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Backwoods Ambush
Posted:Nov 28, 2020 11:45 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 11:46 am
Gorgeous sunny day. I stripped off my clothes as soon as I was inside the treeline. I hurried down the trail faster than normal. I love feel them phat cheeks BOUNCE when i walk fast!! Soon, I SPREAD my blanket in my favorite clearing and felt the warm sun on my ass. I must have walked right by them because they appeared, in camo, from the brush almost as soon as I laid down. "Well, what do we have here?" said the bigger one. "Trespasser" said the other. I grabbed my clothes, but they RIPPED them away. I tried stand up, but they pushed me back down. Then, one of them held my arms while the other looped his belt around my neck!! As I pulled away in vain, his pants slid down his knees and he pulled me back onto his big sweaty NUTT SACK. I felt the other belt heavy on my cheeks!! OMG!! I got the . I licked the full length of his cock and took his SWOLLEN tip in my eager mouth. He let go of the belt and grabbed my hair as soon as i was enjoying all of his PHAT 8!! HIs friend, however, continued to motivate me with his hands and belt. Very effective!! Soon enough, the friend dropped his drawers too, and laid his RIGID meat on my face!! They tried to DP my mouth, but they were WAY too big!! Frustrated, they slipped a belt around each wrist and tied me between two trees. The smaller one put his arm around my neck, pulling my head back while he slipped his jackhammer ROUGHLY into my bubble ass, doggy style. Suddenly, he pulled out and came around front. I put my arms and legs around him as he picked me up and SLID his member inside! I was his rag DOLL. Then felt the big guy kissing my neck from behind. They tried to DP my ass but still too big!! So I felt myself being LAID backwards... my first SPIT roast!!! They had obviously done this before because they crossed arms under my body, balancing it perfectly! It was like vertigo .... between a rock and a hard place!! I had no choice but to receive their rythmic THRUSTING!! Suddenly, they pulled out together and covered me with warm sticky MAN CANDY!! Then, they laid me back down on my blanket gently and disappeared back into the woods.
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Posted:Nov 25, 2020 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 11:42 am
Coach had been acting weird lately, making me stay after practice and run extra sprints for no reason. Then he would turn the shower lights off early, CHASING me out of the shower, saying he was late. One night, he said I could skip sprints if i beat him 1-on-1. He was playing very aggressively, leaning on me and grabbing my ass and shorts. It made me so HOT!! Finally, he knocked me down on the floor. As he helped me up, he pulled me close, whispering "Sorry", and SLAPPED my ass when I turned around. That's when I knew. He was pitching a big tent, filling his shorts with his swollen BONE. So I turned around and tried back him down in the lane. He loved it!! We banged and BANGED until I felt his hands rubbing my crack. I pulled away and pretended try and escape, heading towards the wrestling mats stacked in the corner of the gym. "What's wrong?" He followed quickly behind and PUSHED me face down on the mats. When i didn't move, he dropped down on all fours, on top of me. His breath was hot on my neck, whispering "sorry" again, but I still didn't move at all. I felt his MASSIVE cock pushing into my ass through our shorts. He started grinding and I whispered "Do it". So he took both hands and RIPPED my shirt in half from the neck down!!! I felt his warm mouth on my back as he pulled my shorts down and his warm MEAT slid between my cheeks!! OMG!! He pulled it out and stuck his face DEEP in my crack!!! His tongue penetrated my backdoor with authority several times!! With one hand on the back of my NECK, he pulled me up on my knees and bit my ass hard!! OMG!! Gentle but firm, he squeezed his phat cock slowly up in me, piercing my LOVE tunnel! Slapping my CHEEKS firmly, he started thrusting. He leaned forward with his hand on the back of my neck and filled my ass with all that PHAT goodness!!! Then he turned me on my side, pulled my leg up, and pounded like a PRO!! Finally he rolled me on my back, pinned my legs back, and SPLIT me wide open as i sucked his nipples and chest. His nutttt lasted forever!! He came so much that I could feel it DRIPPING out in my shorts as i left the gym!! Talk about a HOT wet mess!! After that day, i enjoyed staying after practice for sprints and long showers.
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Posted:Nov 21, 2020 7:36 am
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 11:42 am
The best part about babysitting was the ride home. Dr. Jones always looked good, smelled yummy, and drove his sports car like a MADMAN. That night he'd obviously been drinking more than usual, shirt open, smoking a cig. "Wanna OPEN it up?" I nodded quickly and he stepped on it. I gasped as the TORQUE threw me back and I reached out, my hand landing on this thigh. So exciting!! "You like that?" Before I could answer, he punched it again. This time my hand fell higher on his leg, landing on his MONSTER cock, snaking down his pant leg. At first, i thought it was his cell phone, but then I realized. OMG!! So thick! I squeezed it quickly and pulled back. "One more time?" This time, i let my hand linger on his hard PIPE and he quickly pulled over in the shadows. I slid over to him and he put his arm around me. "You ok?" I laid my head on his shoulder, kissed his neck, and fondled his RIGID tool. He unzipped with his left hand and pushed my head down with his right. "Good girl. You're gonna get a big tip tonight." He laughed as I gagged on his giant mushroom HEAD. He was only about 7" but hella thick and in a hurry!! I did my best, but he was pushing and thrusting like crazy!! When he realized that I could accommodate his TOWER OF POWER, he laid his seat back to give me more room to show off my SKILLS. We found that rhythm, and i held my head still to meet each THRUST. I put my right hand on his balls and my left on his hairy chest and nipples. Reading my mind, his right hand slipped smoothly into my PANTIES and he fingered my love canal. So hot!! I lost track of time just trying my best to throat his now creaming LOVE MUSCLE!! Soon he was squirming and moaning and pumping my mouth full of warm THICK jizz. I didn't waste a bit! He dropped me off in silence but revved his engine a bit as he watched me walk up the steps really SLOWLY. Oops, I dropped my keys. I looked back at the car as i BENT over to pick them up, just to give him something to think about as he raced off.
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Hot Sissy Mess
Posted:Nov 19, 2020 6:14 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2020 11:43 am
There I was, broke down in the middle of nowhere. I got under the hood and stuck out my ass. Works every time. He CRUISED by real slow and pulled over. "Need some help?" I bit my lip and stood aside in silence, checking out his thick butt while he was pretending to fix something. "Get in and start it bitch." OMG! I started it up and then turned it off again as he dropped the hood and sat on it. "Thanks, hon. How can I ever repay you?" He looked around and slowly undid his belt. Then I KNELT and unzipped his monster, swelling so fast I couldn't get it out!! So he stood up and his thick warm SHAFT popped out on my face. Grabbing my hair, he guided my wet lips up and down his puffy shaft. I tried to take him in my MOUTH each time, but he would only give me an inch or two and PULL out again. When my face was a sloppy mess, he FINALLY let me slid down his shaft and bury my nose in his BUSH. But only once!! Jerking me by the hair, he pushed me face down on the hood. Slapped my ass HARD and lifted my skirt. Pulled my panties down and slid his wet MEAT between my cheeks and across my lips, teasing me til I was BEGGING for his stroke. But he kept grinding and slapping and spitting on his cock to lube my hole. Talk about a fucking hot MESS!!
"Lay on the hood and spread your legs." As soon as i did, he grabbed me by my hips and pulled me down the hood to take his HUGE tip. He tried to be gentle, but his girth had me squirming back up on the car. Quickly, he climbed up on top and PINNED me. In one motion threw my legs back and SPLIT my ass like a pro!!! 3 strokes later he was deep, bouncing my ass off the hood. I could hear the metal buckling with every THRUST!!! Then he pulled out and straddled my chest and his creamy load GUSHED all over my face and the windshield. When he was drained, he laid his GINORMOUS dick on my face to let me taste the last few drops of jizz before he climbed down, zipped up and drove off. It was P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!!!
Posted:Nov 19, 2020 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 3:41 pm
Just want give all you hot daddies a piece of my, um, mind lol

he came in and started stripping off his boots and pants without saying a word ... it was kind of awkward but then he stood up and presented his GORGEOUS phat 8" cock ... instantly rock hard in my mouth and on my face as i STROKED his thick thighs.... after this messy greeting he sat down on the couch and spread his legs .... i knelt down and wrapped my lips and tongue around his swollen head .. then he ENTERED my throat... mixing short and long strokes and tilting my head from side to side... until his pre-cum started flowing ... he slipped his leg up over my head and forced me down ever so gently....his long cock was especially THICK at the base!!!.... then i moved to the side to get more of his thick SHAFT down my throat....he licked his fingers and slipped them in my HOLE ... it wasn't long before i climbed on top and mounted his THROBBING tower of power... he let me take my time and go slowly.... as soon as he was all in he started bouncing me ... SLAPPING my ass as i leaned back and took his full length ... he kept the rhythm slow and steady ... he even played with my cock and i knew i could come... but i turned around and ARCHED backwards so he could slap my CHEEKS.... suddenly he picked me up and flipped me back onto my back on the couch... he started NAILING it from the side with my arms over my head.... next he wanted my ass DOGGY style.... he was done going slow, and he thrust deeper and faster... tight grip on my buns and the SMACK of every stroke... then he laid me back on the couch and i got my legs over his shoulders....his cock was RAGING and way too big now ... filling me ALL THE WAY with every stroke... hitting the bottom n making me SQUEAL but he didn't back off of it... holding my waist firm to catch every inch of his monster... he laid his wood like a stud.... FINALLY he was ready to deliver his STEAMING load so he turned me around again .... i stuck my ass up and arched my back... he got a good GRIP and drilled for like 5 minutes ... then he started moaning and his seed ERUPTED into my ass.... it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E...

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