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Letting out some feelings  

Culinarymassage 41M
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9/26/2021 9:24 pm
Letting out some feelings

It feels like it has been a long ass week. I work most of the time when i want and rest in-between my everyday responsibilities. Last night i worked security for a wealthy family celebrate a seniors birthday party. It was nice, the people where friendly, everyone got wasted, drinks littered the floor but in the end they did not get crazy. if was also exciting and entertaining watch them and how they interacted with each other. I kept thinking myself. Man i sure do wish is was not only 20 years younger, and gotten a chance go a party like this but also friends with this group of people. Omg, you want talk about a fun party, they guys had a ton of fun and i know they enjoyed them selves. Of course lets not forget that for the first time, the ladies out numbered the males. It was litterly the first party i have ever been too when there was more females then males. Instead of a sausagefest, would you call it a Tacofest, or something else. You get the idea.

I felt like all of them where hot and beautiful guys and gals. It was very interesting to watch how the guys would sit around and talk to other guys. while the girls waiting for a guy to come talk to them. At one point i noticed a lady sitting off to the side with a sad look on her face. So i did my fatherily duty and went to the rescue. Its conversations like this that make me feel like everyone needs support and love.
me..Hi, how are you doing?
her..Not so good, i broke up with my boyfriend a while ago, and my friend ditched me..Awh, thats not cool, your friend is a asshole
her.. Non of the guys are talking to me
me.. Its because they are and have to move past the brobro phase, which usually happens towards the end of the night
her.. im not as pretty as these other girls
me.. thats not true, i think your super hot and beautiful and any of these guys would be lucky to partner up with you
her.. thats kind of you
me.. you actually have the pick of the bunch, so many hot guys for you to choose from, all you have to do is be patient, one will come and start a conversation with you

That was basically the gest of the conversation. i went a did my rounds and came back to check on her later in the night. Guess what, she was able to find a hot guy to pair up with just as i predicted. By the end of the night, the majority of them had paired off, some lucky young studs had to fight off a few. It reminded me of my college days when i would go to house parities and ladies would get upset at other ladies because some female stole the attention of a guy she was trying to bag.

it wasnt till i got home, then it . i was fucking jelly, and i mean super jealous of this group of people. i mean, what the fuck. i have never seen a party with a ratio like that. It was obvious most of them where horny and wanting some make out time.

While doing some of the rounds i found one pair in the bathroom, in the dark. When i walked in on them, she was buttoning up those tight fitting jean shorts and i dont think he even took off his pants. Another pair i walk in on in the parking lot. That one was funny because it was his friends that ratted him out. Hay, someone needs to stop them from having premarital sex. I hate being a cock block so i just told them to hurry it up. i also saw one girl shove another girl aside so she could make out with a boy. Talk about super aggressive. i watched as she man handled the man. He pretty much stood their with smile on his face but not knowing what to do. In my mind, i thinking to myself. lil buddy, this is when you stick your tongue down her throat while shes got both her hands around your shirt.

if anyone reads this feel free to comment, and express yourself. i feel as if when women are younger, they are more horny and guy hungry. Is it because they have not been scarred, beat up and tainted by the years of dealing with males. Every girl in the place wanted to connect with a guy, which im guessing fades away through the years of time. Is it when we are young we are filled with hope and dreams of a super awesome future.

comment if you want to here or talk about the people we want to keep vs the ones we will just fuck.

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