of all, we lived near each other so getting together would not be a problem.

On the designated night, we met at a hotel bar. Everyone was a little nervous, but surprisingly relaxed considering the context of our meeting. We immediately it off, and after a few drinks we got a room and went upstairs. Our wives both had on nice looking, conservative dresses, and I knew that my wife had on matching bra, panties and garter belt holding up flesh-colored stockings. I had eyed Joan's legs and saw that she was wearing dark stockings, and I could only guess what else she had on the dress.

From their online and in-person discussions, our wives knew that we were both submissive husbands in the bedroom. They were both turned on by the thought of us performing lewd acts with one another, and so they cooked up a scenario that would excite both them and us.

When we got to the room, our wives immediately took charge. Kathy told us both to stand next to each other at the foot of the bed with our hands behind our backs. She and Joan sat next to each other at the foot of the king-sized bed facing us. Kathy then addressed me: "Don, I know that you've wanted to suck a cock for a long time, and Joan tells me that Dave wants to do the same thing. So, we're going to make your fantasies come true, but you have to do it on our terms or we'll stop the game and go home."

Joan said, "And this is a game. Kathy and I have been exchanging emails with each other for the past couple of days, and we've come up with a list of 'activities' that we'd like to see you each do. To make it more interesting, we're adding some chance to the game."

Kathy took up where Joan left off, "In the spirit of a game, we've made a deck of cards with one activity on each card. The deck is in order now, and Joan and I know what's going to happen and in what order. We just don't know who's going to do what to whom." Kathy got up and placed a small deck of obviously homemade cards, roughly the size of playing cards, on the credenza near the bed.

Joan said, "One of you will turn over a card and read it aloud, and then cut this deck of regular playing cards. Then the other of you will cut the deck and the holder of the higher card will perform the activity on the other guy. Is that clear? We'll tell you when to stop."

Dave and I looked at each other and then at our wives. I don't know what Dave was thinking, but this isn't exactly what I had had in mind. It sounded like fun, though.

Kathy started talking again, "But before we get started, Don, I want you to show Dave what a little panty you've become. Take all of your clothes off and then I want you to put on Joan's panties. Dave, you're going to be wearing my panties, so you'd better start getting undressed, too."

Dave and I looked each other again, kind of shrugged, and then began undressing. My cock was already getting hard, and as Dave got down to his boxers, I could see that he was semi-hard, too. While we were taking off our clothes, the girls stood, reached their dresses and pulled their panties off without giving us more than a glimpse of their stocking tops.

"Go ahead, boys. You have to be totally naked before you can put our panties on." Joan said. We had both hesitated when we got to our briefs and boxers, but then just went ahead and dropped them. The girls giggled as our cocks sprang out and swayed, semi erect, in front of them.

"I think they like this idea, don't you Kathy?" said Joan.

"It's obvious they do. the pre- already leaking of Don's cock." said Kathy. "Now don't pull the panties all the way up – we want you to stop so that they're just your balls. OK. Now, each of you start jacking yourself off until you're good and hard."

Again, I don't know what Dave was thinking, but it was obvious from his hardening cock that he liked this idea. We each grabbed our own cocks and started stroking them in front of our fully clothed wives. Well, at least we knew that they didn't have panties on, and that made it more erotic.

The girls allowed us to stroke our cocks for a minute or so until they were good and hard and then Kathy said, "OK. That's enough. Drop your cocks and pull the panties all the way up. After you've got yourselves tucked in, put your hands behind your backs and don't touch yourselves again unless one of us says it's OK to do so. Understand?"

We both nodded, standing there looking somewhat ridiculous, sure, with our now very hard cocks encased in the panties of each other's wives and our hands clasped behinds our backs, awaiting orders. Dave had on my wife's panties that I remembered seeing on many occasions; they were stretchy black lace front and back, with a full bottom and ample covering for Dave's average-sized cock. Joan's panties, that I was wearing, were mostly white satin, also full-cut, but they had colorful, flowery lace panels in the front near the crotch so that the satin ended in a "V" near my balls and the lace panels were on either side of the "V." The satin felt good on my cock, and I knew from experience that the lace panties that Dave had on weren't as slippery, but the stretch lace was going to provide a lot of stimulation to his cock anytime he moved.

Joan said, "Dave, you turn over the first and read it to us."

Dave stepped over to the credenza and turned over the first . He read, "Stroke the other guy's cock through his panties."

Dave finished reading just in time for Kathy to present him with the deck of playing cards. "Cut," was all she said.

Dave cut and he had the of diamonds. He replaced the cards and Kathy turned to , "Now you."

I cut and got the ace of spades. I thought that I would be stroking Dave's cock, but Joan stopped first and said, "An ace can be or low, the discretion of the one who draws it. So, what do you want to do? Stroke or be stroked?"

I was getting a little excited and felt like I needed some relief. Also, I didn't know if I was ready to handle another guy's cock just yet so I said, "I want to be stroked."

Joan turned to her husband and said, "You heard the man. Stroke his cock."

This was a first for me. I had never had my cock handled by another man, and very few women for that matter. But I was horny and wanted some stroking, so I just stood there while Dave began to rub the bulge in my panties with his right hand. It felt good, and I started leaking more pre- that quickly made a little wet spot near the waistband of Joan's panties.

The girls were watching intently as Dave stroked my cock and I stood there enjoying it, and after less than a minute Kathy said, "That's enough. We don't want Don to come yet. I think we're ready for another . Don, turn over the next and read it to us."

I was quite hard by now, and a little nervously I went to the credenza and turned over the next . I read it to everyone. "Pull the waistband down and tuck it the other guy's balls and stroke his cock." Kathy was there with the other deck, and I drew a two of clubs – can't get much lower than that. Sure enough, Dave drew a jack of clubs, and I knew he'd be stroking again. I turned towards him and arched my back just a little so that he could reach my panties more easily. He reached and pulled the waistband my balls, and then grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. I was in heaven, and my cock was leaking copious amounts of pre-, lubricating the head and top of the shaft. Dave noticed this, and used his thumb to spread the pre- over the head and that sensitive area just the head. It was odd to have my cock stroked by another guy, but I had to admit that it felt good. I was getting hornier by the minute, too, and couldn't wait to start performing some of the tasks on the cards myself.

Joan said, "Stop, Dave. Don's enjoying that way too much." I think I could feel myself blushing. "Pull the panties back up over his cock and then turn over and read the next card to us."

Dave pulled the panties back up over my cock and then read the next card, "With your hands behind your backs, each other and rub your panty-covered cocks together."

Joan said, "There's no point in cutting the cards for this one since you're both participating. Go ahead; let's see you rub those cocks together. Remember, no cumming until we tell you it's OK." Kathy giggled, and Dave and I turned to each other and moved closer together. We each thrust our hips a little so that our cocks were close together, and then we closed the final inch and started rubbing our panty-covered cocks together.

It was a little awkward at first, since we were both trying to move at the same time and didn't have a rhythm. We soon got the hang of it, though, and we'd sort of take turns, Dave humping the front of my panties and my cock while I stood relatively still, and then when I couldn't stand still any longer, I'd start humping Dave's cock and panties while he stood still.

The fucking motion was getting me close to cumming very quickly, and the girls must have sensed this because Kathy said "Stop! You guys like you're about to make a mess in your panties, and we can't have that. Yet."

We backed away from each other and stood facing the girls on the bed. Kathy said, "Don, it's your turn to read a ."

I turned over the next and read it to everyone. "Kneel in front of the other guy and kiss his panty-covered cock and balls."

Kathy said, "Don, you're going to be doing this one because Dave performed the action on the first two. So, get down on your knees and let's see some cock-kissing."

Dave turned to , and I knelt in front of him so that the girls on the bed had a good view. He took the final step towards so that I could reach his cock with my mouth.

I had never touched another man's cock with my hands, much less with my mouth, and now here I was in front of my wife and Joan and Dave on my knees with my hands behind my back getting ready to kiss a cock for the first time. I was extremely turned on, but also a little reticent to take this step. But the head of my cock was quickly overpowering the head on my shoulders, and I leaned forward and began kissing his cock through the panties.

It's hard to describe how exciting this was for me. I could smell the nylon of my wife's panties, but also Dave's cock the panties. I started with a tentative kiss right in the middle of his shaft, and then moved a little lower and pressed a little harder just above his balls. I moved back up and kissed the center of his shaft again, and then moved up to the tip where I kissed the head of his cock and could feel the wetness of Dave's pre- through the fabric of the panties. I opened my lips a little and squeezed the head of his cock with my lips while kissing it, and was rewarded with a little more wetness, which I greedily sucked up; it tasted a little salty, but very good. I then moved down to his balls and tried to kiss them, but they were almost inaccessible; Dave moved his legs apart to allow better access, and I could smell my wife's pussy juices on the crotch of her panties as well as Dave's masculine smell emanating from his balls. I gently kissed his balls through the panties. We were both starting to breath a little heavily, and I took my hands from behind my back and placed both hands on Dave's hips to steady him and give me greater control over the action. That turned to be a mistake.

Kathy shouted, "Foul! No hands! Stop what you're doing and back up." Dave stepped back and I scooted back a little on my knees.

" sorry. I got excited and just got carried away," I said.

"We understand, Don," said Joan, "but you didn't follow the rules. Now we're going to have to punish you. Stand up and bend over the bed, resting on your elbows."

I did as I was told and bent over the bed with my pantied ass in the air.

"You've been a bad , Don," said Kathy, "and you know what that means, don't you?"

I did. "Yes, ma'am. You're going to have to spank me," I said.

"Someone's going to have to spank you, that's for sure. I think Joan should have the honors, since you're in her panties," said Kathy. What kind of logic was that? I wondered, but I didn't say anything.

"What do you think? Twenty?" said Joan.

"Sounds good to me, although I don't know how it sounds to Don," giggled Kathy.

"Let's just do it so we can get back to the game," I said.

Joan stood behind me and gave me twenty smacks on the ass with the palm of her hand. It didn't hurt much, but it did hurt, and it was humiliating to be there in front of Dave and my wife in Joan's panties while she spanked me.

After Joan was done spanking me, Kathy said, "Don, go stand by Dave again while he turns over the next and reads it."

I returned to my place by Dave while he turned over the next . He read, "Kneel in front of the other guy, tuck the waist band of his panties his balls, and kiss and lick his cock and balls. Do not suck his cock."

Kathy presented the deck to Dave and he cut – a of diamonds. She told to cut, and I got a deuce of clubs.

Kathy said, "Okay Dave, on your knees and let's see you worship Don's cock; but remember, no sucking, or we'll have to punish you, too."

Dave moved in front of me and knelt down, and pulled the front of my panties my balls. My cock was as hard as a rock, and pre- was practically flowing from the tip, making the head all wet and shiny. Dave immediately leaned forward and started to kiss the shaft, first in the middle, and then moving down towards my balls. He kissed my balls and gently sucked them into his mouth (no foul here, apparently, since the girls didn't say anything), and then he moved back up towards the head. As he got to the head and started kissing around it, I gave an involuntary moan and so did Dave. There was nothing I wanted more than to start fucking his , wet mouth with my cock, but I didn't want to slow the game by being punished again.

I glanced over our wives, and saw that they both had their skirts pulled up in front and they were both fingering their own pussies; they obviously were turned on by what was happening in front of them.

"That's enough," said Joan. "Tuck Don's cock back in his panties and stand up, Dave." Dave did as he was told and was soon standing beside again.

"Don, it's your turn to read the next ," said Joan.

I turned over the next and read "Kneel in front of the other guy. Tuck the waistband of his panties his balls. The other guy will hold his cock and milk pre- from it. You may kiss and lick the pre- from the head of his cock, but no more than the head can enter your mouth."

Kathy turned to to cut; I got a five of spades. It looked like I'd be letting Dave lick the head of my cock. That is, until he cut – he got the three of hearts.

Neither of the girls said anything – they didn't have to at this point. The sexual tension was very , and both Dave and I were more than ready to do whatever was on the cards.

I knelt in front of Dave and tucked his panties his balls again. He immediately grabbed his cock and started stroking it, milking the pre- inches from my . As soon as there was a big drop that started to run down the underside of the head, I leaned in and licked it up and then immediately locked my lips around the head of his cock. It felt so nasty to be kneeling there with the head of his cock in my mouth, savoring the salty pre- and trying to kiss and suck a little more into my mouth. I ran my tongue over the tip while the head was in my mouth, and I even tried to put my tongue into the hole, something that Kathy loves doing to me. My own cock was throbbing in my panties, and I involuntarily began to make little fucking motions with my hips. From the corner of my eye I could see the girls eagerly rubbing their pussies as they watched me enjoy the pre- and the new sensation of having a cockhead in my mouth.

I sucked the head a little, and then pulled back, enjoying watching Dave stroke his cock inches from my until there was another drop for to lick off. When the pre- was glistening on the tip of his cock, I would lean in and either lick it off or kiss it into my own mouth, enjoying the mild saltiness and the nastiness of performing for Dave and for our wives. I felt like a little slut in my panties waiting anxiously for the next drop of salty pre- so that I could lewdly lick it off for my audience.

While this was going on, our wives must have felt the need to get more comfortable, because when I next glanced over I saw that they had removed their blouses and skirts and were now dressed only in their bras, garter belts and stockings. Dave and I still had their panties on from the matching sets. They were obviously excited, with their legs spread and their fingers working vigorously on their sloppy wet pussies.

Sooner than I was ready to hear, Kathy said, "Don, that's enough. Put Dave's cock back in his panties and stand up next to him." With one last lick of his pre-, I pulled the front of the panties back up and tucked him in.

"You boys know what's coming next, sure," said Joan. We did know, though we hadn't spoken a word to each other. The next would surely have one of us sucking the other's cock.

"Okay then, it's Dave's turn to read a ," said Kathy.

Dave dutifully turned over a and began to read, "Both of you kneel in front of the other guy's wife and lick her pussy. No touching yourselves while you're pleasuring us."

Though it wasn't what we'd expected, pussy licking was one of my favorite activities, and we got right to it. Again, sooner than we wanted it to end, Kathy said, "That's enough. Go back to your places." We got up and resumed our places at the foot of the bed, our mouths covered with pussy juice and our cocks soaking the fronts of our panties with pre-.

"Don, you read the next ," said Joan.

I turned over the next and wasn't surprised to see this: "Kneel in front of the other guy and tuck his panties his balls, and then suck his cock, as much and as deeply as you can. You can use your hands. The one being sucked mustn't come."

Joan said, "This is what you've been waiting for, isn't it boys? The chance to take a cock deep in your mouths and suck it for all you're worth? We want you to know that cutting the cards will only determine who's first – as soon as we decide the first of you has done a good enough job, then you'll switch places. Okay, then. Don, you cut first." She held the playing cards out to me and I cut, getting a four of diamonds. Then Dave cut, and he was with a of hearts. "Okay, Dave, you're first. Let's see some good cock sucking," said Joan.

I was excited to have my cock sucked, but also disappointed to have to wait to suck Dave's cock. He got on his knees in front of me and without hesitation freed my cock from the panties by tucking them my balls. Almost immediately, Dave took my cock in his right hand and gave it a squeeze, getting another drop of pre- on the tip, and then he took in his mouth. He went right past the head and took about two-thirds of my shaft in his mouth before going back. He kept one hand the base of my cock and cupped the other my balls, and began to rhythmically bob his head up and down on my cock. I could tell that he was enjoying this immensely, especially when he would take his mouth completely off my cock and admire it for a moment before starting again.

I was close to coming in no time, and our wives could tell, because they told Dave to stop. "You're doing a great job Dave, like you were born to suck cock, but you have to stop. We don't want Don to come yet, and we want to see him with your fat cock in his mouth, too."

Dave tucked me back into the panties and stood, and I immediately knelt in front of him, pulled the panties his balls, and took him in my mouth. I was so anxious to get started that I couldn't wait to admire his cock or stroke it.

His cock was delicious. I had already tasted his pre-, but the sensation of having my mouth full of cock, cupping his balls with my hand and stroking the base of his shaft with the other was beyond what I had expected. To know that our wives were watching sucking with such abandon only added to the excitement. I knew that they were on the bed stroking their pussies, but my attention was fully on the cock in my mouth.

After less than a minute, probably, but what seemed like a long time to me, Kathy said, "Stop, Don, you have to stop. Poor Dave is getting ready to come, and we all want to see that. I want you to bring him over near the bed, here between Joan's legs, and jack him off until he comes on her pussy. I know you want to taste his come, and you'll be able to, but only the come that lands on her cunt. Aim well, and you'll have a big treat."

I almost couldn't believe what she was telling me to do. Joan lay back on the bed with her legs over the side, and then lifted her knees towards her chest and held them with her hands so that her wet pussy was an inviting target for Dave and me. Dave stood over her, and I started to jack him off like my life depended on it, enjoying the sensation of his throbbing cock in my hand. In just a few moments, he began to swell and his breath became ragged, and I continued stroking him and aimed his cock as well as I could at Joan's pussy.

His first spurt came almost as a surprise, and my Aim was a little off, with some of the hitting Joan's clit, but a lot of it going onto her stomach. I aimed lower and the next spurt went straight onto her wet pussy lips, and the third and fourth spurts were right on, too. There was a lot of , and Joan's pussy was a wet mess. I held Dave's cock directly over Joan's pussy and milked the last couple of drops of it.

Kathy said, "Good job, Don. You got most of it onto her pussy. Why don't you lick that last drop off the head of Dave's cock and then suck the last drops , if there's any left."

Dave's cock was slowly losing its hardness, and I readily took it into my mouth, savoring the taste of his and trying to suck another drop or two . He was spent, though, and the drop on the tip was about all that I got.

Kathy said, "I think you've cleaned him out – now get busy on cleaning up Joan's cunt." Dave got out of the way, and on my knees I repositioned myself directly in front of Joan's wet pussy. I started licking up Dave's and Joan's juices, and the combination was incredible. I felt like such a slut sucking and licking the from Joan's pussy, and I wanted the on her stomach, too, but Kathy wouldn't let move up that far. When I had cleaned all of the from Joan's cunt and tried to move up to lick the from her stomach, Kathy said, "No, that's for to enjoy. You get of the way." And with that, she leaned down and gave a long lick to Joan's stomach, sucking all of the remaining into her mouth in one neat movement.

"Now it's your turn to come for us," said Joan to me. "Dave, get on your knees and start sucking Don's cock, but we want Don to come on Kathy's cunt so that you can clean it up like Don cleaned my cunt."

I was so ready to come, but I wanted to make this experience last as long as I could. Kathy was on the bed with her legs spread wide, and she even reached down with both hands to spread her pussy lips, giving Dave something to Aim my cock at. Dave's mouth felt great on my throbbing cock, and I could tell that he was enjoying sucking me as much as I had enjoyed sucking him. The entire scene was so nasty, with my wife on the bed ready to have her pussy drenched in my , standing there in Joan's panties getting sucked by Dave, and Dave kneeling in front of in Kathy's panties. I could tell that his cock was getting hard again, and he was really getting into taking as much of my cock into his mouth as he could. Dave could obviously sense that I was getting ready to shoot, and so he backed off and pulled by my cock towards the bed, jacking off over Kathy's juicy cunt. It took just a few more strokes, and I started to spurt what must have been the biggest load of my life all over Kathy's cunt and her thighs and stomach.

When I was done shooting my load, Joan said, "That was great, you two. Dave, you know what to do now."

Without further urging, Dave moved between my wife's legs and started eagerly licking my from her cunt. He was enjoying it, and so was Kathy – I think she came twice in the space of less than a minute.

When Dave began to move up to Kathy's stomach to get the stray , Joan stopped him, saying, "You got yours, now let get mine." With that, she pushed Dave of the way and got between Kathy's legs to get the remaining from her stomach and from the insides of her thighs.

Dave and I were a little weak in the knees this point, and totally drained, and so sat down on the bed next to our wives. Kathy pulled herself up and said, "That was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime soon, but next time I think that we should really take charge of the guys make them us in a lot of different ways. I've always wanted to have two cocks in my cunt one time, and I've got some other ideas about how we can make the guys even more subservient to us."

Dave and I looked each other, and I think I saw some hopeful anticipation in his eyes.

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