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Places to Visit
Posted:Jul 12, 2020 4:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2020 12:31 pm

I've never been even a nude beach much less a resort where clothing is optional but is something that interests me...especially ones that are bi/gay friendly. I know of a few but really know nothing about them except what is on their web site. Some are for couples only and not sure if that is for a -female couple or they allow females or males. If anyone has been any of these and has any recommendations as far as what is allowed (singles - couples only etc) and if they thought it is a good place relax and enjoy yourself that would be appreciated. Thanks.

I guess they did not like all the will have search for their websites on your on but the names are:

OTR4U - near Wills Point Texas. Seems a bit pricey and they only allow couples and it didn't specify if that was only -female or if they allowed female-female or male-male couples also.

https://www.purplepeacockresort./ - this one sounds as if it could be worthwhile as it allows singles and from the photos has nice accommodations. It is just to the east of Palestine Texas.

The Homested: this one is male only and is near Crawford, Texas and has only been open for a few now.

Grizzly Pines - a male only resort near Navasota Texas.

Wildwood Naturists Park - another nudist resort near Decatur Texas. At the moment only members are allowed due the Covid-19 pandemic. Singles are allowed per the website.

Barehide Ranch - nudist resort near Weatherford Texas.

Again if anyone has any information on any of these places or others not mentioned here I would appreciate you posting a comment about them. Also at this time I am not really looking to go as in my opinion it is too risky with the Covid-19 pandemic..just something for when it's subsided. Thanks
My bucket list
Posted:Mar 8, 2020 6:21 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2020 4:59 am
I haven't done much in regard bi activities but have enjoyed most of the ones I've had. I tend be selective in the person(s) I meet with as I want be safe and figure most feel the same way, so I figure that's why I haven't been able do many of the things on my list. That and I can't host which is another thing that many of us have deal with. Anyway, I thought I'd post this and let others see how it matches up with their list and if they've had way more experience than , which I figure most have.
My first time to suck a cock
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 6:01 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2020 4:59 am
I am a late cummer to the act of sucking cock as I was 58, but now enjoy it when I can. I used to visit the old Yahoo Chat Rooms and would find myself in the different rooms at times and started ending up in the bi-rooms. At that time, I wasn't really curious about the actual act of sucking cock as that was the last thing I thought I'd ever do, but was more curious about the guys in the rooms that sucked. The more time I spent in the rooms and reading the chats and being chatted to the more I begin to be drawn to what was going on. Also, when pics were shared and seeing more and more hard cocks and the others reactions to them, I guess I started to be more curious.

After a while I became hooked on seeing hard cocks and then when I saw them in panties it really peaked my interest. After the Yahoo Rooms were shut down, I then found Passion and started chatting with a guy in the DFW area. We would chat off and on and after several months we finally decided to meet. Am sure some of you can imagine how nervous I was but am the type that if I've chatted with you a few times and feel comfortable and say I'm going to meet then I will follow through. Well on New Year’s Eve of 20 in the afternoon I drove to this guy’s apartment and met with him. I'm a panty wearer as I'm sure you can tell ID, but am not a fem looking or acting type, just a fetish me. We chatted several minutes and then he asked if I was wearing under jeans and I said yes, so he asked to see them. I undid belt etc. and took off jeans and was standing in front of him in just panties and a t-shirt and then he started feeling me up. I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt and he led me to the couch and he undid his pants and took them off and he was wearing too. We sat next to each other and he started really rubbing me and it wasn't long before he had cock pulled out the side of panties and had started sucking me. I had no clue when I went over to this guy’s place what I would be willing to do, but I found myself without hesitation, pulling the waistband of his panties down and leaning over to put my mouth on my first cock ever. If felt right and it felt amazing with the firmness and the silky-smooth skin in my mouth.

He stopped and said let's go to the bedroom so we did and took off our shirts and only had our panties on. We rather quickly got into a 69 and started fully sucking each other. I was still nervous, but extremely excited and enjoying the experience. I don't recall how long this went but I know he seemed to be really enjoying my cock and it felt so good that I came and he eagerly swallowed every drop. Almost immediately he started cumming and the first squirt was in my mouth and then I let go and he actually shot a cpl of ropes right in front of was an awesome sight to see that and I really loved it. It was an amazing experience me and wish I could have met with him again but he has since dropped off the sight and I have no contact with him.

I now consider myself bi and love to suck when I get the chance but not being able to host is a real problem.

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