Sex is Great and acceptable in all forms and fashion  

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5/17/2019 2:43 pm
Sex is Great and acceptable in all forms and fashion

Sex is not only fun and enjoyable it is needed and is part of our balancing systems. Sex is allowable in all forms in the Bible and this has been the most misunderstood topic in the Bible. first GOD is for sex and all forms of sex and would indulge in any form of consensual adult sex. Anal is acceptable yet in the old days without antibiobitics a uti or worse could be deadly. Sodomy is acceptable as long as consensual. 6 nay 7 things God detests and not one sexual. The city destroyed by angels not because of sex yet because guests should have safety and be treated as family and to be forced out of a home to be forced into sexual acts that are not concensual is not okay. Yet orgies and gay sex (gayer) the better. Gay = Happy
To lay with a woman as though a man is a genetic anamoly called Hermaphroditism and is combining two GODS Hermes and Aphrodite and is so rare that it was an abomination meaning Genetic Anamoly and rarely seen yet part of the sex menu of the day at the relaxation houses that offered stress release for a price. GOD gave Solomon as a reward 00 wifes and 2000 concubines. I am not sure if a reward or punishment for one wife is too much. 2000 concubines meant orgies on a regular basis. I want to suck someone off just to do it know because to please GOD in any manor, , major or fashion I find more acceptable then torture or hate so how can I get in on some Joy and Happiness. Dr Ruth says sexual therapy and healing go hand and hand .. love GOD

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