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Posted:Apr 29, 2021 10:28 am
Last Updated:May 1, 2021 11:38 am

Currently not a gold member and low on points, so if anyone wants get in touch with me you can leave a post on here and I'll try to respond.
Losing control with my tennis crush
Posted:May 4, 2021 1:43 pm
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 3:39 pm
I was on a trip with my tennis team playing an away match for my university. We’d travelled by minibus down to Manchester the night before and stayed at a Travelodge, and were preparing head towards the match venue the next morning. Most of the team travelled down together in the minibus, but we had one team member who lived locally and met us at the Travelodge to travel together to the match. That meant we had one seat too few on the bus, so it was going to be a tight squeeze.

I take the last available seat in the middle row beside the sliding door, just as our final team member comes jogging up to us. It’s my crush, Amanda, running late as usual. She’s a little below average height, nice slim body, long dark hair, has a cute face and a playful, flirty demeanour. It’s a warm sunny day so we are all just wearing our tennis gear already, which is shorts for the guys, shorts or tennis skirts for the girls. Amanda is wearing her frilly white tennis skirt, with a neat pink sport’s top, and lugging her tennis bag over her shoulder. She eyes up the busy van as she reaches us, passing her bag to me which I in turn pass over my shoulder into the back.
“Yeah it’s gonna be a bit of a squeeze” the driver calls back.

My heartrate always rises a level or two when I see Amanda, and today is no different. She looks around assessing the situation, then up at me.
“Hmm. Do you mind if I just sit on your lap then?” she asks innocently. She has quite a posh English accent, which I admit seems to make everything she says extra cute.
I’m only 19 and a little self-conscious too, so I try to hide my nervousness as I answer.

“Uh, yeah sure ok” I say, then reach down a hand to help her up. She smiles at me, takes my hand and climbs into the van.

She sits down on my lap, making eye contact with another little smile before brushing her hair back past her ear. She’s always flirted with me, and we’ve snogged each other once, but never gone any further than that. She has a boyfriend so I’ve accepted that I probably missed my chance with her…at least for now. I’m grateful that her skirt has the little sports undershorts attached so at least I can’t feel her bum and thighs directly against me when she sits on me.

I’m a little uncomfortable with the situation, but we set off down some country roads on the way to the tennis club. Amanda turns to me with another mischievous grin.
“You’re not gonna get a hard-on are you?” she teases, making other people in the van chuckle.

In a rare moment of self-confidence I actually have a response for her.
“Darlin’” I say, somewhat theatrically, “if I get a hard-on, you’ll know about it.”
Everyone in the van laughs at my unexpected comeback, especially Amanda who looks delighted by it.

Unfortunately though, I don’t have the self-control necessary to back up my confidence, and the sexual innuendo along with her thighs and bum rubbing and jostling about on me on the bumpy country roads is starting to turn me on. I look out the window and try to distract myself thinking about something else, but every turn has her sliding across my lap and creating friction against my cock, which is starting to swell under my shorts. I try to fight it but it’s no use, my cock is starting to throb and within moments I know I’ll have a fully-fledged boner pressing into Amanda’s pert little bum.

Once I’ve accepted defeat I’m in damage limitation mode, trying to minimise my embarrassment. I lean forward slightly to whisper in Amanda’s ear.

“Don’t say anything” I say, in as low a voice as I can manage.

Amanda looks at me questioningly, not yet aware of the situation. Moments later I watch as her eyes go wide, a huge smile spreading across her face as she feels my dick pressing into her from below. She stifles a giggle, turning her face away and covering with her hand so nobody notices her reaction, before shooting another glance at me, her eyes sparkling with a mixture of humour and delight at my reaction to her. I feel my cheeks flushing red, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

The journey takes us about 20 minutes, and though Amanda keeps my secret she seems to shift and bounce on me more than is absolutely necessary, clearing revelling in my situation. I’m desperately horny by the time we arrive, my cock throbbing and twitching with even the smallest bit of friction between us, and I’m deeply regretting that I didn’t jerk off in the shower this morning, or for the previous few days either for some reason. Amanda continues to make eye contact with me, trying to refrain from giggling for almost the entire journey.

When we arrive everyone starts to pile out of the minibus, and to my relief Amanda finally gets up from me and relieves the pressure on my cock. I still have a raging hard-on though, and while everyone clambers out the other side, I delay by messing with my tennis bag to try to conceal it from everyone, waiting until it has at least shrunk to a semi before I follow them out.

I exit the bus last, and most of the team is already heading towards the clubhouse, but Amanda waited up for me. With the rest of the crew out of earshot Amanda asks me with a giggle.

“Are you ok?”
“Yeah” I chuckle. “Sorry about that.”
“That’s ok” she says brightly, as we start following the team to the building.
“Probably not the best preparation for the match though” she continues. “You gonna manage to concentrate?”

We’re due to play mixed doubles together later, which could be a little awkward with the sexual tension between us.
“Uh, yeah it’s not ideal” I admit. “Might not be my best performance but I’ll manage” I tell her.
She’s biting her lip thinking about something as we approach the clubhouse.
“Would it help to relieve the tension?” she asks coyly.

My hard-on, which I had been struggling to get rid of, twitches again, the blood flow immediately reversing at the implication.

“Uh, what d’you mean?” I say tentatively.
“Well, it was kind of my fault” she says. “Maybe I could help you deal with it.”
I’m sure she’s just teasing me, but this is not helping at all.
“Yeah right” I say sceptically. “You’re kidding, right?”

Amanda looks around quickly. The club is in a rural location and the clubhouse backs on to a forested area, with the tennis courts on the other side. She looks at me for a second, her own face a little flushed too, then says “come with me” and turns to head around the side of the building.

With my heart hammering in my chest I follow her, nearly tripping over myself in my haste. We go to a spot that seems fairly secluded, out of view of both the car park and the courts, with just the forested area opposite us. Amanda puts down her bag and turns to me, while I follow suit. She comes in close to me, going up on her toes to kiss me, and I kiss her back eagerly, my hands going to her slim waist and starting to stroke her hips. My cock is fully erect again already, straining under my shorts, and she reaches a hand down to caress the outline of it, making me moan softly into her mouth.

She pulls back and starts to tug my shorts down, which I help her with.
“Don’t take too long now” she tells me. “We need to be on court in minutes.”
Of all things to worry about I very much doubt that is going to be a problem, but I reply with a “sure” between heavy breaths, while I pull my boxers down just past my ass and let my erection spring free. I shuffle back to lean against the building, while Amanda moves in front of me.

Amanda giggles as she looks down and immediately takes my dick in her hand, starting to stroke up and down my length. Then she gets down on her knees onto the grassy patch below, and looks up at me while I wait in breathless anticipation. She looks so fucking adorable I think to myself, as she starts to use her mouth on me, just teasing at first by licking up and down the sides of my shaft. The earlier tease in the minivan also had an effect and I suddenly feel some pre-cum rising up my shaft, before spurting out and landing on her cheek and lips.

“Oh!” she jumps in surprise, gasping in shock and then bracing herself as she anticipates a full load over her face and mouth, thinking I’m cumming already.

“Shit, sorry” I breath down to her, as she looks a little confused.
“Are you uh…are you ok?” she asks hesitantly, giggling a little and perhaps wondering if that’s all I had.
“Yeah I’m good. Just a bit of pre-cum. Keep going” I tell her.

She looks satisfied, and strokes me a few more times, before looking up at me again, opening her mouth, and sliding her mouth over my bell end. I groan as I feel the heat and pressure from her lips and tongue around me, making me throb hard again. She has quite a small mouth, but she handles me well and is able to get herself most of the way down my shaft, before having to withdraw again. She sucks me slowly and methodically, her tongue pressing firmly against the large vein on the bottom of my shaft, while her hands stroke the base or cup and squeeze my balls.
I’m in heaven, and I’m already struggling to control myself since I don’t want this to end. She takes her mouth off me for a moment, lifting my cock up as she goes underneath then starts to lick and suck my balls. I drop my shorts and boxers down to my feet, then edge my feet further apart to give her better access, groaning as she sucks while firmly stroking my shaft up and down. She backs off and looks up at me again, with a sultry smile on her face, then takes my cock in her mouth again, sucking harder and faster than before.

I can feel my cum rising now as her hand reaches up to massage my twitching balls, her mouth working me up and down vigorously as she tries to bring me off.
“Oh fuck” I moan, as I get closer. “I’m gonna cum” I gasp.

Amanda increases her intensity even further, as the pressure builds around my cock to an unbearable peak. Finally with a grunt of effort I erupt in her mouth, spurting hard and fast into her as she continues to work me. I see her eyes scrunch up as she gags on me, but incredibly manages to stay locked on, her lips firmly wrapped around my throbbing dick as I unload and flood her mouth with hot, salty cum. I gasp and shudder as I orgasm, with an intensity and pleasure that I’ve rarely felt before, my knees almost buckling at the height of my ecstasy.

Eventually my orgasm starts to subside, the torrent of cum slowing to a dribble, as Amanda reduces the pressure and gently milks and squeezes the last drops from me. She withdraws from me and sits back on her heels, her cheeks puffed out as she holds a mouthful of spunk for a second, letting out a muffled giggle with her mouth closed. She looks up at me, panting as I try to recover, then takes a big gulp and swallows it all down, opening her mouth and licking her lips with a satisfied smile afterwards.

“Holy shit” I chuckle as I regain my sense. “You are so fucking good at that” I sigh.
“Thank you” she giggles, “that was a lot of cum though!” she adds enthusiastically. She takes me back in her mouth and soothes my sensitive cock with slow, gentle movements. I flinch a little in my post-orgasm sensitivity, but I’m happy to let her finish. She backs off, wipes her lips and cheek to clean up the rest of my cum, before sucking her fingers clean and rising to her feet.

“Did I get it all?” she asks. “Don’t want to go back to the team with cum on my face” she laughs.
I take her chin in my hand and turn her side to side, inspecting her, then give her a big deep kiss, tasting my spunk on her lips and tongue.

“I think you’re good” I tell her. She smiles as she goes to her bag for some tissues, giving herself a wipe anyway just in case. I pull my boxers and shorts back up, putting away my now softening cock and trying to make myself decent. I take my water bottle from my bag, splashing some on my face and drinking from it to try to cool down. Amanda does the same with hers, before we get ready to return to the others.
“So…what’s our cover story then?” I ask, rhetorically. “We went for a warm-up outside?”
“Yeah” sounds good, she agrees. “Might explain why we look a bit flustered too” she giggles.

I give her bum a little squeeze as we head back towards the entrance.
“You better play well by the way” she teases. “Now you’ve got no excuses!”
I laugh. “Yeah don’t worry I’ll give it everything. Think I owe you that much after that.”

With that we enter the clubhouse and rejoin our team, who are themselves beginning their warm-up routines. They ask us where we’ve been, and of course make some predictable jokes, but no one truly suspects what we actually did. It’s fun for us to have this little secret, and we exchange some knowing glances the rest of the day, enjoying the thought that our teammates have no idea she sucked me off behind the clubhouse.

I did play well that day as it turns out, and so did she. We won our mixed match later and our team won overall, so all in all it was a very successful trip all around, and one I still remember fondly some years later.

(enjoy the pic which is obviously not her but can hopefully spur the imagination)
My First Uni Hookup
Posted:Aug 24, 2020 9:17 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 11:52 am

This story goes back a fair bit to my university days. I was 20 and going on a date with a girl I met at the uni tennis club. I was a bit of a late starter in terms of my dating and sex life, so I was still relatively inexperienced at this stage. But I was excited at the upcoming date, not knowing exactly how it would go. Laura and I first got together on a tennis club night out. We hadn't spoken much before that night, and actually I don't think we spoke much then either. I was entirely wasted, sitting at the side of the dance floor in a dark club, when seemingly out of the blue Laura walked over to me and sat across my lap. I'm not even sure if words were exchanged, but pretty soon we were sloppily snogging the faces off each other. But we didn't take it further on that occasion, we parted ways as we left the club - I was too drunk to think about walking her home, or even getting her number. From other people's accounts, apparently she was pretty far gone too, so this was probably for the best.

Following that night, after we met at the tennis club the next time, we did have a sober conversation, and I actually asked her out. So this will be our first proper date. I'm trying to be a bit civilized so I'm taking her to dinner at an Italian restaurant. As this was before my car ownership days, we arrange to meet outside the restaurant. I get there a bit early so as not to keep her waiting. I smile as I see her approaching, and she responds in kind. Laura is about 5'5'', with shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes, and a slim/athletic build. I was a bit undecided about her at first - she has an unusual face and I couldn't quite decide how pretty she was. On balance, I think I'd say she wasn't outstandingly pretty, but there was definitely something about her. And, of course it didn't hurt that her body was spectacular. Today she's wearing white jeans, a short black top that just shows a little of her belly as she moves, and a small leather jacket.

I greet her with a kiss on the cheek, and tell her she looks nice, which earns a little smile, then we head into the restaurant. As the waiter takes our coats, he leads us to our table, and I follow behind Laura. I can't resist a glance at Laura's cute little bum in her tight, white jeans - she looks fucking awesome in them I think, and I feel a twinge in my dick already. I tell myself to calm down - I'm not expecting sex tonight, just focus on having a nice date and hopefully a goodnight kiss at the end. We sit down and have a nice dinner, during which we knock back a couple of drinks. I wasn't the best conversationalist back then, particularly with the nerves I had when trying to chat up girls, so we do have the occasional semi-awkward silence. Despite that however, I can tell she's interested in me as she responds with enthusiasm to everything I ask, and laughs at all my pretty terrible attempts at humour.

After dinner neither of us want to call it a night yet, so we go to a nearby bar to get some more drinks. It's loud and crowded, so I have to fight my way through to get to the bar for our drinks. I return to her where we have standing space only with a small table for the drinks - vodka coke for me, gin and tonic for her. The bar is crowded, but Laura stands closer to me than she needs to, enough that she's rubbing against me from time to time. I have zero self control at this point and this slightly suggestive act is enough to send the blood flowing and give me a full-on erection. I try my best to conceal it, but I reckon she probably knows, and she seems to enjoy that fact too, 'accidentally' bumping and rubbing into me more often as the night goes on. We're much more relaxed in general now and the conversation flows more easily, both of us more than a bit tipsy by now. As she leans in close I can smell her perfume - some kind of flowery scent that I'm nowhere near knowledgeable enough to identify. But I like it, and I'm liking her more and more as the night goes on.

I take my time with the drink as I don't want to get wasted again tonight, so by the time I get the next one it's already around pm. I sense this might be the last one of the night, so before we finish those I decide make a move. I move in kiss her, and she responds , eagerly kissing back, neither of us caring about the mob of people around us. I have my hands on her hips, stroking them slightly, then can't resist sliding them down feel her ass. She pushes further into as I do, and she's rubbing against my now painfully hard cock, which is straining underneath my jeans. I want fuck her so bad, but I know it's too early to expect it, she'll probably want another date or first. After a while we break off, and both head the toilets to freshen up, agreeing to meet at the exit to decide where to go. It's getting late now, and if she wants to catch a bus home she has to go now. Conveniently, my flat is on her route to the bus stop, so we start walking together towards my flat. I'm feeling cocky now, so I put my arm around her waist, and she leans into me as we wal

We get outside my flat, where it's time part ways, so I give her another kiss before she leaves. We end up making out for a minute again, which once again gets hard. After I pull back, I have ask her "do you want come up for a bit?"
She bites her lip in the cutest way, then says "Sure" with a little smile.

I feel the excitement building, as I take her inside and lead her up the stairs my third floor flat. Don't get ahead of yourself, I keep telling myself - she might not give you anything. When I get my flat, my brain seems malfunction and I struggle find the right key (I found out the next day I actually bent a different key trying force it in the wrong lock). She waits patiently, until eventually I unlock the door and we get inside. I have flatmates I live with who I assume are both home, but I really don't want encounter them just now. So I quickly lead Laura through my bedroom. There's nowhere really sit in the bedroom, apart from the bed, so we sit down next each other. Within seconds we're making out again, and I push her back down onto the mattress and get on top of her - stroking her body over her clothes while I kiss her mouth, and move down to kiss her nec She murmurs appreciatively as I do, and her hands reach under my shirt feel my belly. "Go on" she says, "tense it". I remember she's said a few times she likes my abs - actually she's a little obsessed with them - so I tense my stomach muscles to try to impress her. She's responding receptively to my touch, letting out little gasps and moans, so we continue like this for some time.

Eventually it is her who moves to escalate things, as she moves her hands down and starts fumbling with my belt buckle. This is the only encouragement I need, so I kneel up on the bed and start unbuttoning my shirt as she finally unclasps my belt. I take off my shirt, as she unbuttons my jeans and tugs them down a little. My hard-on is still bulging uncomfortably in my jeans, so I take the opportunity to off my shoes, quickly followed by my socks and jeans. I turn her and start kissing her again, while I start pulling her top upwards. She lifts her arms up to assist, and as her top comes off I get a nice view of her nicely shaped B-cups breasts, still inside her black bra, and her flat, smooth stomach. Acting a bit frantic now, I start fumbling at her jeans, eventually managing to undo the button and unzip them for her. She had kicked off her shoes at some point, so with her jeans removed she lies back, wearing just her black bra and panties set. Her body looks so insane, and my cock is literally jumping to get at her now, still constrained by my boxers.

As we start kissing again, our hands are all over each other. I love feeling every curve of her body, and I tentatively pull her panties down, just a little while I'm reaching behind to feel her ass. She pulls my boxers down in kind, hooking them over my raging cock and allowing it to finally spring free. She glances down, and seems very satisfied by what she sees - immediately moving her hand down and gripping me firmly in her fingers, starting to very slowly stroke me up and down. I groan as she does - my dick has been stuck uncomfortable and frustrated inside my jeans for hours already tonight, and this is exactly what I'd been desperate for all that time. I'm glad I at least trimmed myself down there, just in case I got lucky tonight. I fidget with her bra, which takes me longer than it should to unhook at the back, then I pull it off to expose her pert little breasts.

I move my head down, kissing and licking from her neck down to her breasts, then taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking it firmly. Meanwhile, I slide my hands inside her panties and pull them down, just over her ass initially before I look down to see her. I pull my head back to look at her in her entirety, then focussing in on her now exposed pussy. She has shaved down there, just leaving a patch of hair above her pussy, but leaving her otherwise smooth. My cock bulges again as I admire her - I'm so incredibly turned on now. I take a breath and try to calm myself - I need to slow down or I'm going to cum much too early. She's stroking me firmer now, and I actually put my hand on her wrist to slow her down, just to give me a chance to gather myself as we continue kissing and stroking each other.

I pull my own boxers down, taking them over my feet and throwing them aside, while Laura does the same with her panties, then we shift up and into the centre of the double bed. I lie on my back while Laura is on her side, lifting one leg on top of mine as we kiss. I can feel the wetness of her pussy on my leg, and I groan again as she takes my dick in her hand and starts to stroke me again. She moves down my body, kissing my chest, my nipples, and down over my stomach, until her head is over my throbbing hard dic She teases just briefly, with little licks and kisses, before she takes my cock in her mouth and starts suck . I breath hard as she starts - I'm so fucking turned on and I can feel my balls tighten almost immediately. I have calm myself down, I tell myself again, trying relax and slow myself down with long, deep breaths.

She has one hand holding the base of my cock, while I watch her head bobbing up and down as she sucks - not hard, just gently sliding up and down over my bellend. I gaze down at her body, seeing the curve of her hips, and the round peak of her ass cheeks. Suddenly I feel the beginnings of an orgasm building, a tingling around my cock and balls as it prepares unload. "Ah... Stop... Give a sec" I tell her, while gently lifting her head up off . She looks up at , licking her lips, her hand still gently stroking and squeezing my balls. Jesus, I tell myself again. I can't cum already. Don't you dare fucking cum. But I can still feel myself getting closer, like a chain reaction that was already triggered - my dick just desperate explode all over her. I close my eyes, bring my hands up my head. "Ah fuc.." I still try contain myself. But it's no use. I'm gonna cum and there's nothing I can do about it. I open my eyes and look down at Laura.

"Fuuuck", I groan, more urgently in a gasping voice "I'm gonna..."

With that, I can't hold it any longer. I groan as I start cumming hard, shooting streams of cum into Laura's surprised face. She lets out a little whelp of shock, but she starts stroking again, harder this time, satisfying the need I was feeling as I cum. She moves her head down, and takes some of my spunk in her mouth, while my body continues spasming under her, legs tensing and toes curling as I grunt and gasp throughout my orgasm.

As the torrent of cum starts to slow, Laura sucks and squeezes the last drops from me, soothing my cock as it starts to transition from the throbbing, pulsing spasms of orgasm, into the sensitivity of post-orgasm. I had been holding myself in a half sitting position while I came, so relax back onto the bed with a sigh, catching my breath. I'm quite embarrassed at cumming so early, and disappointed in myself too. Definitely should have knocked one out before our date, but I really wasn't expecting to end up bringing her home with me.

"Fuck, I'm sorry", I say. "You're too damn hot for me."
She pulls her head back and looks up at me with a smile and a giggle, some cum still on her cheeks, neck and tits. "That's o We have plenty of time tonight."

She asks me to pass her handbag to her, which is lying on the floor nearby. When I do she looks through and pulls out some wet wipes, and starts to clean herself up. I apologise again, for the mess this time, which prompts another giggle from her. When she's cleaned up she leans into me and we kiss again, and I don't mind that I can still taste my cum in her mouth. I tell her I'll be good to go again soon, to which she murmurs her approval, and then I offer to get us some drinks. I grab a dressing gown quickly, then rush through to the kitchen to get us some drinks. Just water this time, I think we've had enough drinks for tonight and I'm feeling more thirsty than anything now. I come back and see her lounging on my bed, and I marvel once again are her beautiful slim curves and smooth, pale skin. I feel a twinge of lust in my groin already as I take her in, while I move to join her on the bed and pass her a glass to drin

"Wow, you really look amazing", I tell her again, stroking her hip again as we lie side by side. We start making out again, and I can focus better on her now that I'm not so desperately horny, and I start working my way down my body. She reaches down and starts stroke my dick again, but as much as I want I'm not quite ready get hard again yet. I edge further down - I want go down on her. Maybe I can return the favour and make her cum too. I climb over one of her legs, positioning myself between them, making my intentions clear as I kiss her stomach and belly button. She opens her legs further, with a little murmur of appreciation, giving better access her smooth, shaved pussy. I tease her a little, licking and kissing her inner thighs, and around her pussy, without touching her there yet.

I look up at her. She's sighing, licking her lips and watching wor I know she wants taste her now. I'm happy oblige - I move my face in close, and start lick and kiss her pussy, tasting the wetness already which covers my mouth, cheeks and chin. She tastes sweet, and I eat her out with enthusiasm, using my hands stroke and gently probe inside her, and loving the encouraging moans I get in return. IT doesn't take long before I feel myself stirring too, and I reach down a hand to gently stroke myself to speed up the process. I flick my tongue over her clit, making her gasp louder, before rolling my tongue over it more firmly, stroking it up and down, then changing my head angle to lick it more side to side. She's moaning and writhing underneath , but she doesn't cum yet. Maybe I lack the experience get her there, or just haven't found the right spot yet, but it seems that this is as turned on as she is going get right now. But I'm fully erect again now, and I'm eager fuck her. So I pull my head back, then shuffle up next her on the bed, leaning in kiss her deeply again.

I suddenly remember something which somehow hadn't crossed my mind yet. "Fuck, do you have condoms?" I ask her.
"Uh, no..." she replies.
"You ok go without this time?" I as I haven't been with anyone else recently.
"Sure", she says with a smile. " neither."

We shouldn't be doing this bareback first time, but we're young, stupid and horny, and we're certainly not gonna stop now. Laura reaches her hand down to stroke my cock again, and seems pleased to feel me fully erect, her breathing deepening as she touches me. I can't wait any longer - I climb on top of her again, he legs either side of me, and with my heart pounding in excitement I start to position my cock against her pussy. As I touch my bellend against her labia, I am thrilled by the sheer heat, and wetness I feel from her already. I push myself inside her, and revel in the tightness as I slide half my length inside her. She takes a big intake of breath as I enter her, and I look up to see her eyes wide with desire, mouth parted in lust as I start to fill her. I gently start to slide myself in and out, pushing a little deeper each time, forcing myself to go slow and try to savour the moment. She is tight, but her pussy gives way easily and it doesn't take long before I am all the way deep in her, both of us groaning in satisfaction as my hips meet hers at full depth.

She raises her legs off the bed, her heels wrapping behind my legs as I start to fuck her now. I love how receptive she is, moaning and gasping with each thrust, while I continue to hold myself back and screw her slowly and steadily - even though I should have better control after unloading once already, I still don't want to overdo it and end up cumming before I want to again. She feels incredible, and her hands are grabbing my ass and pulling me in on each stroke, while I feel the wetness of her pussy spreading around my lower stomach and thighs as I fuck her. She stokes my shoulders, and arms too, then moves her hands under to feel my chest and abs once again while I slowly start to increase the pace.

After a few minutes, I decide we should switch it up, and ask her if she wants to go on top for a bit. "Sure", she agrees, her face flushed and her voice sounding a little breathless, which gives me great satisfaction. I withdraw from her then lie back on the bed, while she quickly swings her leg over my hips and starts positioning herself above my cock, which I hold upright for her. We both sigh as she slides down on my cock, taking me easily now until she takes me fully inside as she sits on me. Then she starts to move, her hands on my chest while she lifts her hips up and down, panting as she quickly picks up the pace and rides me with enthusiasm. I put my hands on her hips and ass and help her bounce up and down, meanwhile taking deep breaths to try to calm myself again. She looks incredible riding me like that, he perky little breasts bouncing gently, the rest of her body mostly firm and tight while I watch her lovely neat pussy repeatedly swallowing my cock inside her. I reach my hands up and squeeze her breasts, pulling her nipples firmly and making them harden again. I feel another twinge of anticipation in my balls, and I close my eyes momentarily to try to regain my focus - I'm definitely not going to let myself cum again so soon.

After a little while she's breathing heavily, and she leans forward down to kiss me again, resting her hips for now. I stroke her hips and ass some more while she does, then start to use my hips to thrust up into her. She seems to appreciate that, so I keep going, my legs bent to give me leverage while I fuck her a bit harder, listening to my hips slapping into her on each upwards thrust. It's quite hard work on my abs, but it's worth it. I feel Laura's teeth gently biting into my shoulder as she moans into me, encouraging me to go harder and faster. The physical work is a useful distraction, so I don't feel I'm in danger of nutting any time soon.

A couple of minutes later though I need a break, my abs are starting to burn with the effort and I can't keep it going much longer. As I stop for a rest, Laura immediately takes over, seemingly wanting to keep the momentum going. She sits back up, then starts to ride me again, this time grinding forward and backwards on me, rather than up and down. I move my hips in rhythm with her, helping to thrust myself deeper and harder. She licks her fingers, then reaches down between her legs to rub her clit, her breathing shortening in pleasure as she does. I love watching her like this, and it spurs me on to go harder again, eager to help bring her off.

"Yes" she moans. "Ah..yeah...harder...", her voice close to breaking.

I sense she's close to cumming now, so I redouble my efforts, holding her ass tight and slamming my cock into her at speed. She let's out a couple of high pitched gasps, her free hand resting on my abs for support, while she looks down at me briefly, before breaking eye contact and looking forward instead. She bucks her hips forward a couple more times, gasping "Ahh...Ahhh" - then suddenly she freezes, her entire body tenses and she hunches her shoulders forward as she cums hard on my cock, her body shaking and spasming while I feel her pussy convulsing around me. I keep pounding her as hard I can throughout, watching in wonder as her face contorts in ecstasy. When she finally stops cumming, she slumps forward and onto me, her breasts feeling soft against my chest, while I slow my thrusts to a stop. I'm super turned on again now, so it's a good thing we're taking a break because I think I would've had to cum again if we kept that up.

We slow the pace for a bit and kiss each other some more.

"Are you ok to keep going?" I ask her.
"Yeah. I'm good" she says, with a smile.

As I start to move my hips again she whispers in my ear "Take from behind?"
My cock twitches in excitement. "Sure" I reply, eager to see her from my favourite angle.

She swings eases herself off me and swings her leg over, getting on all fours with her legs together, while I sit up and then move behind her. I look at her intently as I position myself, paying special attention to her pert, round little bum.

"Oh my God" I practically groan. She looks so fucking perfect from here, her hips curving in at her narrow waist just above her toned bubble butt. I feel my dick swelling even further in reaction, as I position my legs either side of hers and aim myself towards her pussy. I thrust myself in quickly, making both of us gasp, as she takes me to the hilt on the first stroke. It always feels so deep from this angle, and I immediately start to fuck her with long, full strokes. As I quickly build up the pace, it is me who is starting to lose control again, feeling the beginnings of another orgasm brewing inside me. I pull myself out of her, slap my dick a little against her bum to give me a bit of a breather, before going back in. She is moaning again, and starts asking me to go harder, but I know if I do I'm gonna cum again. I can't hold it much longer anyway, so I put in a few more hard strokes while I can. I'm breathing hard now, and I guess she knows I'm about to cum.

"Where do you want me to...?" I start to ask breathlessly.
"It's ok, you can cum in me" she breaths back over her shoulder.

It's all the encouragement I need. Just the words were enough to trigger my orgasm, and as I thrust into her harder I feel the inescapable rise in tension inside me as I get ready to shoot my load. I grab her hips and pound her hard, my thighs and balls slapping against her on each thrust. Finally the pressure becomes unbearable - I suck in a deep breath, ram myself home one last time, and explode in her pussy. I grunt and gasp as I cum, thrusting erratically , , four times more as I shoot into her as hard and deep as I can. After a few seconds more, I'm spent - my balls basically empty as my cock continues twitching inside her in the aftermath. I take a couple more gentle, soothing thrusts - trying to squeeze the last drops from myself as I recover my senses.

"Aww, fuck" I sigh, in satisfaction mostly as my dick finally stops throbbing inside her. I wanted to hold back longer, but at least this time I did well enough to make her cum, and that's really the most important thing. "Your ass is just too damn hot", I say with a grin.
She laughs, "Hmm, no that's o That was great."

I withdraw from her carefully, watching intently see if any spunk spills out of her soaked, cum-filled pussy. Surprisingly I don't see any, and after I'm out I flop down onto the bed beside Laura again. She collapses on her front, and satisfied smile on her face as I lean in to kiss her again. We spend a couple of minutes, for cuddles and pillow talk, before I ask if she wants to get cleaned up first. She says yes, so I tell her where the bathroom is and give her my dressing gown. Hopefully she won't encounter my flatmates on the way there. I'm a sweaty mess too, with other bodily fluids covering my cock and balls, so after waiting for her to come back, I take my turn to go and have a quick wash in the sin When I return, I bring more water rehydrate, then I quickly get naked and climb into bed next to her again.

We chat, and laugh for a bit - it seems neither of us want to go to sleep yet. Not too long later that leads to more kissing and fondling, and we get going again. The mechanics are different this time, after cumming twice in relatively quick succession I'm not at the edge of horniness that I was at earlier. I don't get hard instantly, it takes a minute or of work from her hands and mouth, but once I get there I am more fully in control than before. I let her suck for a while, since I didn't get enjoy it for long earlier before I lost it, and then we continue fuck in a variety of positions. In addition the 'standard' ones we did earlier, we add in a couple of new ones; reverse cowgirl, and deep stick (missionary but with her legs on my shoulders get extra deep inside her - maybe this was common knowledge but I didn't learn the name for this until later).

I have much better control now and I'm more limited by cardio fitness and aching muscles than anything else. So I can fuck her quite hard for the rest of the night - and she fucking loves it. She rides me cowgirl first, then I suggest she spins round for the reverse cowgirl - watching her ass bouncing on me remains one of the most perfect sights of my life. When she starts tire, I push her forward onto all fours again and fuck her in doggy, my balls slapping hard against her ass as I pound her with everything I've got. She cums again during this, with a little assistance from her hand again, which reaches down between her legs to rub her clit to help bring herself off. Surprisingly, even the hard pounding and watching her ass tremble as she cums on isn't enough trigger my own orgasm.

Finally we switch over deep stick, which is quite an intimate but deep and physical position. We go at it again for quite a while, until I'm breathing and sweating quite heavily again. I realise it will take an effort for cum this time. On a couple of occasions I feel the tingling of an orgasm starting build, only for it fade rather than grow. I have focus more of my attention on Laura - looking down at her flushed face, her parted lips, listen her moans, groans and gasps, drink in her lean, smooth body, the smell of her perfume, mixed with sweat and sex, and of course, the feeling of her hot, tight pussy which I am drilling as hard as I can. The combined stimulation of my senses is enough start building a climax, but slowly, and gradually, over the course of minutes rather than seconds. It's exhausting but it allows really savour the moment, the anticipation adding my excitement as I imagine what the final release will feel like.

After what seems like forever, finally reach the edge, the tension in my balls reaching a pea I'm gasping and groaning almost in pain as my orgasm finally hits , my dick throbs as I cum in her pussy for the second time. Somehow, maybe from the elongated build-up, it feels more intense than before, my body shuddering as I thrust erratically into her again and again. As I lay on top of her, my hands gripping her arms so tight I'm digging into her, I gasp for breath and remain there until my cock stops spasming inside her. Then I slowly relaxed my muscles, slip myself out of her, and collapse in a heap at her side. We both lay there, panting away as we try to recover. I'm suddenly exhausted, as is Laura I guess. I just barely have the energy to go to the bathroom to clean myself up once more, before I climb back into bed. We fall asleep shortly after, and I for one don't stir one bit before morning.

In the morning we fuck once more - a different experience in the cold light of day once we're completely sobered up, but no less enjoyable. When we're done we both shower (separately), and I cook her breakfast in the flat. Fortunately my flatmates have made themselves scarce - I guess given the noise we were making last night they decided they should make plans to be somewhere else this morning, which I appreciated. After breakfast I walk her to her bus stop, we arrange another time to meet up, then I give her a big kiss goodbye and send her on her way.

As I walk back I reminisce over the night's and morning's events. I'm positively shattered, my dick actually aches a little, and I'm planning to head back to my flat and go straight back to sleep the rest of the afternoon. Was totally worth it though, and even to this day it remains one of my favourite memories - one I often call back to when I need to get myself going again.
Fucked in my Office (fiction)
Posted:Jul 30, 2020 5:21 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2021 2:02 am
I'm sitting at my desk in my office, getting ready for an important zoom meeting with the bosses. We've returned the office on a reduced staffing level temporarily, due current global situation. Our office is a small part of the company anyway, and there are only around employees in today. My office is one of several separate one person office rooms that sits just off the main open plan part of the office, where a few people are working away. I've noticed Gemma is in today, which is always a bit of a distraction, particularly recently. She's around 5'6'', straight blonde hair, a slim body but nice C-cup size boobs, perky ass that has a bit of a wobble to it. Today she's wearing a tight black skirt, white blouse, and black heels - no tights today though. She's also wearing glasses, which for some reason seem to suit her perfectly, and make her look even sexier to me.

We had a one night stand a few months back, before the lockdown happened. We were at a party and had a few too many drinks, a little bit of bump and grind on the dance floor, and we ended up back at my place so for a drunken, but satisfying fuck. But we're both in relationships, so we agreed the next day it was a mistake and we wouldn't be repeating it. That doesn't stop my hormones from reminding me of that night at every opportunity though, so now every time I watch her cross the office in one of her tight-fitting skirts or dresses, I get a little pang of desire to have her again.

But I don't have time for daydreaming today. I have an important Zoom meeting with six senior personnel at the company including my immediate boss, board members, and the CEO. We're running virtual meetings most of the time now due to Coronavirus restrictions, so I haven't seen any of those people in person for months. I have to give an update on my biggest project, and given that I should be up for promotion soon I am very keen on it all going smoothly. As I'm making my last minute preparations there's a knock at my door, then Gemma sticks her head in the door.

"Do you have a minute?", she asks.
"Yeah sure if it's a quick one" I reply. But i have my meeting in minutes so don't have long.
"Ok", she says, as she comes in and closes the door behind her.

She also turns the cord close the blinds, which makes me raise an eyebrow, but I don't put too much thought into it as she moves to the chair opposite my desk and takes a seat. She starts asking me about some project she's working on, which I have a passing knowledge of, and I respond to her questions, although they don't seem a pressing concern. We're at the same level career-wise, so it's not unusual for us to discuss our work, although usually we only do so if we want to discuss something specific or we're just making small talk when we cross paths in the office. I'm glancing at my watch, kind of eager to get on with my prep so I'm not flicking through notes at the start of the meeting. As she finishes her line of questioning she changes her tone suddenly.

"So, the other day I was thinking about that night in January", she says suggestively.

I feel an immediate twinge of desire in my dick, an involuntary reaction to the memory.

"Uh, ok", I reply uncertainly.
"Well, I broke up with my boyfriend right before lockdown so I've kind of been climbing the walls for the last few months", she says with a little smile.
"Oh...sorry to hear that", I tell her, unconvincingly. I'm really tempted by the direction this is going but now is really not the time to talk about it.

She gets up from her chair and starts lazily walking round to my side of the desk, trailing her fingers on the desk theatrically.

"You still with your girlfriend?", she asks innocently.
"Well yeah, we're still together", I tell her truthfully. Although I don't add that we've been going through a bit of a lull recently in the sexual department. Actually can't remember the last time we had sex... three weeks at least i reckon. When did i even last knock one out, I think to myself, as I feel how readily the blood is flowing to my cock at the mere mention of sex right now.

"Guess that didn't stop you last time, did it?" she teases, as she saunters over to stand by me in my chair.
"Uh, i think we agreed that was a mistake though yeah?", I answer. But i hate how little conviction i hear in my voice.
"I see the way you look at me", she says playfully. "I know you want to fuck me again."

She puts her hand on my shoulder and starts to stroke my lightly through my shirt, then to my surprise she sits down across my lap, with her legs off to one side, hooking her arms behind my head as she does. She's inches away from my face now, as we look into each other's eyes. Her big, blue eyes behind black rimmed glasses, her full lips slightly parted as she assess my reaction. As much as i try to keep a poker face, unfortunately I know she can feel my reaction, because my cock is swelling fast under the pressure of her weight. Her perfume is intoxicating too - i think it's the same light, flowery scent she was wearing the night she came back to my place, which only helps make my memories come to me even more vividly. She smiles and leans in to kiss me, and I'm helpless to resist her. I kiss her back deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue, her taste in my mouth and scent in my nostrils puts my senses into overload. I reach a hand round her side to stroke her thighs, while she wriggles slightly in my lap, teasing my hard-on which is now straining against my trousers.

I want her right now. I want to fuck her so bad it literally hurts. She slides round on me, so that she's facing away, then gets off me briefly to hitch her skirt up, revealing some small lacy black panties: definitely not standard work wear I think - she had this planned the horny bitch! I'm licking my lips as she sits down on me hard, grinding her ass into my crotch and letting out little moans under her breath. I put my hands on her waist and pull her back into me, until she turns her head to the side so we can kiss again. I'm losing my fucking mind now, she's driving me crazy. She reaches behind her with both hands and somehow manages to unbutton and unzip my trousers, but my cock is still trapped under my boxers and pointing down my trouser leg. I reach around her front, and slide my fingers down, inside her skirt and panties, and down further to touch her pussy. She's so wet down there already, and she sighs into me as I start to gently rub her pussy and then louder as I stroke up to tease her clit.

She starts tugging my boxers and trousers down, and I lift my hips up to help her, until they're far enough that my cock can spring free, only rising far enough to push against her pussy through the thin material of her panties. She murmurs and giggles as it does, telling me how hard it feels against her. Her pussy is so hot and wet already, I'm on the verge of just sliding her panties to the side and thrusting myself inside her. Suddenly, i gather my senses and remember where we are.

"Fuck. We can't. Not here.", I breath, while she continues grinding back and forth on me, teasing my rock hard cock with her pussy.
"Sure we can. You're almost inside me already. I want you to fuck me now" she whispers in a breathy voice.
"What if someone comes in?", I ask, nodding towards the door. Then suddenly I remember - "Oh fuck! The meeting!"

I glance at the clock - two minutes till the meeting starts. Fuck. I'm breathless, face flushed, and I've got a raging hard-on - not exactly how I planned on starting this very important call.

"You have to go", I say as authoritatively as I can. "Come on, get off me." I tell her, as I lift her to her feet in front of me.
She turns to face me, her skirt still bunched up around her waist - "Skip your meeting. Wouldn't you rather fuck me?" she asks seductively, while pulling her panties to the side and revealing her smoothy shaven, tight pussy, already gleaming in her juices. I stare at her pussy with unconcealed lust, licking my lips and trying my utmost to think with my brain and not my aching, throbbing cock.
"I...I can't, i gotta take this or I'm totally fucked."

She looks at me for a second, considering.
"Ok, your call", she says brightly, with a smile. But then she again does something unexpected - she goes down onto her knees, and positions herself in the footwell of the desk. Then she beckons me to come closer into my normal sitting position behind my desk.
"What the hell are you doing?, I ask incredulously.
"You can take the call", she says. "They can't see me if I'm down here, right?"
"You gotta be fucking with me", I say in disbelief.

I'm about to object more but then my Zoom incoming call notification comes on. Fuck!! I pull my chair in, hastily check the camera position - making sure it's aimed at my chest and upwards to ensure Gemma's head doesn't come into shot at any point when she starts doing what I know she's going to do. I wipe away the sweat that has formed on my forehead, then straighten up my shirt and tie. Fuck it - I answer the call. Everyone else starts popping up on the screen, and I see my own slightly dishevelled face appear on my feed.

I clear my throat, and try to greet everyone with confidence - "Hi, looks like we're all here."

Just as I do however, Gemma leans in closer, and I can feel her hair falling across my thighs and her breath on my cock, while her hands very carefully cup my balls and take a firm grip of the base of my shaft. I gasp involuntarily, before clearing my throat to cover, while I try to continue on.

"Ok...uhm...let's get started then" I tell them, struggling to remember my meeting plan. I desperately scramble through the papers on my desk, trying to find everything that I should have already had laid out before the meeting started. Gemma starts slowly licking up and down the length of my shaft, placing her lips just above the tip as if to take me in her mouth, but then just licking or kissing it lightly, before working her way back down again. My cock twitches as she does so, and I stifle another groan - why the fuck to I have to be so turned on right now? I'm so desperate for her to take me in her mouth and suck me hard, but also praying that she won't.

"Ah right, here we are" I say in a strained voice, as I try to compose myself again. Everyone brings up my project progression chart, and I start to talk them through our progress, haltingly and with many strange interruptions where I grunt or groan in response to Gemma's touch. She's working me a little firmer now, using her hands to stroke me up and down, while licking and sucking my balls with her mouth. I feel her drooling on my cock to lube it up a bit, to help her hands glide smoother as she strokes me. I take frequent gulps of water to try and cool myself down, but I can feel my face is flushed red and shining with sweat. The bosses must think I'm nervous as fuck, but hopefully have no idea of the real reason for my discomfort.

As I have a temporary break from speaking, while the others discuss a detail, Gemma spits on me, covering me with saliva again, then strokes me up and down a few times, hard and fast. It feels amazing, but not only does it make me gasp, but it also makes a rapid squelching noise as she rubs me, making my microphone light up even though I'm not speaking.

"Is your microphone ok there? We're getting a bit of feedback", my boss says.
"Oh...ah, ok", I say, clearing my throat again as Gemma continues to stroke me. "I'll try and uh...sort that out", I reply unconvincingly.

I puff out my cheeks, then reach down to grab Gemma's wrist and stop her working me. I risk a glance down - hopefully to the meeting it looks like I'm just checking some notes. Gemma looks up at me with a beaming smile, her eyes sparkling behind her glasses - she's clearly fucking loving this I realise, as I squirm uncomfortably under her control. She maintains eye contact as she moves her mouth forward, her lips opening up as she hovers over the tip of my cock. I can't watch any more - I look up and realise everyone on the call has gone quiet.

"Uh, sorry what was that?" I ask. "I think my connection lagged there", I say, covering for myself. The CEO repeats his question. Of course it was him that I look like I'm ignoring, that's just my fucking luck. While he's speaking, I can still feel Gemma's warm breath on the tip of my cock, her hand gently stroking me. She's making me throb in her hands, I'm so fucking hard for her I can't focus on what I'm doing. I start to answer the question...and as I do, I finally feel Gemma's mouth close firmly around my swollen bellend, and start to slide down my shaft. I gasp mid-sentence, then immediately start coughing to cover it again, trying my best to ignore the feeling of Gemma's mouth, tongue and hand sliding up and down my shaft while I pause my answer to gulp down some water.

"Ahem, excuse me" I apologise, before clearing my throat again. "As I was saying..."

I'm explaining a really crucial part of my project now, and I'm stuttering and coughing my way through it, looking like an absolute amateur. Gemma is taking no prisoners now, and after teasing me for so long she's working me hard, alternating between sucking my cock, and giving me little breathers where she moves her mouth down to lick and suck my balls, while continuing to stroke me with her hand. Despite trying to focus on my work, I can feel myself edging closer to orgasm. She knows it too, and when she senses my intensity building too fast she eases up just a little, intent on bringing me to the point of orgasm as painstakingly slowly as she can.

I apologise awkwardly for my repeated coughing, trying to make a weak joke about it not being Covid, which doesn't really hit the mark. I get into the meat of my presentation, going over the boring details of progress, milestones, schedules and targets. But try as I might most of my attention is focussed on the soft lips and warm, wet mouth that is pleasuring every inch of my aching hard member. As I'm making a slightly long-winded explanation of something suitably mundane, Gemma goes on me a bit harder, sucking me for longer and squeezing me tighter than before. She brings me right to the edge this time, and I suck in a sharp breath as I get ready to cum in her mouth. But just at the last moment, she takes her mouth off me, and with her fingers squeezes me tightly at the base of my shaft only. I gasp and stutter, trying to get the words out again as I feel the cum rising inside me. I say some gibberish that makes no sense, while my orgasm eventually fades away before it can fully take hold. I feel a little precum squirt out of the tip of my dick, but otherwise I hold myself back.

I gather myself and try to take another gulp of water, only to realise my glass is empty. Fuck, I feel so thirsty. My throat is dry and I'm sweating more obviously now. I glance down as Gemma playfully sucks the precum off my bulging bellend, making a show of looking up at me as she swallows it down. God she's so fucking adorable I think, wanting nothing more right now than to shoot my load in her mouth and be done with this. But it seems she doesn't want me to finish yet - I fear she's going to drag this out for the entire meeting, making sure to both maximise my suffering and prevent me from concentrating like I need to. I momentarily compose myself and continue speaking, trying my best not to rush myself, despite every fibre of my being urging me to do exactly that. Gemma doesn't give me much of a break before she goes back to work, and whether intentionally or not, she's starting to suck me more sloppily now, the noise of which is showing up on the call transmission. Between gasps I try to cover the noise, starting to type in a word file to pretend I'm taking some notes, hoping that the keyboard noises overshadow what Gemma is doing. I put a hand down on her head to try and slow her, but she doesn't oblige - she continues on as she was, seemingly ambivalent to my request. I need at least one free hand to progress through slides and bring up new documents to share, so with no way to stop her I am resigned to the fact that I'm at her mercy.

It doesn't take her long to get me to the point of orgasm again, but once more at the last possible moment she backs off and leaves me impotently sucking in breath in my desperation for her to finish me. My cock twitches and throbs, with more precum spilling out, but she still won't give me my orgasm. I start rubbing my face in frustration, and I'm almost certainly making more mistakes in my explanations as I try to continue, though I can't be sure because I can barely remember what I'm saying from one minute to the next. She keeps me in a permanent state of pre-orgasm tension around my cock and balls, which makes it impossible to concentrate on anything else.

As I get into the final stretch of the meeting, Gemma continues to edge me with her mouth and hands, to the point where I'm so close to cumming it physically hurts - again and again and again. One time I'm sure she's overdone it, and after she takes her mouth off I feel the cum rushing up my shaft, and have to grab my dick in one hand and point myself towards Gemma's face, to prevent me from shooting straight up in full view of the camera... that would be a sight for the board on the video call I guess. But despite squirting a couple more spurts of precum, I manage to hold my orgasm, puffing my cheeks out and coughing once more to cover. I glance down at Gemma again, my frustration and desperation obvious, and she's still beaming up at me from down there, absolutely loving the predicament she's put me in. She goes back to work almost immediately, offering me no respite, but treating me gently to make sure I don't explode immediately.

We get to the concluding of our meeting. I've done my best field the board's questions, despite my apparent physical distress and Gemma's obvious distractions. I just need sum up the final few and outline what our next steps will be going forward. But Gemma knows it too, and I have a horrible feeling I know what she's going to do to me. Gemma very slowly and deliberately builds me up again, hands, mouth and tongue working in harmony, until my balls are tightening and my cock is twitching pre-emptively once more. I start to rush my final couple of , the urgency and strain in my voice becoming obvious. As I reach the point of climax, Gemma lifts her head off as usual, again leaving me hanging at the final moment.

"Uhm, ah".. I hesitate, losing my train of thought. Gemma taps on my thigh with her hand, trying get my attention. Stupidly, I take the bait and look down at her. She mouths some words up at me, but I can tell exactly what she's saying. She mouths "Cum for me now.", and then bows her head and starts suck and stroke me as hard and fast as she can. Holy fuck! I'm gonna cum now - what the fuck do I do? I look up and I'm staring straight at the faces of 6 senior company members, waiting expectantly for my conclusion. I do the only thing I can think of - I start faking a massive coughing fit... Right as I start coughing and spluttering, the pressure around my cock becomes unbearable, my mind going completely blank for a moment, and then I feel my cock throb as I explode in Gemma's mouth. She gags a little as stream after stream spurts out of me, filling her mouth almost instantly as she continues vigorously jerk and suck me off. She takes her mouth off me only momentarily, swallow my cum down, during which time I shoot a couple more shots into her face before she manages to wrap her lips around me again to take the rest back in her mouth.

I continue my coughing charade, as Gemma milks me hard while I shoot stream after stream into her, the intensity slowly dissipating as my orgasm starts to subside. Impressively, she manages to swallow the rest down without having to take her mouth off my throbbing, pulsing dick. It feels amazing to finally unload in her mouth like that after so much teasing and edging. The ecstasy of the release of tension and pressure making it one of the most powerful orgasms I can remember. But as the torrent of cum finally slows to a stop I start to regain my sense of awareness, and remember where I am. I start to collect myself, coughing a few final times and then attempting to clear my throat, while Gemma sucks the last drops of cum straight from my still twitching cock.

"Uh, ah. Excuse me. Sorry about that" I say to the meeting in a strained voice, before glancing at my notes to try to recover my place. I run through my final comments as quickly and professionally as I can, though continuing to wince and squirm as Gemma continues to suck on my now 'post-orgasm sensitive' dick. When I'm finished my review, I thank everyone for attending, and apologise again for my coughing episodes. As they are thanking me and saying their goodbyes, they all ask me to get myself checked out - their reactions a mixture of genuine concern and bewilderment . My display must have seemed very bizarre to them I think, and I wonder if any of them have any suspicion of what really happened.

The ends and I finally take a huge sigh of relief - leaning back in my chair and staring up at the ceiling, raising my hands run my fingers through my hair. Gemma finally releases her hold on my now softening cock, and I look down at her. She smiles her sweet smile back up at me, looking even more adorable now she has a couple of splodges of cum across her nose and cheeks, and a little more at the corners of her mouth.

"You are a fucking nightmare", I tell her, as she playfully runs her finger across the splattering of cum on her face, and hungrily sucks it off her fingers.
"Hmmm", she says. "I think you coped with that pretty well, all things considered."
"It was a fucking disaster, and you know it" I say.
"Aw come on. You loved it", she teases me.

She's kind of right - I was incredibly turned on; she edged me perfectly for so long, and it felt amazing when I finally came - but damned if I'm gonna admit that her. I slide my chair back, letting her out from underneath the desk as she gets her feet. Her skirt is still riding up on her hips, giving me another good look at her little black panties, which I notice some satisfaction are looking pretty soaked through now that I see them, before she rearranges herself and pulls the skirt back down. I'm definitely gonna fuck her again I think myself now - she deserves payback for this stunt. I start pulling my boxers and trousers back up, awkwardly putting away my now semi-erect dick and then fastening my trousers up.

"Well, this was fun but I guess I should get back work", she tells me, flashing me another smile.
"Yeah I reckon so. People will be wondering where you've been."

She leans down towards me, and kisses me deeply. I kiss her back, noting that I can still taste my cum on her, but not caring in the slightest. I take the opportunity to reach my hand round to feel her ass at the same time, giving it a goodbye squeeze before she leaves. Absurdly, I feel another twinge of desire in my dick, as if it's almost ready to go again. But she breaks off and straightens herself up, then with a final smile she turns and heads towards the door.

"Hey", I her, just before she leaves. "You've got a with the board coming up too right?"
"Hmm, sure I have one next week actually."
"Well, maybe I'll see if I can help you through that one then", I say with a grin.
"Ahh", she laughs back. "Yeah maybe I'd like some 'help' with that" she replies, with another flirty glance.

With that she turns and leaves my office. Holy shit, I think as I'm finally left alone. I wonder how the hell I'm going to run damage limitation after that shitshow of a meeting. But I can't deny, even if it all goes to hell and I somehow lose my job over this, at least I've got a hell of a memory to console myself with.
Random flirts
Posted:Jul 5, 2020 3:12 am
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So, what is the point of random flirts from f.a.k.e accounts and cam girls, when they ignore any messages you send them? Is it just so you click their profile? Or encourage you sign if you haven’t already (I’m Gold account so no need in my case). Or make the site looked like it’s crammed with hot ladies? Cause it’s pretty obvious they aren’t genuine so just highlights that a lot of the accounts here aren’t real.

I assume this happens everyone?
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Club bathroom fuck (fiction)
Posted:Jun 30, 2020 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Aug 12, 2020 2:30 am

I’m out in a club with a bunch of mates, more than a couple of drinks in. We’re a little older than most of the crowd, but fuck it, we’re just out to get some drinks in and have a good time. It’s busy, but not mobbed, so there’s still room to move around, and we can see across the room from our place at the bar. I see a girl on the far side of the dance floor. She catches my eye for a couple of reasons; her figure hugging red dress stands out from the rest, and the way she moves as she dances - confident, fluid, and sexy as hell. Watching her for a few moments, I feel a stirring in my groin, and my mind starts wandering to what she’d look like bouncing on my dick. Damn, guess I’m in a horny mood tonight, been a while since I knocked one out, let alone got laid.

As I’m watching her, she glances in our direction and our eyes meet. She holds my gaze for more than a moment, before flicking her hair, facing away and crouching down, pushing her ass out as she rises back up. That was definitely a “fuck me” move, I think to myself, feeling another pang of desire in my crotch, and start wondering if I could actually fuck this girl. She glances again at me, and I allow myself a slight grin (hopefully not creepy), to let her know I’m interested. I’m feeling impatient - if I’m gonna take my shot it might aswell be now. So I down the rest of my drink, make my excuses to my friends, then head over in her direction.

The dance floor is getting busier now, so I have to push my way through the throng to get close to her. I dance close to her, until we’re back to back, then ‘accidentally’ make contact. She glances round and smiles, which is enough encouragement for me. We dance together, and I allow myself to admire her body, along with her moves. She is petite, barely over 5 feet, and has long dark hair going down past her shoulders, that flows out as she throws her head around. She has a slim, lithe body, but with hips that curve out nicely, and small, pert breasts. Her dress clings to her figure, and comes down just past her ass, showing off her legs while accentuating the rest of her body. She’s younger than me, probably early 20s, and a face that I would describe more as ‘cute’ than outright beautiful.

She dances much better than me, but she doesn’t seem bothered. Within minutes she’s grinding her ass up against my crotch, running her hands through her hair seductively while I place my hands firmly on her waist as she writhes against me. I’m getting uncomfortably hard already, and there’s no way she can’t feel it through my jeans and the thin material of her dress. She turns back towards me and we kiss, then she backs off and we continue our bump and grind for a moment. I’m going crazy, I really need to fuck this girl now, so I try my luck once more. I take her by the hand and start to pull her off the dance floor, and thankfully she follows unquestioningly.

The club is across three floors, and while the ground floor where we are is always busy at this time, the upper floor is often deserted. I take her upstairs, and right enough, there’s very few people milling about here, having migrated to the main club dance floor downstairs. I look for the ladies toilets at the back, listening to see if anyone is inside. I look at the girl, and she’s biting her lip behind a little smile, probably full well knowing what I have in mind. When I’m sure it’s clear, I take her inside the ladies room, and sure enough there’s no one in. We go to the cubicle at the back, attached to the tiled wall on one side, and I pull her inside.

We start making out again, more vigorously this time, while my hands are all over her. I really love her tight little body, and my cock is straining under my jeans, desperate to escape. I slide her dress up over her hips, exposing her matching red panties, before moving my hands up to fold the top of her dress down, revealing her cute little bra and tits. After fondling them a bit through the material, i unhook the bra and throw it to the side, exposing her pert little tits themselves. I can’t resist taking a breast in my mouth, sucking hard on her nipple while I rub the opposite with my thumb, before switching, until both nipples are nice and hard. Meanwhile, my other hand is touching between her legs, feeling her through her panties, before slipping my fingers inside them and feeling her wetness directly. She’s shaved most of her hair down there, leaving just a little patch of trimmed hair above her pussy. I love the moans she’s making, and feeling her wetness I know she’s ready and eager for my cock.

Between the two of use we unbuckle my belt and jeans, pushing my jeans and boxers down and finally letting my cock spring free. I push her back against the tiled wall, making her gasp against the cold, while I move in towards her. Her dress is bunched around her waist now, and I bend and hook an arm under each of her legs, before lifting and holding her against the wall. She looks pretty not pinned to the wall like this, legs spread wide, four inch heels still on her feet. She pulls her panties aside with one hand, while the other takes hold my my cock and guides it towards her pussy. I feel the wetness of her pussy on the tip of my cock, before gently pushing inside, enjoying her facial expressions as she gasps. I tease her for just a moment, making small probing thrusts into her, before readjusting my feet, and thrusting hard into her, all the way to the hilt.

I groan as I feel the hot, wet pussy gripping me fully, but I love the little scream that escapes from her as I drive myself home. I start to fuck her steadily now, my arms holding her in place while I use my legs and hips to thrust into her. It’s quite hard work physically, which I’m grateful for because I realise from how good she feels and how long it’s been for me, that I might struggle to hold my nut, so I’m thankful for the distraction. She pulls at my back, my hips and my ass as I fuck her, always urging me to go faster, deeper, harder. Between her moans and our movements, we’re making quite a bit of noise, and when I hear a couple of girls enter the toilets I pause momentarily, considering whether I should wait. I look at the girl, her cheeks now flushed red, and don’t take long to decide I don’t care if the other girls hear. So I start to move again, and immensely enjoy watching her try, but fail, to stifle her moans in an attempt to stay quiet.

The other girls are giggling and whispering to each other now, clearly aware of what’s going on. I ignore them from now on, continuing to fuck the cute little brunette I have pinned against the wall until I’m sweating and breathing quite heavily. At some point the girls have left and we’re alone again. I withdraw from her and lower her feet to the floor, before turning her round to face away from me. She submissively bends over at the hips, revealing her sweet little bubble butt, still partially covered by her panties. I feel the excitement building in me again, as I position myself, slide her panties aside, and guide my cock between her ass cheeks and back into her tight, wet pussy.

I grab her hips and start to fuck her again. It feels so good in this position, able to penetrate her more deeply and more easily than before. Again I start regretting that I didn’t knock one out earlier, because I don’t know how long I can hold myself back, but I’m going to enjoy every moment nonetheless. She arcs her back up towards me, turning her head so we can kiss, while i move my hands up and massage her breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples again and making her moan. When I break off the kiss I love the little breathy moans she gives as I continue fucking her and playing with her nipples. After a while I place a hand behind her neck and push her back down again, to get a better angle for fucking her, and also so I can admire her little bubble butt bouncing against me with each thrust. I feel myself stirring and know I need to cum soon, but I have no desire to slow or stop to control myself.

She seems to read my mind, as she turns her head to the side and calls back breathlessly “don’t cum in me.” I pause for a second, idly thinking to myself that’s the first words either of us have said to each other. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear though, because I was really looking forward to unloading in her hot little pussy.
“I’ll pull out when I’m ready”, I reply - hoping she’ll have the decency to finish me off afterwards. I take a deep breath, hold onto her hips and start fucking her again, hard as I can this time with loud slapping noises echoing out as my hips smack against her ass with each thrust. I enjoy digging my fingers into her ass while I give her everything I’ve got, all the while feeling my balls tightening and the pressure around my cock building as I get closer and closer to orgasm. She seems to enjoy the increased speed and intensity, and a series of little gasps and whelps escape from her mouth as I continue pounding her from behind.

It takes all my willpower, and I leave it to the last possible moment, right before I’m about to explode, but I manage to pull myself out before I nut inside her. I cut it close though, and I need a moment to control myself as I feel a little pre-cum escape from my rock hard cock. The brunette turns round, and immediately drops to her knees in front of me, smiling smuttily as she sees the precum on my dick. She cups my balls in one hand, grips the base of my shaft in the other, then playfully licks the precum from me, making my dick twitch hard.

I’m still right on the edge, ready to nut as soon as she puts her mouth around me... and she knows it. She looks me in the eye, purses her lips, and blows gently on my dick. The fucking literal cock teaser! I think to myself, giving her a look which I hope says “don’t even fucking think about teasing me right now”, but in my current state is probably more a look of desperation. She smiles, then start licking up and down the side of my shaft, moving her hand slowly and gently around, enough to keep me at the edge but not enough to bring me off. I’m gasping as she tortures me, my eyes wide as I watch her, but I refuse to beg for her to make me cum.

She teases me for what feels like an age, but is probably two minutes max, before backing off again and looking up at me. “Ok, cum for me now”, she says. The words alone are nearly enough, but then with one hand still cupping my balls, the other at the base of my shaft, she envelopes my throbbing cock in her mouth. She works me hard, hand gripping tightly and mouth locked firmly around my bellend while she slides both up and down in unison, as hard and fast as she can. I feel my cum rising immediately, just having time for a couple of short, deep breaths, and sucking in a final gasp of air, before my cock erupts in her mouth, shooting streams of cum hard and fast down her throat. She closes her eyes and gags, but stays locked on and continues to milk me, taking shot after shot of spunk in her mouth. When she finally comes back for air, she gets another couple of shots across her nose and mouth, before she envelopes me once more and continues to suck me off.

I cum so hard my vision starts to black out, but finally the stream of cum slows and she gently squeezes and sucks the last drops from me. When she pulls back and looks up at me, she runs a finger over the cum still running down her face, and sucks it straight off her finger. Then unbelievably, she goes back to me and starts sucking my still twitching cock again - seemingly she can’t get enough! It’s nice for a few seconds, but then my cock goes sensitive in it’s post-nut state, and I flinch under her touch before actually being forced to pull her off me.

She rises to her feet, giggling slightly, and leans in for a kiss. Unlike some guys, I don’t mind kissing after nutting in a girl’s mouth, so I kiss her back, not caring at all that she tastes of salty cum. When we break off, she looks around for her bra, puts it back on and starts to rearrange her now slightly crumpled dress. I’m breathing heavier than her, after my massive orgasm, but pull my boxers and jeans back up, getting ready to go. When I’m dressed again, I sit back on the closed toilet to catch my breath. My brunette fuck-toy, after getting herself decent, exits the cubicle and goes across to the mirror by the sinks opposite. I enjoy watching her ass as she slinks away, then again as she leans over to get close to the mirror. When she’s finished, she looks back at me with a smile, blows me a kiss, then heads back out.

As I head out of the toilets after I run the night through in my head, right up to the point she walked out. I think to myself neither of us got a name, or a number, just a quick, intense fuck and some awesome memories of the night, which apparently is exactly what we both needed.
Mmf story for a friend on here (fiction)
Posted:Jun 28, 2020 5:16 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 11:52 am

We set a meeting DateEtc - Dating For Ladies and Couples. I'll be in your city this weekend and after chatting for a while we agree meet . However, as usual you're feeling greedy, and there is another guy you also wanted meet this weekend - a good looking, slim black guy called Brian with a neatly trimmed beard who is visiting from the US. After some discussion we decide the of us will meet and see where the night takes us. What you don't realise yet, is that the two of us have already agreed what we want do you tonight. You've packed your lingerie for the evening, which you plan to wear if the evening goes well.

I have a room at the Hilton booked for the night. The of us meet in town for a few drinks to make sure we get along. It's fairly relaxed, and we seem have a good laugh together. You feel excited for what might happen later. After a while we agree to go back to the hotel, there is no use wasting time when we're clearly interested. The two of us wait down in the hotel bar, having another round, while i give you the keys go my room prepare. The room is large with a king sized bed, with wooden pillars at the either end. You freshen then start get changed into you lingerie, long thigh length black stockings, and black lacy underwear. You start to feel the anticipation build as you dress. Once you are prepared, the wait is painstaking, you really hope we don't leave you hanging for long. Soon enough, you hear our voices down the corridor as we approach, and feel your heart flutter just a touch in excitement. You put some music on for atmosphere, then lie back on the bed and spread yourself out.

We enter the room and approach, our voices falling silent. As we come into view we stop to take you in, admiring your body from head to toe, your slim figure accentuated by your lingerie. "Wow, well looks like you're ready for us", I say, before moving round the side of the bed. We are wasting no time, and as we move round either side of you we are both unbuttoning our shirts and removing belts. After removing shirts and jeans we lie down on the bed on either side of you. You can see our cocks bulging in our underwear already. I start to kiss you as my hands glide over your body, caressing your legs, stomach and breasts. Brian moves in and kisses your neck before sliding your bra down and taking a breast in his mouth, sucking hard on your nipple. Your hands move down on each side and you start rubbing our hard cocks through the fabric of our briefs.

You bra is unhooked and thrown to the side, giving us both full access to you breasts. As we kiss and caress you we each slide our briefs down, letting our cocks spring free. You look down and see a large, thick cock on either side, and feel yourself getting wetter in anticipation as you take one in each hand and start to stroke us and down. Our hands move down your body reciproc rubbing your pussy through the lacy material of your panties, before sliding underneath slip our fingers inside you. You are already moaning with pleasure, enjoying the feel of hands, mouths and tongues exploring your body, and you can tell from the hardness of our cocks that we are equally turned on.

Suddenly, we each take hold of a wrist and pull your arms above your head, and before you have time to react you feel something metallic being placed around each wrist. You look see handcuffs being slapped onto you on both sides, your arms then pulled wide before the other end of the cuffs are attached to the bed pillars. You didn't know this was in the script, but it seems the two of us had this planned. Brian pulls some other things out from below the bed, some ropes and a blindfold. He puts the blindfold across your eyes, tying it firmly, before the two of us start to tie your legs. You are breathing deeply now, unsure what to expect next, as you feel your legs being spread apart and tied off on the posts at the bottom of the bed. You are completely spread-eagled on the bed now, totally at our mercy.

One of us climbs between your legs - from the position he came from you think it's Brian but without your sight you aren't entirely sure. You're still wearing your panties as you feel his thighs on the inside of yours, and his thick cock resting on top of your pussy. The other man moves towards your head (you assume it is me), straddling over your right arm as my hands go to the back our your head, turning you towards me. You feel my cock against your lips, which you part to take me in your mouth. I sigh as you suck me, and I start to move my hips back and forth, slowly fucking your mouth. Meanwhile you feel hands pulling on your panties, and you hear them rip as they are pulled from underneath you, before you hear them land on the floor as they are tossed aside.

Brian's hands go under your hips, lifting you so that your thighs rest slightly top of his. You moan into my cock as you feel Brian's dick against your already soaking pussy - you really need to feel someone inside you now. He pauses for a second, then thrusts straight into you, all the way to the hilt. You squirm against him as he starts to fuck you, with long deliberate strokes, using the full length of his cock. He builds the pace, starting shorten his strokes slightly as he fucks you harder and faster. You lose track of time as he continues pound you, and you feel him start drip sweat onto you and hear him breathing louder. Finally he starts to slow, and slides himself out of you, before lowering your hips back onto the bed.

I also withdraw from your mouth, allowing you to breath more easily. You hear both of us adjusting your restraints, the handcuffs are unclipped from the bedposts and the ropes are untied from your ankles. You are suddenly flipped onto your front. Your left arm is grabbed and pulled across to the right, before you hear the handcuff lock around the bedpost. Then your right arm is pulled to the left, and locked in place so that your arms are now crossed in front of you, restricting your movement further. You are in a kneeling position, bent over with your ass pointing slightly upwards. You have no range of movement in your upper body from this position. You sense the two of us shifting positions, one moving behind and the other in front of your face.

You assume it is now me kneeling behind you, as you feel my hands on your hips and my cock being positioned against your wet, engorged pussy. Brian kneels in front of you, puts his hands on your neck and lifts your head upwards. You open you mouth again to accept his long thick cock in your mouth, tasting your pussy on him. You groan as I start to penetrate you from behind, filling and stretching your pussy once more. Wet as you are I slide in with no difficulty, and within moments you can feel my whole 8 inches inside you, my hips coming to rest against your ass I go balls deep on the first thrust. I quickly find a rhythm, and start to fuck you with long, hard strokes. From here you have to stay relatively still, doing what you can with your mouth and tongue to give Brian head, while you get pounded from behind. You love getting spit-roasted like this, and feel like you want it to last forever.

You were already turned on from Brian's fucking earlier, but now you feel a warm glow around your pussy, growing more intense with each thrust. I seem to sense your reaction, as I increase the pace even more until i'm fucking you with all you've got, my hips and balls slapping against your ass with each powerful thrust. You are moaning loudly now, the noises muffled by the big cock in your mouth, as you feel your orgasm getting closer. It seems to build for an eternity, the pressure becoming unbearable, until finally it overcomes you. Your entire body goes rigid as your pussy explodes in orgasm, convulsing hard around my thrusting cock. I don't relent, continuing to thrust deep inside you as you cum all over me. You gasp for air as your body shakes and shudders, before finally your orgasm starts to subside.

As you start to recover I slow my pace, before sliding my cock out of you. Brian also pulls back from your mouth, and you feel your handcuffs being removed. Once you are free, you take off your blindfold. All of us are covered in sweat. You have no idea how long we've been fucking but you are impressed neither nor Brian has cum yet. Brian lies down his back, big black cock pointing upwards. You happily swing your leg over his hips as you mount him, then quickly start ride him at a good pace, putting your hands his chest as you grind forwards and backwards his cock. I lie the side, happy let you focus him as I catch my breath, and you take my wet, hard cock in your hands and jerk as I wait my turn. You grind for a long time, before deciding the ante and get onto your feet in a squat position, and start to bounce and down his dick.

You can tell he's enjoying this as he starts gasp with pleasure. Then he tells you turn around so he can watch your ass while you ride. You are happy oblige and you spin round, before continuing ride in a reverse cowgirl, squat position. I reposition myself too, kneeling in front of you. You need one hand for balance but the other is free to continue stroking , and you lean forward from time time suck my cock, while continuing bounce and down. You hear Brian's breathing getting deeper as you sense he is getting close cumming, and start focus your attention on him once more. Your free hand goes down caress his smooth, hairless balls as your pussy continues working and down his shaft. He is moaning loudly now and you feel your own excitement when you know he can't take much more. Suddenly, you see his legs twitching and hear him grunting behind you, as he starts cumming hard in your pussy. You feel him shooting hot cum inside you, his cock throbbing as he fills your pussy, until it starts overflowing back onto him. You continue riding him, maintaining the intensity until his is finally spent. You sit back down on him, catching your breath.

You lift your leg around and get off his dick, feeling more cum spilling out of you as you do. You kiss him as he gives a satisfied chuckle, sighing as he gets off the bed. Then you return your attention , I must be desperate cum now too, you think. I tell you to lie back, and you do, spreading your legs for . You wonder if i'm bothered by the cum still trickling out of your pussy, but I seem undeterred, as I position my cock against your pussy. Without hesitating I thrust into you, making you gasp as you feel more cum being expelled from inside you. I don't take any time to build pace, seemingly starting off where I left it when I was fucking you from behind. You lock your legs around my back, urging deeper into you with each thrust. I fuck you in missionary for a few minutes, more sweat dripping onto you from the effort. Your pussy feels like it's on fire, and you feel another orgasm building inside you.

Suddenly, I pull out, and flip you onto your front. I push you down flat, force your legs together and straddle you, sitting just behind your ass with my sweaty thighs enveloping yours. I slide my dick between your thighs, positioning myself, then thrust deep back inside your pussy in one flowing movement. You gasp as you feel me stretching you again, my cock feels so big and thick in this position. You remember now me telling you this was my favourite, so it's no surprise I would want to finish like this. I start to pound you immediately, my whole weight on you as I grip your waist with my hands and I work my hips back and forth. From my intensity you realise I won't last long like this - but you won't either - you feel a second orgasm coming closer and closer with each thrust. You take some long deep breaths, your hands clawing at the sheets, burying your head in the pillows, until finally you can't take any more, and you cum hard again, your body tensing while your pussy contracts around my thick, throbbing dick. Your mind goes blank as the pleasure overtakes you, but after a few seconds you also feel me thrusting more urgently, your reaction setting me off, as I groan hard and shoot my load inside you. I grip your hips firmly, as I ram my cock into you several more times, my cock throbbing as I fill your pussy again with hot, salty cum. The sensation of me cumming inside you reignites your own orgasm, and you gasp and squirm with each thrust of my pulsing, hard cock.

After what seems like forever, we're both finally spent, and I collapse down on top of you, the two of us breathing heavily and covered in sweat. I pull my still hard cock out of you and roll onto my back, and you feel more cum spilling out and down your inner thighs as I do. The of us spend a few minutes recovering, grabbing towels to clean off at least some of the mess and drinks to rehydrate. You feel completely and utterly satisfied, it was way better than you could have imagined. As the two of you get showered and dressed, we don't speak much, there's not much to say after that. However, before we go our separate ways the one thing we agree is we have do this again next time we have the chance.
Posted:Dec 5, 2019 6:11 pm
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If she looks like a , writes like a , and talks like a , then she is almost certainly...

A genuine, super beautiful woman totally wants to fuck your brains out! ...Nope, just kidding, she’s obviously a .

Rant over
My first mfm threesome
Posted:Sep 12, 2019 5:34 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2021 3:37 pm

My first mfm threesome was a few ago with a I met on here. I remember sitting in my flat, about pm on a Friday night browsing some profiles, when their caught my eye. Their main profile pic was of a slim in a bikini, and flicking through their other pics showed me enough that she definitely had a body (no pics though). The man was mid 40s, and the 22 I think (she had a preference for older guys). Their description said they were looking for single males or females for some threesome hookups - guy was straight so they weren’t looking for any guy on guy action. This all sounded good me, so I sent them a message on IM, not expecting it go anywhere.

my surprise, I got a reply pretty quickly, and they confirmed what they were looking for. Their names were Alex and Vanessa, and after a quick back and forth we exchanged some pics including faces. They sent a pic with both of them in it - Alex, looked mid 40s, stocky build, kind of a tough guy look. Vanessa was absolutely stunning - petite slim blonde in her early 20s, beautiful face - so much so that I wondered if I was being catfished (let’s be honest there’s a lot of fakes on here). But everything else seemed to check so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Obviously if they were genuine I was very interested in joining them, so i asked when they might be available for a potential meet. I got an immediate reply “tonight”. I was a bit taken aback, I hadn’t prepared for anything and it was already nearly .30pm. Also, they were nearly an hour’s drive away, so this was gonna be a late . They were quite insistent that this might be my chance though, and I didn’t want miss a chance fuck this gorgeous , so i decided let my dick do the thinking and just go for it. They sent me Alex’s and their and I grabbed a few things and headed my car.

This was quite an impulsive decision for me and as I was driving I started feel pretty nervous. I didn’t know anything about these people and this could well turn out horribly. But I wanted see where this lead, way or another, so I continued on my way their place.

I parked on their street, couldn’t find their exact flat so I called get make sure I got the right door. I think Alex could tell I was nervous as hell. I met him at the door - right enough he was exactly as their photos showed, and he took me upstairs and through to their living room where Vanessa was waiting. Vanessa was sitting on the couch, wearing casual clothes, but to my relief (and excitement) looking just as hot as the photos. We greeted each other, and I was offered a beer, which I accepted, while we chatted and got to know each other.

I started to relax a bit as we talked, just a normal evening with people having a drink. They seemed pretty chilled, not in any rush get started. Every so often when Vanessa left the room Alex would tell me something, like how she was into older guys (obviously), and not to worry about him when we got started - just focus on her and we would be fine. It was clear there would be no jealousy on his part - this was clearly just a fun event for them, with no real emotion involved in the third party. Apparently they had tried this once before with another guy, talked a big game, but when the of them got down business - nothing stirring down . I wasn’t concerned that this would be an issue for me, although it would be a new situation so I guess you never know how you might react.

We sat around and had a more drinks, sometime after 1, when they decided get things started. Vanessa headed off get herself ready, and we would come join her in minutes or so. As the time approached my heart was pounding in my chest, my brain still trying comprehend what I’d agreed . Then suddenly it was time, and Alex and I headed through the bedroom join her.

I could hear music coming from the bedroom - just modern hip-hop, pop or dance stuff. I think the first song was a Rhianna but I don’t remember any after that, I was kind of distracted. As we entered the bedroom, Vanessa was lying on the bed, sprawled , wearing just her small white bra and panties. Her body was spectacular, she didn’t have wide hips, or a huge ass or tits, but perfectly slim with not an ounce of fat on her. A completely flat belly, small pert breasts and though she was lying on her back, I assumed an equally small, pert bum. She giggled a tad nervously as we entered the room - it’s probably awkward being nearly naked while we were both fully clothed. She was undoubtedly hotter than any I’d ever fucked before, and I could already feel the blood rushing my cock as I admired her.

I headed round the far side of the bed, while Alex went round the near side, and we both started undress. I kicked off shoes and socks quickly, pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my jeans the floor. Wearing just my boxers I climbed onto the bed next to Vanessa. She turned to me and we started to kiss, while my hands caressed her body, from her legs, to her belly, and over the top of her bra, squeezing her breast gently. Meanwhile Alex had similarly undressed and climbed onto the other side of the bed. Vanessa’s hand moved down, she was stroking my stomach and then rubbing my cock through my boxers. I was already rock hard, so I pulled my boxers down to give her full access to me. I had shaved my balls, and surrounding area, so I was nice and clean down there. She looked down and then took a firm grip of me, and started to stroke me up and down, making me moan in appreciation.

Alex had also disposed of his underwear revealing his equally hard cock, the surrounding area shaved similarly to mine. Vanessa turned to him, kissing him while taking his cock with her other hand and starting to stroke him. “That’s big cocks like!”, she said with a giggle, as she lay back jerking of us on either side. I was glad she seemed be enjoying herself.

I started pull her panties down on my side, which Alex noticed and started pull down on his side, so between the of us we slid them down her legs and threw them the floor. Vanessa’s pussy was completely shaved, perfect and beautiful, just like the rest of her. Then we removed her bra, revealing her pert little titties and round, hard nipples, which I immediately moved in on kiss and suck.

As we took turns kissing her, on her mouth, neck, and breasts, my hand drifted up her inner thigh, touching her lightly, I felt the , wetness of her pussy. She was soaking already, and I could hear her intake of breath when I touched her. She parted her legs legs further as I rubbed her pussy gently, from bottom to top, before I bent fingers and slipped them inside her. She gasped as I started finger fuck her slowly - I loved how turned on she was and how she reacted every touch.

At this point she took her hand off Alex’s cock and started attending to herself, rubbing her clit fairly hard. I increased my own pace, thrusting my fingers into her more quickly as I tried to match her needs. She was starting to breath harder, her small breasts rising and falling as she sucked in air, and within moments her body tensed up as she came, her pussy contracting hard around my fingers as she gasped in orgasm. After a few seconds her orgasm subsided and as she stopped rubbing her clit I slid my fingers of her pussy. I was amazed at how easily she came, and hoped it wouldn’t be the time tonight.

After a few seconds Vanessa got up from the bed and went over to get her drink, which was on a table on the far side of the room. I watched her go, admiring her naked form from the back for the first time. As I expected, her ass was small and pert, just jiggling a tiny bit as she walked away. Alex and I lay where we were, on either side of the bed, she made her way back. Alex told her “you can suck us off now”, clearly directing activities.

Vanessa climbed back on the bed, level with our legs and kneeling between us. She took cock in each hand again, then leant over me and proceed suck my dick. I sighed as she sucked me, using her mouth slide up and down over my bellend, while her hand stroked the bottom of my shaft. After seconds or so she took her mouth off me, and leant across to the other side, to suck Alex, while continuing to stroke me with her free hand. She alternated between the of us for a quite a long time, seemingly happy suck and stroke hard cocks, in no rush get the main event.

Needless to say, I was extremely turned on during this, and I started wonder if I should be concentrating on controlling myself, rather than simply enjoying myself. After a while we decided that was enough, and the of them got up take drinks again. I stayed on the bed, waiting patiently, cock still rock hard. As they came back, Alex instructed her “get on top of him then”.

I realised at this point we had not discussed protection at any point prior to this. I had assumed I would be expected to wear a condom, and was prepared for that. But before I’d had time to think Vanessa was already climbing on top of me. If they were happy with me being bareback then I was hardly going to make an issue of it. Obviously going bareback feels way better than wearing a condom, so i was even more turned on that I wouldn’t have rubber up fuck her.

I braced myself as Vanessa climbed onto me, taking in her beautiful body, as she placed her feet on either side of my waist. Then she took hold of my dick, positioned it against her pussy, and started to slide down onto me. I can honestly say that I’ve rarely felt a pussy as wet as hers before we’d even started . She was absolutely dripping! She was tight and the walls of her pussy gripped me all the way down, but wet as she was she took me easily, all the way her thighs met my waist. She stayed in a squat position and started slowly rise up and down, her hands on my chest as she rode me. I put my hands on her waist and started her, pulling her up and down as she began increase her pace. She felt so good riding me like that and within moments I was gasping with pleasure.

I’m not particularly proud of this next part but i feel obliged tell the story honestly. Within less than minutes I realised I was in trouble, this riding me was as fuck and I was way too turned on after quite a long blowjob/handjob in the build up. Additionally, it had been nearly months since I last got laid so I was pretty horny before tonight’s events even started. Long story short, I could already feel myself getting ready to . I told her to slow down a bit - hopefully after a few minutes I would start to get used to her pussy a bit and be able to control myself. I guess she recognised that I was struggling to hold my nut so she slowed her pace, still bobbing up and down slowly on my cock.

It didn’t help - the chain reaction had already started and short of pulling completely I had no chance. I gave up. I told her “go, go, go” and I started to pull her up and down vigorously with my hands as my orgasm built inside me. She started to bounce on me again, at full speed this time, her pussy and thighs slapping against me as she impaled herself on my cock. I held back for what little time I could, the pressure in my cock became unbearable, then I sucked in a deep breath and exploded inside her, my cock throbbing hard as I shot my load deep in her pussy. She continued bounce as I came, her pussy milking me as I filled her with spunk. Despite myself, it felt amazing, and I thrust up into her a few times as my cock continued twitching in her pussy. Finally I’m spent, and she slowed to a stop as I relax back onto the bed. If she was disappointed, she didn’t show it. “Fuck, I’m sorry” I said. “Give me a of minutes, I can get going again”, I add.

She lifts her leg over and dismounts from me. I’ve barely been aware of Alex while she was riding me but he’s waiting on the other side of the bed. He stands at the side and pulls her legs over, so that she’s facing away from him in doggy position. Then he slides his cock into her and starts to fuck her, seemingly undeterred the fact I just filled her pussy with my . From where I’m lying her head is close to my cock, so I offer it to her and she sucks my wet, covered cock, still hard but starting to soften. I with her tits and tweak her nipples a bit. After a while I swivel round, and start kiss her while she gets banged from behind. I massage my cock a bit, trying coax it back life.

After a few minutes I start feel myself hardening again, and I’m relieved it didn’t take too long. I switch position so that I’m kneeling in front of her, and she takes my semi erect cock in her mouth and starts to fellate me again, using hand caress my balls while she does. This speeds up the process considerably and before long I’m fully erect again, and able enjoy the feeling of her sucking me once more. We spit roast her like this for a while, Vanessa groaning and gasping into my cock as Alex gives her a thorough pounding from behind. She might have again at some point here, I’m not sure, but she definitely loved every second of it. Finally Alex asks me if I want switch, I say “sure”, revelling the chance fuck Vanessa properly this time.

Alex pulls of her and we switch positions, he moves onto the bed towards her head, while I move round behind her. I tell her to lie on her back, and her to flip over - not because I don’t want to fuck her doggy style, I love that position - but because I figure variety is best for her and she would enjoy getting taken at a different angle. I take her legs and move them apart, then position my cock against her. She gasps as I thrust right into her, all the way to the hilt in stroke. Her pussy is so wet, now both from her juices and my own of course, and I start fuck her with long, deep strokes, using every inch of my cock as I thrust in and . Alex kneels beside her head, turns her towards him and she sucks him off, using her hands to stroke his cock or tease his balls while I fuck her.

I build up the pace quickly, until I’m fucking her quite hard, my balls slapping against her ass with each stroke. I’m more in control now, comfortable that I don’t have hold back any more. Soon she reaches a hand down between her legs, and starts rub her clit again. Now she is the starting lose control - she takes her mouth off Alex long enough gasp “harder”, me. I was already going pretty hard but I paused reposition myself, putting my feet a little closer. Then I redoubled my efforts, starting pound her flat , giving her everything I had as I thrust my hips back and forth, burying my cock into her at pace.

After another few minutes I can see her breathing deeper, hand still rubbing her clit furiously, as she groans into Alex’s cock. I know she’s gonna soon, so I hold my pace, though I’m taking deep breaths and sweating, legs and abs working hard. Seconds later I feel her tense against me, her body going rigid, and I can see her stomach muscles flexing as she cries and cums hard, pussy convulsing around my thrusting cock. I keep pounding her throughout, loving watching her gorgeous body writhe and shudder me. After cumming for some time, finally her orgasm dies down, and her hand flops back onto the bed as she stops rubbing herself, her legs also going limp in my hands. I slow to a stop, taking a breather. I need a break - not because I’m ready to cum again but just to catch my breath, the was quite intense.

I withdraw from her and ask Alex if he wants to take over again. He tells her to go in the middle of the bed, then positions her on her side and moves in behind her, in a spoon position. Then he slides his dick back in and carries on where I left off, holding her waist as he starts to fuck her again. I move to kneel beside her head, and she obediently takes me in her mouth and starts to suck and stroke me again while i fondle her breasts. I have to admit Alex is doing a good job, he seems to have pretty good self control and shows no signs of slowing down or cumming anytime soon. I wonder how long they want this to go on - not that I’m in any rush as I’m also enjoying every second of this beautiful .

After several more minutes Alex finally needs a break, and he slides of her, telling it’s my turn take over. I lie back on the bed, with my head up close the headboard, and ask her get on top of again. She’s about to swing her leg over and towards , but I tell her to turn around, so she swings round the other way, in reverse cowgirl. I stare hungrily her cute little ass as she guides my cock into her, enveloping again in her tight wet pussy as she takes all the way inside. She stays on her feet again as she starts to ride , and I reach and grab her ass as it begins bounce up and down on my dick. She is so I think again, and I enjoy her riding like a genuine porn star as she builds up the pace, her ass slapping against my hips each time she impales herself on me.

Alex doesn’t want be neglected of course, and he moves the other side of her, kneeling in front of her. She leans forward, and though I can’t see I know she’s sucking him again as her head starts bob up and down. I her with her riding, using my hands lift her up then pull her down. Every so often when she needs a rest I start do the work, she goes down on her knees while she holds herself still just off the bed, and I thrust up and down with my hips. I have be a little careful now, we’ve been fucking a long time and although I’ve already unloaded once I don’t want to again until we’re ready.

After a while Vanessa asks switch positions, I guess she’s getting tired. I sit up behind her, then with an arm around her waist pull her backwards, give us more room in the middle of the bed. I push her forward so she’s on all fours, with her legs together, then I start to fuck her in doggy while she periodically sucks or strokes Alex in front of her. With my hands on her hips or ass I start to fuck her again. There’s nothing quite like watching a ’s bum jiggle as you fuck her from behind, and after a few minutes I can feel another orgasm building inside . Alex moves away, getting up off the bed and getting a drink, leaving Vanessa all to .

I push her flat, legs still together while i straddle her bum, thrusting my cock between her thighs. I could hold myself back but I don’t want to, I feel like we’ve all had our fun and it’s time to bring it to a climax. I put my hands on her waist, my whole weight bearing down on her, as I start to fuck her as hard as I can again, my hips rhythmically slapping against her ass with each stroke. She’s moaning and gasping quite loud now too, and I focus on her body squirming me as I feel my orgasm coming closer and closer with each thrust. Again I hold it the last possible second, just increase the intensity further, before i gasp loudly and inside her for the second time, burying my cock as deep as I can as it throbs hard and spurts in her pussy. The second orgasm of a night always feels different the first - obviously there is less but sometimes if you’ve been hard a long time it can feel just as intense - and this was of those. I grunt and gasp for what feels like a long time, my orgasm subsides, then as my cock stops twitching my whole body relaxes, and I’m suddenly feeling exhausted. I pull and move the side, lying on the edge of the bed.

As I lay back, it’s Alex’s turn finish. He pulls Vanessa back the edge of the bed, just how he did the first time, and starts fuck her doggy style again. He fucks her hard for a of minutes, and I enjoy watching the show and listening her appreciative gasps and groans. After a few more intense thrusts he groans as he cums inside her, giving her pussy its third helping of spunk of the evening. 20 seconds later and it’s all over, he pulls of her, and she turns over and collapses back on the bed, catching her breath.

I don’t remember much of what happened next. I just remember getting dressed and the of us going back the living room briefly, having a quick soft drink before I got ready go home. It was pretty late then and we were all quite tired. I thanked them for the invite, said my farewells and headed back my car. As I drove home the whole evening was running through my head in a blur. It was a slightly shaky and embarrassing start but I hoped I had redeemed myself with my second performance. As it turned , I must have, because a few months later I was invited back join them.
My best blowjob and cumshot ever
Posted:Sep 5, 2019 4:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 4, 2020 3:38 am

This happened a few years ago, but was memorable enough to be worth writing about now. I contacted a girl on here called Jess, and we started chatting. Turns out she was in a relationship but her boyfriend had given her permission to play with some guys, but with some restrictions. She wasn’t allowed full sex, but was allowed to give someone a blowjob on the condition that we take photos and videos of it for him to enjoy with her later. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to keep any of the footage because they wanted to ensure discretion, which was fair enough, although i would have loved to share the results on here. While i did quite want to fuck her, I was happy with a blowjob and filming it was kind of a turn on too. So we set a date for two weeks time to meet up and do it (we lived in different cities to one had to travel).

I decided, perhaps foolishly, that i would deny myself any orgasms in the meantime, so that i would be fully loaded and ready for a big cumshot when the time came. During that two weeks I was still on here quite a bit, talking dirty with Jess and other girls, and sometimes doing a bit of ‘edging’, but without letting myself cum. So needless to say by the end of that two weeks I was a walking, raging hormone ready to explode at any moment.

The day arrived and I got a non-committal text from Jess in the morning. I sensed she had some nerves and asked her if she was having second thoughts, which she admitted to. So I said “look, I’ll come down and meet you and we’ll have a drink. No pressure. If you don’t want to do it on the first meet I’d understand and we could rearrange for another time.” This seemed to ease her mind and she agreed to meet. I prepared myself by shaving my balls and trimming the surrounding area, which should make it a nicer experience for her if we were to go ahead.

The deal was for me to travel, while she booked a hotel room. If all went well we’d go to the room, I’d get the blowjob while taking video. then after I’d left her boyfriend would come over (presumably to watch the video then fuck her brains out).

We met at the hotel bar and had a drink. She was cute, quite small at around 5’4 with dark, shoulder length hair, nice curvy body. We talked like a normal date, and seemed to get on quite well. Very well in fact, because before I’d finished one drink she was already eager to get up the room and suck me off! I didn’t need a second invitation, horny as I was, so we went up to the room together.

I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was already getting hard just thinking about it. I came out and sat next to her on the bed, and we started making out, her hands immediately moving down to rub my cock through my jeans. I was fully erect within seconds, and I started unbuckling my belt to release my cock. I pulled my jeans and briefs down letting my dick spring free, which she took in her hands and started to stroke. I threw off my shirt, then kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, leaving me naked, while I pulled her top over her head, unveiling her big round breasts in a lacy black bra.

She passed me her phone, which was to capture the footage, and I sat on the edge of the bed, ready to enjoy every second of it. She was on her knees at the side, as she very slowly started to tease, stroke, lick and suck my throbbing cock. I was groaning within seconds, it felt so good. I don’t know if she was particularly talented or it was my pent-up, overly horny state but it felt like the best blowjob I ever got. She would stroke my cock up and down with her hands while she sucked my balls or licked up and down my shaft in tandem with her hands, then her mouth came over the top and she enveloped me and slid her lips up and down, while her hands worked the bottom of the shaft or caressed my balls.

She looked up at me most of the time, while I was taking photos or short videos of her working my cock. She looked so fucking hot sucking my big dick. After a few minutes I moved back on the bed, giving her enough room to get on the bed below me. Should be more comfortable than on her knees, I thought. After repositioning she went straight back to work, sucking, licking and stroking me until I was squirming and groaning underneath her. After another few minutes I was ready to cum, but I wanted to delay it a bit longer. I told her to slow down a bit, then I used one hand on the back of her head to control the pace to make sure I didn’t cum before we were ready. A couple of times I was really close, but I pulled her off just before I was ready to explode and barely managed to control myself.

We did this for what seemed like hours, but in reality it was only another 20 minutes or so, all the time I was close to cumming, letting her bring me to the edge and then backing off at the last moment. Eventually i reached the point where I really needed to cum. Two weeks of orgasm denial, edging, and another half an hour of an amazing blowjob bringing me right to the brink was as much as I could take. I told her I wanted to cum now, so we got ready for the final shot.

She knelt beside the bed while I stood in front of her, camera held in both hands pointing down at her. I would video the last couple of minutes then take some pictures of the aftermath. She started to suck me once more, and I felt the excitement immediately that I was finally gonna be able to unload. She maintained eye contact the whole time, sucking me hard while her hands cupped my balls and stroked the bottom of my shaft.

I didn’t need to tell her when I was about to cum, she could tell from my ragged breaths and wide eyes watching her hungrily as she brought me off. I held back as long as I could, the pressure in my cock building and building until it physically hurt. She pulled her mouth back and started to jerk me hard with both hands. I couldn’t take any more. I took in a few big breaths, felt every muscle in my body tense, then my cock erupted in her hands, spurting hard into her face as I came all over her. I was vaguely aware of her giggling as i continued to shoot, hard and fast, big streams of cum hitting her face or missing completely and landing on the floor behind. She kept jerking me while i came, trying to get most of it on her face or in her mouth, her eyes squeezed closed now as cum started hitting her eyes and forehead. My orgasm lasted a long time, I had a lot of spunk saved up, but finally the torrent of cum started to subside, the last few spurts hitting her chin, neck or tits as she drained the last drops from me.

When it finally stopped she was laughing quite hard, cum dribbling down her face and falling on her tits or on the floor, making quite a mess. I was gasping and recovering my breath, as she took my cock back in her mouth again to suck the last cum from me. I asked her if she was ok and she laughed a ‘yes’ back, her eyes still shut against my cum. I filmed the aftermath for a few more seconds, then took a few pics of her cum covered face and tits, before offering to bring some towels and paper from the bathroom.

As she got cleaned up I told her it was amazing, and apologised for the mess I made. She laughed and said she loved it too, before she went to the bathroom to wash up properly. After we both got cleaned up I got dressed, had a soft drink with her while we reviewed some of the footage on her phone. It was funny to watch but also quite hot, she looked good on camera sucking my cock. I had a long drive back so didn’t stay too long, we had another laugh and I kissed her before I left, agreeing that we have to do something again sometime. I guess she was looking forward to her boyfriend coming over, she was probably quite horny after that. I hope he gave her a good reward for her performance, she definitely deserved it.
Writing erotica
Posted:Aug 23, 2019 4:29 am
Last Updated:May 10, 2021 11:52 am

Recently I’ve started writing some erotic stories, and really been having fun with it. So if any women or couples have a fantasy they want to explore, let me know and I’d love to write a story for you.

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