Immaculate Conception and Bullshit against Families  

Kinkysexypleasr 46M
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5/24/2019 12:25 pm
Immaculate Conception and Bullshit against Families

The Fallacies that are misconceptions of Sex, Joy and Happiness and because they have been inaccurate for so long then considered correct by the adding together of more than one incorrect belief that has been widely held as incorrect by those who should know better. I being the Chief volunteer understand that King Solomon was given numerous wife’s and concubines to have sex with and take care of.
In the Bible being Gay (happy) and especially with GOD being Gay or Homosexual is not a problem for Kiss of Peace is a kiss on the cheeks that is the upper cheeks, I will give the kiss of true peace and respect to many on the other set of cheeks as well
When Grace the gift of GOD is given and not paid for then it is truly Grace and later can be protected by Mercy and even more immediate falls under Ever-merciful and if not that then LOVE and if not that and if not by GOD then by 2 Gods. For in the Bible a genetic anomaly of Hermaphroditism (Hermes) and (Aphrodite) is considered an Abomination back then because having One God much less 2 GODS do something was special and LONG LiFE being a blessing by GOD (parent) for (Parents) Gods and also because (Genesis) the Sons of GOD came down to be with the Woman of Men and Woman be a Dominant Trait while is a recessive gene and a Recessive or weaker of the sexes would need to refer to the dominant expression Female (male) can be taken out of female and Mankind is not Kind yet by the Female or dominant expression. And if Mankind then Evermerciful is completion of . Yet the Glowing Bush which God is specific about and specifically states is not a fire, it does not consume LOVE

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