cherharazard 41F  
2816 posts
5/26/2019 12:27 am

words I write on twitter
the things I write on here
the stories I come out with on FETLIFE~
will never bring you near~

"Prove myself "
I was told to
Prove myself ~

ok ~
im not good enough

im just going to remember

How strong I really am ~

only a police offier witha tazer can scare me


more than any dickless man

cherharazard 41F  
1931 posts
5/26/2019 12:52 am

my only wish in life is to give up eating

XHamburgDave 75M  
8249 posts
5/26/2019 4:22 am

cherharazard 41F  
1931 posts
5/26/2019 6:49 am

happy Sunday ~xxxxx

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