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Dear Sir:
Hello, I am mistress’s sissy-slut who, I guess, will soon also be her sissy-cuckold. My mistress wanted me to invite you to join us and let you know how eager I am to serve both of you. All I really want is for her to be happy and to get what I cannot give her. Please come and fuck her for me since she is not interested in my little clit.

For your enjoyment and to get to know more about us. Some are true, some just imaginary games we play.

If you see us online try IMing us, and we will try to reply. Or leave a response to the posts on our blog.
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June 1, 2019
Posted:Jun 1, 2019 4:52 pm
Last Updated:Jun 20, 2019 5:46 pm
Something a little different, a message from the sissy cuck:


This is my mistress’ sissy-slut writing this.

She has been training me for a while now, and she thinks I am coming along nicely. The hardest part was getting me to try on a pair of panties (pink and lacy) for the first time. I was her boyfriend the time, but that soon took a turn. She told me that it would really turn her on and to please do it for her. Just this once. Well, that was all it took.

Once I had the panties on my masculinity began to slip away, and every step after that was easier. Not that it happened all at once, but rather it slowly happened, incrementally, over the next 6 months or so. With each new step - lace top thighs, garter, camisole the following steps became easier, bra, high heels, lipstick until I was transformed into a perfect little sissy-slut.

I actually would hurry over to be put in my panties and stocking for the evening. I just felt so pretty and comfortable that way. It was if I was in this enchanted spell I never wanted to end.

The truth is, I was always better at satisfying her with my mouth and tongue way more than with my dick. As her feminized sex-toy, she still gets that oral pleasure and no longer has to put up with my little cock. It is too short, too thin, and cums too quickly to really be of use to any woman. I have come to realize this over the years, and now totally accept that this is now my fate in life. Who I am supposed to be.

I think I always knew this and having my little dicklett tucked away inside of a pair of panties takes the performance pressure off as well as offering me the pleasure of the humiliation of constant failure. I do know that real men shouldn’t confess such feelings, but my mistress has taught me so well these years that it is a wonderful release to admit this about myself.

Of course, she does still make fun of my tiny prick, calling it my little-clitty. In fact, she has even been caging it up lately, so I know there is no chance of it being used in that way, in her, ever again.

Unfortunately, she still likes cock and loves to be fucked and feel a nice thick one all up inside of her. Yes, her sissy’s tongue is talented, but it just doesn’t reach where it needs to.

That is when the cuckolding began. After all, as she has told me, it’s my fault for having a small dick, and she deserves to be fucked properly. It was a line she drew in the sand. I could be her cuckold pet, helping her be serviced by proper bulls, or it would end between us, and she would find someone more suitable.

By then I so much liked being her sissy and couldn’t imagine ever finding someone who would play with me the same way, and the idea of my stature and status being further diminished -accepting others providing her with the good fucking she so did deserve sealed the deal.

The night she suggested this new level I begged her with tears in my eyes to let me be her cuckold. If anyone in my work world saw me like this, they would not believe it. There I am confident, commanding, a true alpha , but in my mistress’ presence, I am her slave to do with what she wants.

So, I accepted my fate, and we are now looking for a Bull to join us and give her what she needs and deserves. What I can’t provide her.

I have been being conditioned by her that since I show a talent at being an oral slave, to also learn to suck cock. She tells she does so like and wants to join in as much as possible with her in a bull. Not simply locked in the closet to listen while she is being pleasured by a bull. She also thinks sharing a cock with would be really .

The perfect Bull would be someone who is okay with this arrangement, possibly even a bicurious-bull who wanted to experience being with a sissy joining in. Or me perhaps as a fluffer and clean-up slave.

If you are over 45 and especially if you have experience as a bull and are bi-friendly, then reach to us. Leave a comment here of your interest or try to catch us when we are online here to IM .

We are clean, discreet, educated, professional, creative, and safe (tested). You must be those also, and available to play weekdays during the day or early evening.
I really hope to hear from you. Making my mistress happy is my goal these days.

Dear Sir:

Hello, I am mistress’s sissy-slut who, I guess, will soon also be her sissy-cuckold. My mistress wanted to invite you to join us and let you know how eager I am to serve both of you. All I really want is for her to be happy and to get what I cannot give her. Please come and fuck her for me since she is not interested in my little clit.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she does love to suck man's cock, just not my tiny thing really, which she is training me to enjoy doing also.
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May 31, 2019
Posted:May 31, 2019 9:06 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2019 9:08 am
The first time, over breakfast, Cheri told me that she was going to be with someone else while I was at work. I suffered through it all in agony. But as I mentioned, before the day was over and all that happened, I was suddenly enraptured by what was happening.
Cheri thought she was the one directing where this all lead, but in reality, I pressed so many buttons to make it a reality as I quickly realized this side of me. In fact, at first, after the first time, I had to talk her into doing it for me, to help break out of our vanilla sex life which I knew she was so dissatisfied with.
Of course, at first I was always there, and we only did it on the weekend. What I never thought would happen is that after the first shyness of being with a stranger, she would discover just how much she liked being fucked for the pure sexuality of it all. Without any emotional baggage.
Cheri also discovered just how much she liked the feeling of a large cock filling her up. It brought back memories of the men she had been with before me. They all satisfied her so sexually but treated her badly. That is the only reason probably when she met me, and I worshipped her, she readily agreed to marry me. All things considered.
It wasn't long before she was meeting her bulls mid-week while I was at work. She said it made her feel even naughtier, and that turned her on. She also derived great pleasure by teasing me whenever it happened. Making sure to or and even sending pics of the way she was being used and had become a wanton cock-slave to her bulls.
She even gave me a pair of little Bluetooth earphones so she could me and let me listen to their moans and her cries of pleasure. Sounds I had never heard her make during our lovemaking.
There were times I would go into the bathroom and jack-off while listening to them fucking like animals in heat. When I told her I was doing that it was then that she insisted on the cock cage.
She became more and more humiliating and thrusting me deeper and deeper into the cuckold role.
She told me that I was not allowed to pleasure myself that way anymore but that she would reward me when I got home if I behaved.
The first time I thought that meant that she would let me fuck her or at least jack me off when I came home after her trysts. I spent the day in anguish. Caged and listening to her being fucked over and over. I arrived home only to find her still in bed with her legs lifted up on 2 pillows.
"Hi cucky, I have stayed like this since the bull left and I have a pussy full of cum for you to clean up. Now get over here and get to work. That is your reward,” Cheri told me.
One time, she was meeting her bull early in the morning and would not be able to stay in bed waiting for my return. Mid-morning I was surprised by a special courier envelope arriving directly to my office at eleven in the morning - to be signed for only by me.
I was working on an overseas deal at the time, so I assumed it was further details about the contract.
But in fact, she had sent me her cummy panties with instructions for me to put them on so I could feel their sticky wetness all afternoon. Bewildered but aroused, I hurried to the men’s room with the package. In a stall, I quickly took my underwear off and pulled the dripping panties up over my cock. It did feel so good, feeling her cum on my cock again. But the feeling of the silk rubbing against my balls and ass cheeks was also provocative.
That was the first time I succumbed to wearing panties. Little did I know where that would lead.
In the message, Cheri told me to be sure to have them on when I arrived home in the evening. Which of course I did. After that first time in panties, it just developed more and more.
A month or so later, when I was getting used to having to wear them on her demand, when I arrived home she told me to go upstairs and put my panties on, along with the cage she had started to make me wear. She told me she would be up to help me with the thigh highs I now also was required to wear when she felt the urge.
Usually, she is the one who would put the cage on me and lock it. The small key then hanging on a gold chain around her neck. But sometimes, like that day, she would make me put it on myself. Then I would have to bring the key and chain to her. When that happened, it would be so stirring for me to submit myself so totally to her.
After she had me in my ‘at home’ attired – what I often was made to wear when home, she told me about her afternoon with her latest bull who had just left at four o’clock.
Lying in bed, she pulled a Magnum XL condom out from under her pillow. Not for me, of course. She showed me how large it was and that there was a still warm load, a large load, of his cum inside.
", I knotted it for you and slid it under the pillow so it would stay warm," Cheri coos in my ear. “Now lay down and let me tease you with it.”
She runs it over my belly, swirling it around my caged little dick and balls, over my nipples, up to the side of my neck and then dangling it over my face. Dropping it down to gently touch my lips then picking it back up again. Back down and brushing it along my cheek and across my lips then up and down again and again.
She giggled and said it was like his dick was still there.
I do not know why, but I automatically opened my lips as she touched it there again and again, and as soon as I did that she lowered it into my mouth.
"Oh yes , suck on that, that is soo sexy to watch my little slut playing with my bull’s used rubber," Cheri told me.
And somehow I melted. I was now so totally engrossed into being her cuckold, and now her sissy cuckold when she wanted it. The feel of the wet cum filled panties started it. Then the lustfulness of the silk stockings. I was totally captivated.
When she pulled the filled condom out of my mouth to tease me more, I told her I was a little surprised she had made her bull wear a condom.
Then she did surprise me.
She said, "No, silly, not my pussy, I like to feel them filling my pussy with their warm cum. This was from when he fucked me in my ass.”
My mouth opened in surprise and realization as I gagged a little. Cheri calculatingly chose that exact moment to lower it again.
Yes, that was the very beginning, but I might have left some out.
May 30, 2019
Posted:May 30, 2019 10:16 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2019 9:08 am
Everyone has joined the conference room, and the leader is saying it is time to begin. I look at my watch and realize it is now two o’clock and things are beginning to happen not only in this meeting. My face reddens as I think about how she will answer the door.
Usually, Cheri, my wife, makes me answer the door for the bulls and thank them for coming to pleasure my wife. It is just one more of the little things she adds to each experience to make me totally immerse into the cuckold role.
Like I said, at first I really hated even the idea of what was happening between us, but now it arouses me so. Well, as much as I can be. And with the reddening of my cheeks, I do feel my small cock strain against the cage again. Just thinking about Cheri at the door kissing the bull is affecting me.
I am only half listening to the meeting going on due to my thinking about it. I have learned from past experiences being in this same position when I know I can not offer my full attention. I have the recording feature running on my phone, so later I can force myself to pay attention to what I have missed from the meeting, so now I can allow my thoughts to wander.
I just hope today I am not called on to comment and be caught inattentive. If I am, I will have to tell Cheri that it happened. She does have this control over me now. Any misdemeanor I commit I feel compelled to tell her about. In different ways, she will punish me for such behavior. The worst punishment for me is being made to sleep at her feet on the bed, or on the small rug by it.
But when she calls me her pet, it does delight me for some reason.
Now I am allowing myself to indulge and imagine all that is happening at home. She is clinging to him and kissing him. Her fingers caressing his face as she rubs her body against his crotch. I wonder what she is wearing.
And my mind wanders down the path of its own; what is happening in this conference room does not exist.
I can see Cheri in my imagination as if it is happening right in front of me. She is kissing and rubbing against the bull. She pulls him in through the front door.
I always do worry that the neighbors might see the progression of men coming to our door and being welcomed in. What must they think? Damn, thinking about that only makes my tiny cock swell against the cage even more.
Yes, he is in the house. They are kissing and kissing, his hand moves to her readily available and so wet pussy; she clutches his cock through his pants. But I know it will only be a moment or two before she is sliding her hands up to unbuckle and unzip his hard stallion cock to the open air. I imagine her squeezing it to make it even harder – unlike how she has ever squeezed me.
In my mind’s eye, he is pulling her to the bedroom, by her hair. Not hard as that is something Cheri will not tolerate, but just enough for her to love knowing who is in control. Why can’t I ever offer this to my wife? I know at this moment she is full of lust and desire, and the bull is who is going to satisfy all her needs.
I squirm more in my seat. And yes, a question is directed to me, it must be because they see me moving about. Luckily I am able to answer intelligently enough – now I am safe for the rest of the meeting to indulge myself in imagining the worst/best scenario going on.
I am back in my dream world, or is it my nightmare world? I can see it all – he pulls Cheri to the bedroom, makes her lay on her back on the bed to take his huge hard cock into her mouth and throat. He rams it into her over and over, and she does choke some on it, but she allows him to do this to her.
‘Why?’ I wonder.
In the past, Cheri would suck me some from time to time, but I knew I hardly filled her mouth, even when hard. She acted like she enjoyed it, but was it her just being nice to me? It did always feel so good, and I did feel bad when I would squirt so quickly from it. Then I would see the look of disappointment on her face that there would be nothing more ahead.
Perhaps that is how this all started.
Now though, imagining, he is so hard and thick, and he flips her over on her ass, her legs hanging down the side of the bed until he lifts them, and she is squatted on her knees. From behind, he begins to bang into her vag over and over, as in my head I can hear her moaning and crying out in ecstasy.
Again and again, he thrusts into her. The only thing that makes all this tolerable is that I know with even unprotected sex Cheri does make sure all the bulls are clean and safe and that there is no chance of her getting pregnant – that would be unfathomable.
I can see them banging over and over – him filling Cheri with his cum which is now dripping out of her onto the bed. I do not even want to think about what will await me when I get home tomorrow.
Luckily, the meeting ends, and I try to clear my head. My early evening consists of drinks with the team and a group dinner which I pull out of after eating by eight o’clock. I have been shaking since the meeting thinking about what has happened this afternoon with my Cheri and the bull.
Back in my room, I try to call her. But all I get is an extending ringing. She is not answering. Now I am in turmoil for the night. I need to get home as soon as I can.
And as I fall into a fitful sleep, I remember back to the beginning even more.
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May 27, 2019
Posted:May 27, 2019 12:18 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2019 2:05 pm
It is two o’clock. I know he is now waiting for his meeting to begin, but our doorbell is ringing. The bull is here. As much as he wants to appear to be totally in charge, the bull is very solicitous to what I tell him. Underneath I know he thinks he will dissuade me from my husband to be his one and only, but will never happen, and our playtime together is probably coming to an end soon because of this.
But today, he is what I need, and for Dave (my husband) to know about. I do like the bull’s hard, thick, long cock up in me banging against my back wall as I scream out in pleasure. But the truth is, what Dave and I have together is much more precious. Especially since he has fallen into his role as my sissy cuckold.
Oh, did I not mention I do make him a sissy often to emphasize his limitations. And after the first time or two, he begs me to put panties and more on him. But is a story for later.
I greet the bull at the door, he is pleased to see me dressed in a shelf-bra showing under an open blouse, no panties, and just a smile on my face. He is inside the door kissing me like no tomorrow in seconds.
“Babe, I’ve missed you. It’s been like a month since I saw you,” he mutters in my ear as he licks my neck.
Yes, it appears this bull is going to need to be put out to pasture soon, luckily there are many others in the stockyard to with.
I begin to kiss him hard, how the bull likes it. And how when I do so it makes my sweet little cuckold begin to squirm. We stand kissing for a few minutes before I lead him to the kitchen to make us drinks. As my back is turned putting ice in the glasses, I hear him unzip his pants behind me.
Then pressing up against my back he pushes me forward on the counter. He lifts my blouse up over my back and rams into me deep. I let out a gasp in surprise and pleasure. He usually waits until we are in the bedroom to start, but knowing Dave is away, I guess the bull feels he has the run of the house today.
This might be fun come to think of it. Telling Dave all the places we did it today while he was away.
The bull bangs in me from behind over and over as I get wetter and wetter. Then suddenly pulls out of me and lifts me up on the counter to face him. I see now his shirt is off, and his pants are at his ankles. He quickly takes my blouse and bra off me, and I wrap my arms around his neck as he begins to lift me enough to press back up into my dripping vag.
My head is banging against the cupboard door, it doesn’t matter as I feel his huge cock rocking my world. This is so unexpected but feels so good. I cum two times quickly before he squirts his cum up in me.
is one thing I have enjoyed with this bull, he can cum and cum and still be hard and ready to deliver again in minutes. This adds to the fun because at least once or twice each time we are together, I make him use a condom so to have a surprise for Dave later.
Today, when we have done I will freeze the condom for when Dave gets home.
Finished for the minute, the bull helps me down from the counter and smacks my ass cheek saying, “Now get our drinks made.”
I giggle as I finish making them, I do like him to swat me now and then. Not a lot, just enough for a sexual rush to run through me as I feel the sting.
Damn, maybe I will need to keep him around a bit longer.
We go into the living room, and he sits on the couch and tells me to sit on the low stool I have, which he puts between his legs. His pants have been abandoned in the kitchen now.
He holds my drink to my lips for me to sip, then places it on the end table and tells me to start sucking him if I want any more of my drink.
Wow, he is domineering today.
I do as told, and trembles crash through me as I realize I like someone being this forceful with me. Dave never was, nor could he be. My tongue licks his glans and then press my lips over him and begin to suck. He leans back on the couch, sipping his drink, and patting my head to let me know I am doing a good job.
Now and then he gives me a sip or two of my drink, but it is then expected for me to take even more of him in my mouth. Once when doing so, I sipped up an ice cube onto my tongue. When I leaned to take him back in my mouth, the cold of the cube startled him some.
Smack, smack. Both of my ass cheeks are spanked. “What the hell did you do?” the bull demanded. But then his hand is stroking my hair, and he continues, “Actually, does feel rather good.”
Saying such, he presses my head closer to him to take more in and I taste his sperm spewing into my mouth and throat. I choke a little on this, but after pulling back and swallowing, he holds my glass for me to drink from.
He pulls me up on his lap, facing away from him as he slowly strokes my back. Then lifts me some to fall on his still hard cock. This position feels so good. He lifts and lowers me up and down on his shaft. I bend my knees on both sides of his legs on the couch so to help bounce on his swollen member.
By the time we cum this time, I have been dripping so hard there is a small spot on the couch from our mating. Something Dave will have to clean when he gets home.
The afternoon through the evening goes on, much like how it started.
Once bent over the dining room table. This time him wearing and filling the condom for Dave. After, I tie it up and put it in the freezer. Something Dave will have to suck on first to thaw, and then I will decide what will happen with it.
In the shower, me hanging on to the wall as he rams away in me after washing me all over. My washing and sucking him in return. Then on the chair in Dave’s Den. Oh, he will hate/love when he finds out. I leave the spent condom from tryst in the top drawer of his desk from him to find.
On the living room floor, me on my back, legs raised over the bull’s shoulders as he thrusts and holds in me. Again now leaving a spot on the carpet. I wonder how much Dave will notice on his own before I tell him.
Finally, as evening falls, we head to the bedroom where between the sheets we fuck some more. Most of the times when the bull visits, especially if Dave is here, we stay on top of the comforter with a towel under us, but today I want the bed to reek with the bull’s scent. Tomorrow night Dave will have to sleep here, taking in the smell all night.
By now the bull is working up a sweat so his odor will be very prevalent.
Both the bull and I exhausted now, me well satisfied, the bull asks me if he could spend the night.
This is a big no-no for me. Dave might get even more off on the idea another man spent the whole night with me, but for now, I do not want anyone else, especially this bull, thinking such things would be a possibility.
So I tell him I am sorry, but no, he needs to go now.
He is sad but seems to understand.
We go back to the kitchen, me in a skimpy robe, and he dresses. We cling and kiss a bit, then I show him to the door.
This was a good afternoon for my sweet cuckold to come home to learn about.
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May 19, 2019 contribution
Posted:May 19, 2019 10:32 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2019 10:35 am

I sat waiting for my meeting at two o’clock to begin. Twitching in my seat, feeling the metal of my cock cage against my glans. It wasn't what I wanted to be happening at the time, but I began to swell thinking about how we had gotten to this place. It is not the best feeling to start to enlarge in a cock cage. And while I do have to admit, and why this all happened between us, I am not that big where it matters.

There I said it. As she does makes me admit from time to time. I have a small penis.

She tolerated it at first, we were in love, and we did have so much in common, but over time, she felt cheated of what she needed. She had been with many men before we got together. In the beginning, she told me my size did not matter. In time, it did come into the equation.

That is how it all began.

Me feeling I could not pleasure her in that critical way. I tried my best orally and with my fingers, and then moved on to toys to make her happy. She said she enjoyed all that, but something was just lacking. She wanted to feel a hard, thick, cock up in her. For her to enjoy with its breadth and depth.

And so the bulls began to arrive, and my decline into being her cuckold. The initial time she told me about being with another man, it was hard to take. She was very honest and would not do anything without me knowing. In fact, she told me the morning that it first happened what she was going to do as I left for work.

She had me hard, as hard as I can get, all day thinking about what she was doing. And that is when this rush of pleasure washed over me. The idea of another man being able to make her so happy did stir my loins.

But the reformation of me as her cuckold took a few months. When I got home that night we talked – she at least that first time met the guy somewhere else – but I could smell his scent on her still hours later. I was upset and hurt.

She told me to not be, it did not change things between us. It was a way for her to get what she needed and that I could not deliver. I understood but not completely then. In time I would. In the beginning, I was pissed a bit at her, and then realized I was more so at myself for not being what she needed.

Which did evolve into being her cuckold, and me embracing it completely. Little by little over the next few months as she was with other men, I came to realize I was lusting for her telling me about what had happened, in detail. The day I suggested she go ‘play’ that afternoon was when I acknowledged that I was encompassed in this new way of life.

Now, over a year later, it all seemed like what it should be between us, and her men.

Here I was, out of town, in an important meeting, unable to fully concentrate because I know at this moment she was with one of her favorite bulls.

I didn’t like this bull that much. He usually only wanted to see her alone. At best, he would allow me to be in the next room, listening. I would welcome the bull into our house, fix him a drink, and ask what I could do for him.

Usually, it was nothing more than I took the bull’s shoes and socks off for him and folded his clothes as they were discarded. She would be in a scanty bra, barely a blouse, and sometimes frilly panties – often none – just ready for the bull so he could see her eagerness for him.

They would leave me sitting in the living room while they went into the bedroom, leaving the door open so I could hear all of her moans and groans of pleasure. Reinforcing my acknowledgment of my inability to satisfy her that way.

They would play together for a couple of hours, interspersing between him fucking her and him demanding she sucks him. And she meekly did everything he commanded of her. Sometimes I would even hear her gag a little as he told her to take more and more of him down her throat.

It was times like that when I wanted to run in the bedroom and demand that he leave. But I knew that would only displeasure her. Once I tried to peek in the room quietly to see what was happening, but she saw me, and the look on her face made me scurry back to my forced seat in the living room. A wooden chair by the couch.
When a bull would arrive, that is where I always had to be seated if not waiting on them. Or on the occasions when she would let me come into the bedroom to watch, and later more. It was also where I was to sit and wait for her to return if she went out with one for an evening.

The chair was not that comfortable but fitting that it reminded me it was all I was worthy of.

Afterward, when this bull was gone, and I had watched her deeply kiss him goodbye, she would lead me to our bed, and while taking in their mixed scent, she would have me lick her clean of both their cum. She would then hold me and tell me detail by detail all that happened, which I only had heard.

Over time I would start to ask questions about specifics, and she would carefully respond, just barely stroking my cock and balls, and reminding me how I could never be as big as the bull just was.

And now my meeting was beginning, and I know at that moment she was answering the door to greet him.
Friday, May 17, 2019
Posted:May 17, 2019 8:24 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 8:31 pm
The start of a story:

He was out of town for a week, though he checked in at least once a day to see how I was. He is good that way, knowing I would be angry with him if he didn’t. I had put a cock cage on him before he left as I do when he takes these trips. He knows he is not to play with himself without my permission, or heaven help it, even think about playing with anyone else.

It is a bit embarrassing for him to have to wear it. He is forced to use the stall instead of the urinal, so no one sees. And a few times he had to turn down invitations to play golf while gone for fear someone might see when he showered.
He tells me all these things when he begs me not to make him wear it on trips, but he knows the begging is just a waste of time for us both.

But while he is gone, I do play. That is part of the fun — me being with someone else and then telling him, in detail, what happened later.

This trip, the last day he was away he called me late-morning to check-in. After some basic chatting about the weather, how I was doing, and how the trip was going for him, I mentioned that one of my favorite bulls was free that afternoon, and we would be spending a couple of hours together.

Telling him in advance always makes him squirm all day as he thinks about me with someone else. The ideas he develops in his head to play out often are even better than what really happens.

He asks me what time and where so at that moment that it begins, he can start envisioning what is happening without him. I tell him at two o’clock, and at our house, in our bed. He hates/loves when I do it at home in our bed when he isn't a part of it. And he knows coming home tomorrow the sheets we had used would still be on the bed for him to take in the bull’s heady smell along with our combined scent of cum mingled.

I knew he was to be in a major meeting at two, so I had planned the rendezvous at that time specifically. It would make it all the more intense for him to try to concentrate while imagining what is happening at home.

More of the story to follow…
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
Posted:May 16, 2019 10:23 am
Last Updated:May 26, 2019 8:32 pm

Well it is getting a little warmer around here, which does make us both frisker. While we are not able to view emails to us on here, or even chat on IM much, we do enjoy those who have reached out, and hopefully down the road we can chat more.

We would like someone who would want to play with us in different ways. An hour or two in an afternoon delight. Really need a bull to satisfy me, with my sissy cuckold watching and helping out some as we deem appropriate.

He can get into a subservient role, especially when he has his panties and lacy top on. We have not yet, but do want him in a cock cage when with someone else.

Reach out if you are local so we can arrange to actually play sometime. Either just with me while he is away - but he will know all about it -- or with the two of us. We do need to fully get to know someone and their kinks and desires before we move forward.

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