Ladies, do you like the rim?  

LetsChillax 52F  
8327 posts
4/20/2019 2:47 pm
Ladies, do you like the rim?


Zinny1953 66M  
231 posts
4/22/2019 3:43 pm

Both ways....I love rimming a woman, and I love being rimmed.

clittywhisperer1 54M
1162 posts
4/20/2019 6:18 pm

I love teasing a woman on her anus , it drove most of them wild and i like the results and the feeling .several decided they wanted my tongue as far in as possible followed by my fingers , a toy and then my cock .My ex would melt when i went to work on her backdoor .I was told i am pretty good with my linguistics . .if cleaned well it is not a problem . It is just skin like anywhere else . there is no material stored in the rectum ever .the storage is a long way up in the colon .

benard69 63M/63F  
4211 posts
4/20/2019 5:09 pm

Like to stay North just a Taint...

luv2meetu36 55M
349 posts
4/20/2019 4:37 pm

never tried.. would love to rim a lady...

lovethestick 74M
453 posts
4/20/2019 3:54 pm

I just enjoy give a guy a rim job, because it get him hard as a rock

Oralfun69mm 71M
91 posts
4/20/2019 3:43 pm

Wouldn’t stick my tongue there either

Sadie_May 61F  
20 posts
4/20/2019 3:19 pm

It can certainly get a mans attention.

CleavageFan4U 62M  
56830 posts
4/20/2019 3:14 pm

Shortest route to a man's heart!!

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RavenGB 58M
808 posts
4/20/2019 3:09 pm

The jury is out on that one - not entirely certain I fancy it...

brownsfan016 43M  
200 posts
4/20/2019 3:04 pm

i love getting them from a woman!!!!

looking4u69ca 58M  
347 posts
4/20/2019 3:02 pm

If it is clean and female I love giving and receiving.

LetsChillax 52F  
988 posts
4/20/2019 2:47 pm

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