Love and Hate  

Kinkysexypleasr 46M
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5/25/2019 6:46 pm
Love and Hate

The opposite of Love is not hate, the opposite of love is apathy. To not care at all is that the opposite of love? To not care at all is that possible for self. Can a person not care for self at all? If not for self at all, is it possible to care for others? If someone is need of help can the self help? Is there anyone better to know how to help someone when the one is self then 1 or 2? If oneself is two then able to keep self company can the self being then company to itself learn to love? Love as an emotion? Or love as an action? Love as a conceptual idea, want, need, or necessity (necessity is that the same as need?) is it able to be apathetic? Can love as a action be apathetic? Can you fuck someone and not have emotions or care for them? Can someone need love and only want to fuck and can someone fuck someone who needs love and can someone fuck oneself? Is masturbation self-love more or less loving then fucking another?
I think fucking someone can be charitable and more loving then love. Charity is a purer form of love because charity does not expect anything else in return. If you give to a charity you do not expect that charity to give back yet if it does not give back can you give sex to a charity?
If without resources can oneself fuck others into abundance and abundant love? Is fucking (love) a resource and is it enjoyable and thereby able to give back even more as charity when not expecting anything more than that experience? Philosophy, experiences, belief, hope, faith, love, action can agree that fucking can be more loving and charitable than looking for a long term relationship and do you take one step at a time in a journey or do finish a journey in one step. The first step to love and requiring no resource and able to be charitable by not looking at or expectation of more is go fuck someone today and feel great or know (feeling not necessary) Greatness by action.
If you want to discuss or add something in a intellectual way that is charitable and able to give without resources or by selfish desire (only no service available because I love yet being loved not guaranteed except by fucking) 602-292-6046 Fear not necessary IAM with you always and you are never alone. Your Servant (Abundance) and abundant is fucking and a love that is charitable is an abundant fucking love that gives back and can do so by giving a back side first (blessings that add to blessings that create more abundant blessings). Charity that is CHARITY+ Please fuck your brains safely and know it is a true blessing that continues to bless, comes (cums) and goes. LOVE (all u need)

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