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You Can't Breathe Until You Cum
Posted:May 31, 2016 1:31 pm
Last Updated:Aug 17, 2019 9:48 pm

She sat in his lap, hands tied behind her back.

“Ask me to fuck you”

His words sounded so dark and naughty as he pulled her naked body against his.

She averted her eyes and shook her head no.

He moved forward and ran the tip of his rock hard cock up the back of her slit.

“Fine then, I guess we will just have to neglect that poor wet pussy”

He said as he ran his hand up her back and grabbed a handful of her hair, drawing her head back so he could kiss and lick her throat.

She purred softly and nearly cried at his teasing, trying to force her pussy down upon him with a pouty look.

His hand smacked her ass hard before he drew his hips back so that she was resting solely upon his knees now. “No cock now for you till you beg.”

“Please, please!” she spoke with shaky breath.

“ Please what? Please isn't enough. You have to say 'yes I want you to fuck me’ or I am going to toss you on the floor and leave you here alone”

“No, please, I want you to fuck me. Don't leave me here” as she shivers and bites her bottom lip.

He pulls her back toward him and lifts her slightly, rubbing the tip of his cock inside of her.

“Stand on your tippy toes for me... and rub on my cock, if you lower before I tell you too.. I'll toss you out on the porch naked for the neighbors to see”

“Yes, sir” She lifts herself lightly trying to keep the sweet contact with her pussy lips.

He rubs against her slit and covers himself in her juices. His hands run over her breasts and shoulders, fingers wrapping around her throat and starting to squeeze.

“Here is the deal, you can only breath when you rise off my cock”

He releases her throat but still holds his fingers lightly there to remind her of what is at stake.

“So, when you are ready you may begin to ride me”

Her legs shake and she slowly lowers herself down, feeling every little bit. She shivers as she takes each individual inch slowly, savoring them.

He closes his fingers around her throat as he feels her moving onto his cock, rising his hips and thrusting up hard into her as he cuts off her air.

Feeling the fingers on her throat egging her on, letting herself come down hard upon him until her ass was resting upon his thighs.

He grinds hard up into her, flexing his fingers against her neck as he stares into her eyes and feels her pulse speed up under his grasp.

She moans softly, having to lean forward to keep her balance, trying to decide just how important breathing is.

He grinds harder into her, moving his hips slightly to gain more depth as he pushing them upward and then lets them fall. Enjoying the snug feel of her around him as her face goes a deeper shade of red.

She nearly cries as she pushes herself up and free of his cock.

He releases her throat and caress the red marks he created.

“Breath.. take a deep breath” he says softly as he rubs the tip of his cock against her.

She takes a deep breath and slowly closes her eyes.

He smiles softly at her and closes his fingers around her throat again, forcing her down onto his cock, pushing deep and fast inside of her tight little pussy. He keeps his grip on her airflow, cutting it off but releases the downward pressure so she can rise again if she wants.

“That’s a good little slut, take that cock”

“Oh god“ she moans out as she leans forward to kiss and lick at his neck.

He hears her moan and squeezes her throat tighter, making sure to cut off her air.

“Now now... no breathing when my cock is in you”

She shoves her pussy down as far as it will go, keeping the pace hard and fast. She rides him hard until the need to breath starts to overcome her.

He works his cock deeper and harder into her, squeezing harder as he feels his cock starting to swell. He pushes her down using her throat, no longer giving her the option of rising as he stares into her eyes.

She begins to fight as the lack of air overzealous her, hands bound behind her back keeping her from clawing at the hands wrapped around her throat.

He thrusts harder, mashing her clit against his pelvis as he fucks her harder than she has ever been fucked before. His cock growing harder as he leans in to kiss her lips which have taken the slightest tinge of blue.

He whispers against them “I know you want to cum”

She tries to cry out but can't get any air. Shaking, trying to free her hands to pull his hands from her throat. But that feeling, that magnificent rush, that rough pounding and the softness of his lips against hers keeps her from pushing up on her tippy toes to escape his cock and perhaps gain his mercy.

He licks at her lips, daring them to open for him as he continues to jam her down onto him, using her like a fuck toy as he starts to groan, knowing he will cum soon. But he holds back to keep fucking her weakening body.

She opens her lips hoping that a little air will reach her aching lungs. Every muscle screaming but the ones in her pussy are begging more for the release than the air. Her eyes are wide and pleading with him.

He dips his tongue into her mouth as he starts to cum, pulsing as his thick hot cum splashes inside of her, holding her down onto him and grinding as his tongue enjoys the sweet warmth of her mouth. His eyes stare into hers as he draws his lips back.

“You can't breath until you cum”

She releases the fear and begins to push down harder and faster, grinding her hips against his highs, rubbing her clit against the base of his cock.

“Go ahead you little slut, cum on my cock”

He keeps thrusting, still hard even after cumming, his cum lubing her more as he starts to thrust harder against her and driving deeper. His hands more roughly choking her now.

“Damn little ... your pussy is tight.. I may cum again in that pussy....might even knock you up”

Feeling the deepness and roughness brings her closer and closer to the edge. Fear returns to her eyes at the last words and but she continues to ride him. So hard, so fast, begging with her eyes to cum.

“You better cum if you want to live” he says as he starts to swell again.

“Though dying on my cock would be the ultimate sacrifice of a good little ”

His last words barely heard through the ringing in her ears, pushing down as far as she can go, holding him so deeply inside her as she cums hard, leaning forward against him exhausted.

Feeling her cum he pushes deep and cums again as well, filling her with enough cum to certainly make a baby if she were fertile. His hands jerk her head side to a side a few more seconds as he watches her lose consciousness. Releasing her neck and drawing her into his arms where he holds her against his chest, still inside of her as he kisses her forehead and cuddles her limp form.

Her first breath is shaky and taken against his chest, savoring the scent of their union. She moves her legs to wrap them around him, not wanting his cock to leave her. He licks her lips and finds them cold and numb beneath it.

He looks into her eyes and smiles softly.

“Did you enjoy that?“

Stroking the side of her face and running his fingers over her lips.
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Posted:May 31, 2016 1:36 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2019 10:35 am

Your eyelids; like painted autumn leaves,
Drift softly down to cover
Your gently weeping eyes
And I sip from your
Slowly pooling lids with thirsty kiss

Slender wrists held trapped
Above your head
By my steady hand:
Twisting you to pose
And arch your slender back

Cry out, yes;
Your every ‘No’ a spur
Goading me to madness

The melody of your delicate sobbing
Punctuated by tearing silken rhythms:
Till you are exposed in fluttering shame

Perhaps a bit of rope?
Only to liberate my hands from
Callous grasping into gentle stroking

Your softness invites me
To furious, rushing hardness;
Yet I torture myself by only allowing
Many lenient nibbling kisses

Small gasps float upwards from you,
So bright and varicolored -
Like startled little butterflies

Your eyes are open wide now,
As I move to be within you;
Your gaze an infectious vertigo
As I tumble helplessly downward
The Sea
Posted:Jun 12, 2019 8:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 10:28 pm

He smiled and kissed her lips—only not quite. There was a layer of plastic between his and hers. It crinkled at the contact and continued to crinkle as he sucked it into his mouth. Kissing her, it struck him the situation could be seen as poetic, maybe even beautiful. You had living and dead, separated by a thin veneer of plastic: civilization as a barrier between the needs of one and the rights of another—battle of the sexes, survival of the species—yes, definitely beautiful. The smell of semen like damp chlorine mixed with the acrid ammonia of her urine, and, if he pressed his nose close to the crotch of her blue satin panties, he thought he could even detect the heady, erection-inducing odor of her cunt, so much like the odor of the sea. Strange, he thought, wrapping her body in the soiled comforter, how life always ends where it begins. It was a short trip to the pier where he kept his boat and an even shorter one to an isolated spot several miles offshore. Goodbye, dear, he thought, and tipped her over the edge.
Crazy Train
Posted:Jun 12, 2019 8:47 am
Last Updated:Jun 13, 2019 6:54 am

Work, home, work

There is…

Home, work, home

There is a groove…

Work, home, work

There is a groove
Runs ‘round my brain…

Trudging through drudgery,
A slavish round on auto-pilot –
Smile for them all (fools)
And caper for them too

The capering is for me,
To keep from going mad:
If I could wear bells
And curl-toed shoes,
So much the better

It amuses me I amuse them:
Making them laugh
While I watch behind laughing eyes

A honed performance so real
It’s become reality
(so expected of me
I expect it of myself) –
The charade indistinguishable
From the me lurks inside,
But sometimes seen clearly
By the me cowering behind
second mask

There is a groove
Runs ‘round my brain:
Worn by repetitions…

I have an attentive ear,
And a need to placate;
They love to tell their troubles
Knowing I’ll soothe them into decision

Tell me anything, I don’t care
How heinous, I’ll not judge
(being unable to adjudicate my own follies) –
I’ll listen as you convict yourself,
Helping you choose what you’ve already chosen

I have a hesitant tongue,
And a shyness of exposure;
By the time I’m ready to share my innermost
They’ve grown used to hearing surface

When I start to reveal myself,
No matter how mild, I see eyes
Glaze over with awareness
the talk is not of them,
Interjections abound until the focus shifts

There is a groove
Runs ‘round my brain:
Worn by repetitions,
Sides carved so steeply…

Dark, inky blood
Is thrown upon the whiteness,
Forming Rorschach patterns

It is here I am enumerated,
Catalogued, filed in unperused folders
Filled with annotated snapshots

Less like a samurai committing seppuku
Than a teenage girl cutting herself
To purge the inner sickness
And thereby gain recognition

Forensic experts can determine
From the splattering
The depth of each self-wounding,
The weapon used, the force of each blow
Or the angle of the cut
(even in the absence of my body)

There is a groove
Runs ‘round my brain:
Worn by repetitions,
Sides carved so steeply
Thoughts cannot escape…

There is a groove
Runs ‘round my brain:
Worn by repetitions,
Sides carved so steeply
Thoughts cannot escape
The singletrack of my mind

A bullet train runs on
singular rail,
Express the entire circumference

Signposts mark the stations:
Money, love, ambition, health, good, evil,
(hopes, dreams, fears, nightmares, gods, devils)

The stops are never made –
The train hurtles onward
‘Round and ‘round,
Gathering speed as it goes:
A juggernaut momentum

Heavy with freight
It rumbles and clacks;
Boxcars jammed with parcels
Labeled to Freud and Jung
Many thoughts jump off the platforms
Seeking a handhold passage,
Few find purchase –
The tracks are littered
With unsuccessful bodies:
Dried old husks and fresh, dripping carcasses
Covering every tie, and piled in the right of way

The train rolls on,
Crumbling husks and pulping flesh –
The weight, the screaming wheels, the heat of passage
All force the tracks deeper into the groove

Sinking into the squelchy bed,
Each circuit squeezes a further suppuration
leaks out into my life

For each thought manages to cling,
The conductor pulls them aboard
And collects a tarnished copper
For the price of endless passage

In the ever faster loco:
The engineer is sweaty and ashen faced,
Trembling hand clinging desperately
To the deadman’s switch,
Praying against derailment
Hurting Something Pretty
Posted:Jun 12, 2019 8:44 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 10:31 pm

Its time of year. Very sad indeed. For 5 weeks I’ve cared for them like a pampers his first pet -- rodent or insect, does not matter how insignificant. Autumn is in the air. No more lovely, colorful, fragile blossoms to crush. No more pretty petals to tear. Lonely days; melancholy nights. No more life.

The flowers snake from the cold ground.
Something once beautiful:
Disguised by the unmerciful forces of nature.
Its petals red as blood-
Smeared across each vein.
Its leaves are frail and dying.
The night sky, a dark background,
Hiding the creatures lurk,
Suspiciously within the trees.
Its image:
Scratched, as if human kind had tried to erase it from memory.
But the image still lives,
Still breathes,
Still thrives,
Chilling me and my thoughts.

I’m much more sociable in the fall. Alas, I have no choice. Unlike a and his pet, I need to hurt something pretty. This is where she comes in. Such a needy and trusting little seedling.

When she's abandoned her moral center and teachings, she’ll start to sprout.
When she's cast aside her facade of propriety and lady-like demeanor, she’ll take root to allow nutrients to come in.
When I have so corrupted this fragile thing and brought out a writhing, mewling, bucking, wanton for my enjoyment and pleasure, her leaves will have begun to flaunt.

Soon I will see a beautiful thing
from the ground
Growing up making no sound
I see one thing makes me
smile so big
The bright color brings the
happiness in anything
Sweet, Sweet Petals
So gentle and soft it makes me smile.

Enticing from within this feral lioness...growling and scratching and biting...taking everything I dish out to moment she is never more beautiful to me.
My Beloved
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:33 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 8:50 am

I sit by my beloved's bedside, I watch over him every night. I love watching his shiny black hair, his strong arms and shoulders. I love watching his muscular chest heave with the deep rhythm of sleep's breath. Sometimes when the moon is full, I open the window to let its light bathe his form.
My Beloved looks beautiful in the moonlight.

I speak to the cats in the alleyways. I tell them how much I miss my beloved. They sit and listen, their eyes like burning emeralds. I sing to them of my love and longing and they sing back to him in the middle of the night, faithfully relaying my love letters.
Deep in his heart, my beloved understands the cats' song.

I played the piano for my beloved once. I played his favorite song, our song. I remembered how we danced barefoot on the beach. I remembered how he told me he loved me that night and how I told him I would never leave him. I never did. How I cried as I played the song.
The next day my beloved sold the piano. The memories must haunt him still.

Sometimes, my beloved has nightmares. In the nightmares, he is but a boy, unable to defend himself against the big bad woman. I walk into his dreams to drive her away. I wear the gown I would have worn to our wedding. As she flees, he turns towards me, his eyes wide and mouth agape. He calls my name. "I will always be here" I whisper. I extend my arms to embrace him, but cursed wakefulness snatches him away from me.
My beloved wakes up in a sweat.

Sometimes my beloved brings other women home. I understand and I forgive him. I watch in fascination as they squirm under him. He was always a good lover. I watch the horror in their eyes as he squeezes the life out of them. I watch their feet kicking frantically, their desperate pleas for mercy, the exquisite dance of their bodies in their death throes. I watch as they leave their shells. "Come with us, you do not have to stay here" they tell me. But the ties that bind me here are stronger than flesh. I am bound by love.
I wait patiently for my beloved.

My Beloved is writhing on the hospital bed. He lost the ability to speak more than a year ago after his brain stroke. He tries to call for help, but only an ugly low squeal comes out of his mouth, buried under the beeps of all the machines and the monitors attached to him. Buried under the moans and groans of the hurt and the suffering clogging the hospital hallways.
I feel sorry for my beloved. My heart aches, knowing there is nothing I can do to ease his pain. He is weak and old, but I still remember. I remember the strength of his hands when they encircled my throat. I remember his gentle voice when he whispered in my ear "Hush , it will be over soon." I remember his love when he caressed my hair, like a father tucking his in.
Soon my beloved will leave this weak shell that can no longer contain him. I smooth down the creases on my wedding gown. Soon my beloved and I will be together, forever.
Chicken Soup
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:32 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 10:36 pm

I’ve been taking care of her for days—spoon-feeding her soup, wiping her nose, bringing her water—whatever it takes for her get well.

She’s mine and I always take care of my babies.

Sometimes she cries—tries to speak. When she does, I shush her. Tell her she needs rest, conserve her energy. After a couple of minutes or so, she usually calms down. Logic always triumphs over selfish impetuosity.

Each morning and each night I loosen the bounds holding her to the bed, and massage her hands and feet get the blood flowing again. Though I know it hurts her dearly, it must be done. To lose mobility over so trivial a thing as a cold would be a colossal waste of a good slave. Remove the bounds, change her gag—it’s hygienic—rinse and repeat. Soon she will get better and there will be no more need for any of it.

She knows this. I know this.


MeToo is her name .

My sweet little MeToo. I hope she gets better soon.
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 11:02 pm

I make no effort to stop you and only watch as the blood drips from the deep gouges in my chest, falling and making red streaks on your heaving breasts while you shriek and scream as if possessed. Every rational thought gone from your mind as you tear at my flesh, scratching with your nails, biting , losing control completely as yet another orgasm rips through you. Your mouth forms a snarl, as I slap your , choke you, pull your hair, push you down into your bed. Finally the scratching stops as a long, low moan escapes you, your eyes wide as they stare into mine. "You. I'll give you anything. Anything you want, just tell , and I swear I'll let you have it. Anything... tell ... please."

My hand slides up to your throat, closing around it tightly as I watch you stare back at earnestly, begging to ask you for something, anything. My voice is low, growling into your ear.

"I want you to give me your life."

Your hands grab my thick, muscular forearm, pulling it tighter into your neck. "Then take it. I want to give it to you."

My hand tightens and closes off your throat, your eyes growing wider as you try to gasp, struggling for air. I take it all in, slowly, watching your eyes fading as they stare back at me, letting me have your soul, giving it to me freely. Your body shakes and shudders as it goes into a seizure, every cell fighting what your mind is forcing it to do.

At last your grip grows weak, your hands falling to the bed, your eyes drifting away as your world grows dark, finding their final resting place as the life leaves your body.

I release my hold on you, looking down at your limp form, my hard cock still inside you, your chest no longer moving. I wait a moment... a moment longer, soaking up the magnitude of what you've done for me, and then, my eyes snapping open, I move.

Your body slides off the bed onto the floor with a thump, I quickly find your mouth, breathing life into you again, my hands between your breasts, pushing down over and over again, forcing the blood through your veins until, finally, a loud gasp as you start to breath again.

After a few moments your eyes open, drifting about, eventually focusing on me as I kneel over you, watching.

"Now... your soul belongs to me."
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:29 am
Last Updated:Jun 12, 2019 8:52 am

Like spiders’ thread,
Circles slowly round her head;
Your little pet,
She’s always wet.
Hands bound tight,
She’s quite a sight,
Trusting in her simple way
Every word you have to say.
Remind her often of her place,
Help her stay in her subspace.
For her happiness that is key,
As is dominant company.
So tell her often,
Tell her now,
How you’ll never let her down
From her pedestal that is
(Her proof,
She's his!)
Always in your eyes
A twinkle,
A star!
Making Her Mine
Posted:Jun 4, 2019 10:28 am
Last Updated:Jun 30, 2019 4:24 pm

i'm on top of you. Right where I knew I would be from the moment I first saw you - on you.....

On your belly, head turned to one side, hair brushed back so I can see you face. I straddle your ass, my cock buried half-length in your ass. I can only look away from watching it sliding in and out of you, stretching your asshole, to look up at your hands, with wrists crossed in the small of your back. My hand pinning them solidly in place. I'm sure that I'm squeezing harder than I need to; you stopped actively fighting back several minutes ago, but it feels good bearing down on your flesh with such force. I look further up, to your mane of blond hair, silky and wild, so gold it blends into the olive tan of your skin....

You fought admirably when, with my shaft lodged deep in your pussy - such a tight hot pussy, as I always knew it would be - you felt the first drops of the lube hit your ass, running down the crack to your asshole. You bucked so hard, I had to swing my feet over your thighs, hooking across the back of your knees, pinning your legs and pulling them apart. Driving down with the weight of my upper body against your wrists, crushing them into your lower back, I slid out of your pussy, my cock feeling the cool air, swelling further, as I allowed the tip to touch your lubed ass.

I lean forward, so I can whisper into your ear, and my cockhead slides in the lube, applying pressure to your opening. "This is how I see you in My dreams, both sleeping and waking.....and this is how I make you Mine," I say, as my left hand braces my shaft for the first penetration. Resistance, squirming, this is good, this makes my cock swell. I have you restrained at so many points, we both know it is all futile as the head pops in. The power you were exerting only a moment ago to deny my entry, now provides me with the ultimate sensation, as the crushing force encircles the end of my shaft as if to expel it, but squeezing inward, too, as though drawing the entire head further in to you - like you want me there...... A cry escapes your lips, as I slowly drive my hips forward, pressing the thickest part of my cock into you, stretching you to your limits. Watching it slide in and out, knowing that, if only you could see what I see, you would understand why I need to do this....

Thrusting with more urgency now, you have relaxed to accept my thickness. Watching your face, that beautiful face that started the chain of events that made today inevitable; I must see more....I pull out quickly, you twist to look at me over your shoulder, surprised, as I almost jump off you. I grab your knees and wrench you around onto your back with all my strength. The moment you are on your back, I scoop my arms under your legs and drive them up, knees to your chest. You try to grab, maybe scratch at my face, but you are tiring and I easily grab and pin your hands by the sides of your head.

Now I am, again, over you. Face to face, locking eye to eye, and I can see - good - you are still with me, still thinking and planning, still looking for a way to fight back. Pleasure washes through me. That mouth, into which my cock had driven brutally for a brief, eternal heaven, only a few minutes ago, still wet from your saliva and my pre-cum....

I look down between your legs and line my cock up with your pussy, glistening wet, presented up and undefended for my plunder. I set the tip against your opening, look up to your face, and drive in all the way to bone jarring impact. I can feel that I am against your cervix, the bottom of you, and I can see it on your face, too, the knowledge that you have no more secrets from me, no more secret places that are yours alone - they are all now Mine.

This thought sends me to the edge. I feel my cock stiffening and growing impossibly harder, larger, my balls drawing up in preparation for the final release. Another thought, of you, this woman beneath me - more than a woman, an embodiment of sex itself. Not just the holes I have so joyfully violated, but the entirety of her, a masterpiece, and I realize that I must have it all - all of her.

I pull out, stand over her, my cock pulsating, shining with her wetness. "You are Mine." I touch the base of my cock and feel the explosion rise, my cum spurting out on her breasts, in her hair, on that sweet pussy, and on her lips......and she lays there, looking up at me through it all, accepting it all, accepting me...
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