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take me part 306
Posted:Sep 23, 2021 2:36 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2021 10:36 pm

I thought I had moved past falling unconscious when the headaches came. I hadn't but it was mostly an annoyance to me, because I had a hard head, but it worried the girls and I didn't want that. They helped me up and Ama poured me another cup of coffee. It still couldn't finish a full cup of anything. I sat in between Jake and Emily because they were really worried, luckily neither saw me last night. I told them everything I experienced as Ama was staring a hole through me. It really wasn't all that much that we hadn't surmised already except for this Ingrid woman, that was a surprising wrinkle. Annie was looking at me too.

"How did you know to go to Ingrid?"

"I didn't. I was being jerked around. I expected to sleep through the night like yesterday and then I was watching, and listening, to Jaak's father until he hung up and then whoosh, I was looking at her talking with your sister, and then I got jerked back to the room and I was following me around here. I'm not really sure how he/me even knew any of that since I was bouncing around behind him. It was a weird night and meaning no disrespect Ama I think I'll pass on taking those pills anytime soon. I'm fine with being the first one up." They all laughed.

"Roan and Ingrid went to school together, they were lovers, and apparently still are. They were best friends if you can call it that. Ingrid's mom was from Norway, but her dad was Finnish, and her brother was in the army, and it seems that he still is even though he's using his position in illegal ways it seems. I hadn't thought of her for many years. There would be no way for you to know anything about her, that was why I was so taken aback last night. You are a bit odd Daniel, but that was kinda over the top in weirdness. So what do we do?"

"We do what Ella and Joseph told us to do, stay here, work with Ama, and enjoy the change of seasons although I'm not really sure how you'd tell since there aren't an awful lot of leaves around. I'm going to chop wood and try to catch up with my . I doubt I can but it'll feel good to sweat and not think about all of this." They all took turns hugging and kissing me as Jake and I went outside and he showed me where the ax, and maul were. He headed off to do chores as Ama, Sara, and Emily came outside and wandered off. I got to work. I'd been chopping and stacking for about two hours and, even though I was warm because of it, it was definitely starting to get colder so Annie and Chloe were a welcome distraction as they brought out tea and cookies. They were always a welcome distraction but even more so when they had cookies. I smiled, wiped my face on my shirt, and took a break.

Chloe spoke first, "Are you regretting falling in love with us Daniel?" I nodded as she looked at me stunned even though Annie was smiling. I finished chewing.

"Of course not goofball, in for a penny, in for a pound. I'd walk through hell with all of you, I'd rather not, but I would. She came and sat on my lap and bit my shoulder before saying good. "You startled us last night because it was like you were almost possessed. Ama said you weren't, that it was similar to sleepwalking, but it still freaked us out." Taiiko came out and scrunched next to Annie and grabbed a cookie. It was nice how quickly all the girls had taken to one another. They were definitely sisters.

"I called Yoshi, and you were right about that too, everything is fine. He's upped the security patrols and is having a gate put at the entrance to the mill, along with motion detectors like you suggested. He talked with the prominent family leaders of the clan about all this and they were all shocked and surprised." I looked at her because my thought was, "what else would they say," when she smiled because she had read my mind. "Don't worry Love, he's taking it all with a grain of salt. They are figuring out what to do with my cousin because it warrants punishment. I said he should be banished because of what he was attempting to do, sorry just doesn't cut it. He'll keep us updated but he's more than capable of dealing with the situation."

"It seems that you have quite the following among the women, Daniel. Kana has been singing your praises since we left. Apparently, you, and your nakedness, made quite the impression and they can't wait for us to come back. Why I'm not exactly sure unless they think they'll somehow be able to catch a glimpse." All three of them started laughing as I shook my head and grabbed another cookie and more tea. I was getting chilled because I had stopped working but I'd deal because I missed them even though it had only been twenty-four hours.

"What's wrong Annie? I can feel it so please don't pretend."

"I'm worried about the ceremony. My mom has never stood up to Roan, Da' always did that, so we can't count on her controlling the situation. It's all going to land on us, along with everything else. This is a huge deal, Love, and it has many components over several days culminating in the ceremony. There will be many chances for them to attack us, together and alone, and that's not even mentioning the potential collateral damage because there will be so many guests in attendance. There will be members from each of the families of the clans we represent. You and I will be expected to meet with each of them which means we will be unavailable to help protect the others. Ama said that she is dealing with that because my mom won't."

"Knowing both Roan and Ingrid, I suspect that they will want to make whatever they have in their twisted minds a public spectacle to inflict as much shock as possible. I think they believe that if they kill me that title moves to Roan, but it doesn't work like that, especially if she's the one who killed me. It stays with mom. I think they will try to just seize power in the ensuing chaos. I could be wrong but given what we'll be up against with the guests, we can't plan for all the possibilities, so unless you are able to travel around at night and get new information, I think our best option is to be on guard but figure they will come at us during the ceremony." Everyone was quiet.

"Well if that's all you're concerned about then I'm going to chop some more wood," and smiled. I walked up, squatted in front of her, and held her hands. "We're all worried, Love, but I know it weighs more heavily on you because Roan is your sister. We'll deal with what we have too." I kissed her, Taiiko, and Chloe and started to get back to work. "Thank you for the break. I miss all of you when we are apart." They smiled and walked inside. I didn't want to let on that I was as worried as Annie and walked back to the woodpile when Deat called.

"Hey Deat, what's up?"

"A lot brother, I'll start with the easy stuff first which isn't surprising, except it is. Interpol had Customs check all passengers arriving and departing Iceland in the last six months, and run a photo match of the men you... encountered.... and nothing turned up. That's not all that surprising because it is an island, or they could have taken a private jet and bribed someone to look the other way. There are ways to get on and off an island. However, those vans can't just drive-in. They had to come on a ship, which requires tremendous logistics, especially if you don't want a record of them ever being on the island, which there isn't. They were obviously on the island but there is no record of them ever arriving through customs. It gets better. My contact at Interpol ran the prints of all the guys, Japan and Iceland, but he was denied access."

"Interpol was denied access?"

"That's what I said. Apparently, people in Finland are not pleased that we are looking into these gentlemen. They are still being detained on a secure floor in the hospital and they will likely be there for a fair bit of time, all except the drone pilot, but he's locked up. Iceland and Japan have jurisdiction but neither country wants anything to do it. My friend has a contact in Finland, who's pretty high ranking, and he's going to see if he can get more information on these guys. It's highly doubtful they are active military but given the lengths, they are going to in order to keep them hidden it almost looks like it's off the books paramilitary BS, or there are some very deep pockets at play."

"We are focusing on both angles, brother, and if we can access information about Annie's sister and her fiance, and his father, we will. Interpol is also looking at 'dad' with renewed scrutiny and is starting to shake the trees with the focus on the sex ring. They are planning on turning the heat up to high in the next couple of weeks." I told him that my gut says that 'dad' is the one with deep pockets. I also gave him Ingrid's name to check out because she worried me the most. He wrote it down.

"Do you have sources that I don't know about Daniel?" What was I supposed to say?

"It's complicated Deat. I've been having very vivid and intense dreams and they are coming true. I had one last night and I saw Ingrid on the phone talking with Roan. I asked Annie about it and she practically turned white. Ingrid's a worry because she's targeting my family so anything you can give me would be helpful and I'll keep passing on info to you if find any." He was silent.

"That seems fair, and you always have been pretty odd, but watch your back too. You can't protect them if they come after you and you aren't focused. Capiche?" I said yeah and thanks. Chopping wood was a lot more enjoyable than all this crap. I chopped and stacked for another couple of hours before Sara and Janey came out and dragged me inside for lunch. Ama and Emily had made a big pot of soup and baked some rye bread, which I loved. I had given up on trying to get any information about what the three did when they disappeared. Sara would get serious and say that it was top secret and put her finger to her lips. I washed up and sat down as everyone else was devouring the soup. I didn't realize how hungry I was, or how chilly, and the soup certainly hit the spot on both accounts. The bread simply tasted great. I filled them in on what Deat said as Annie stared at me in disbelief.

"They can't get any information on these men? How is that possible?" She was getting frustrated because she was worried. The rest of the girls had no clue how the clans worked, and I just had a basic understanding, so Annie was having to carry that pretty much alone. Taiiko helped, which is why I think they bonded so quickly, but even that was different as well because Japan isn't Norway.

"Sadly, it's about power and money and the machinations behind both. Both Deat and his friend at Interpol will keep digging and it seems my ability to access things is starting to expand so I'll keep working with that now that I know about Ingrid. All we can do is what we've been doing, and paying attention. Ama and Emily, the soup and bread were fantastic. Thank you." We finished and Annie and I were doing dishes. I hip-bumped her. She smiled and bumped me back. "You want to talk a walk, on two legs, after we're done. She nodded. "Good." We grabbed jackets, headed outside, and walked up the hill behind the house. I seemed to be obsessed with that hill ever since I saw Ama get shot in my vision/dream. I was worried that it wasn't just a dream.
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take me part 305
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 3:51 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2021 2:29 pm

"What? You like you've seen a ghost."

"According to this, they are targeting all of the clans. We're just first." I walked in and looked over their shoulders as Annie and Taiiko walked up hugging each other. It made me smile even though I knew they would fit together. They stared at everyone and asked the same thing I did."

"They want to target all the clans, Annie, all of them. There's information on all the clans, detailed information that they shouldn't have. We're the lynchpin of their plan. They want to control everything that the clans control. They want it all and they don't care what it takes. What do we do?" Annie looked at me.

"We don't panic. If they need us out of the way then they are very frustrated at the moment. We need to read through that. I suppose you and Ama need to read through it, Annie, and see if you want to share it with Interpol, but there's nothing we can do about it right now. I understand now why they took such a risk coming back here, especially with the van. I doubt they have another because it's not just something you can drive across the border. It takes planning, same with the men, and equipment. This has been in the works for a while, yet it still confuses me regarding the timing. I suppose they could have just staged all of it here for when we showed up but breaking the neutrality agreement is a big deal. It also says that the rules are off for whoever is in charge. I say we deal with it tomorrow." I don't think they were buying it. " Have you eaten? If you're going to obsess on it then at least do so after you've eaten." They nodded.

I pushed outward past the entrance and there was nothing. It was like they pulled up anchor and sailed away, which would be great. It was too late to call Deat, and I was tired anyway, so I asked Ama if I could have another pill. She nodded and got up.

"Aren't you going to have dinner?" Janey asked.

"No, sweets, I'm tired, and I'm still full from lunch. It was enough to last me for two days. I'll have breakfast tomorrow." Ama smiled as she walked up and handed me the pill. I took it, said goodnight to everyone, and started walking to the bedroom as Taiiko went with me. Man, this thing hit fast. I hadn't even made it to the door when it started to kick in. I sat on the bed and my head started spinning. I was trying to take off my socks but couldn't. Taiiko was chuckling as she did it for me. I fell onto my pillow and I was out. She lifted my legs onto the bed and pulled the covers up, kissed me, and turned out the light.

I had no idea what time it was, or even what was going on, I was no longer at Ama's. I was watching, and listening to Jaak's father yell at him on the phone. I hadn't pushed. I hadn't done anything. I was just there when I was supposed to be asleep. I thought I was getting used to being confused, but this took it to a whole new level, so I listened. I was there for some reason.

"Goddammit Jaak, you told me it was no big deal, that it would be over in Denver, quickly, and look at that fuck up. We lost, cash, passports, equipment, and the FBI and Interpol got involved. Then you said it would be over in Japan because they wouldn't be expecting it, and there are six people missing, presumably with Interpol, all their equipment and cash are gone, and Interpol is even more curious. Then you said we could end it in Iceland because it's neutral ground and no one would dare attack Ama so it gave us the advantage. I sent two vans expecting to get them back because I use them for other things, and now they're both gone. They aren't cheap, Jaak, and it's not like I have them lying around. Do you have any idea what it took to get them into Reykjavik? I don't like having to ask for favors. You are fucking this up at every opportunity Jaak and I'm getting sick of it. Do you have any idea what this has cost me? I'm done. You and Roan do your own dirty work and use your own money. I'm too busy trying to clean up your messes so they don't come back to bite me. I have to destroy a company that I have been using for years and start over somewhere else."

"I'm sorry Da' but no one knew he had skills. You'll get all your money back and have access to all the lands once we are in control. These things are never easy. You know that from your own experiences. Iceland is still the safest place because if we wait until the wedding then it'll be messy."

"Iceland is over . There are no men and everything else is gone. It's done. You'll have to figure something else out." He hung up furious. He poured some scotch and sat in front of the fire seething. I looked around and wondered how the hell I was getting back to Ama's when I was jerked away with such force that had I been awake I would have puked. I ended up looking at a blonde woman in a bathtub, drinking something, and talking on the phone. Her name was Ingrid. I had no idea how I knew that but I did and she was as close to evil as I had seen.

"Roan, love, you need to calm down. I fully expected Jaak to fuck things up. He's useful because of his dad, but he's a moron. He's devious, but he's still a moron. However, we need him until we don't. Patience. I tell you that all the time. My brother is still working on having people ready when we need them. He's reserved the "A-team." The others didn't fare so well. Relax because our plan is still on track."

OK, who the fuck is Ingrid, and what did all that mean. Jesus Christ, there's Roan, Jaak, and his father concocting plans to kill us, and now Roan and this Ingrid woman have a totally separate scheme. These people made Machiavelli look like he was in grade school. I didn't even want to try and read between the lines of what Roan and Ingrid had planned when I got jerked again. Fuck, I obviously wasn't in my body for some reason I couldn't understand. I was supposed to be sleeping, why couldn't I just materialize wherever I suppose to be instead of being jerked all over the place, and that's when I got thrown back into my room, not back into my body, mind you, back into the room.

I was trying to stop everything from spinning when I, at least my body, got out of bed and started walking toward the kitchen. Great, I thought, now what. I was either sleepwalking, or possessed, but I was obviously attached because I was being dragged along, unceremoniously. Chloe, Annie, Taiiko, and Ama were at the kitchen table talking about the thumb drive when I walked past them and went outside, barefoot, and in a t-shirt. Holy fuck!

The girls looked at each other, confused. Chloe followed me/us outside. "Daniel? Are you OK Love? What are you doing? It's cold out here." I was scanning, looking to see if anyone was out there. I knew there wasn't but I wondered what he knew. I was getting intrigued. "Daniel! Come back in sweets." I turned, walked into the kitchen, and sat down. Everyone was staring at me, and I couldn't blame them. I was freaking myself out. I got in front and looked at myself. My eyes were open but no one was home. They all looked at each other, worried. I cocked my head and said,

"We're safe here now. They won't come back here. They're coming at us somewhere else, probably Norway." I looked over Taiiko's head, toward the distance and scanned. It was way more advanced than what I did when I pushed. I was at her home, our home, and I saw Yoshi. I looked around and then at Taiiko. "Yoshi is fine. Safe. You don't need to worry." Ama was sitting next to her, watching me. I looked at her, and smiled, before looking at Annie. She stared at me, totally confused.

"Who is Ingrid?" She gasped and grabbed Ama's and Chloe's hands. "She is behind this with Jaak and Roan. They are using him and his father. They think Jaak is stupid but devious. He can't be underestimated. Jaak's father is just supplying the funds and materials. He wants what's under all of your lands because that is all he cares about. They are all a danger but Ingrid is close to evil. Her father is Finnish, and her brother is in the army. He is the one with the contacts and who is supplying the men." I stood up and walked back to the room, got in bed, and was jerked back into my body. I didn't move until the next morning.

I woke up like the day before feeling fantastic. I was the only one in bed, again. I brushed, got dressed, and walked into the kitchen, smiling. Everyone was scrunched around the table, staring at me like I had three heads.

"Morning. Ama, whatever herbs are in that pill you should patent it because they're fantastic. I feel great. I don't think I moved the entire night." I walked over, got some coffee, and leaned against the counter. They were still staring at me. "Why are all of you staring at me like that?" I looked down at my zipper. "What?" Chloe said.

"You don't remember coming out here last night and walking outside?"

"No, I was asleep." Taiiko looked at me, worried, and asked if I remembered telling her that Yoshi was safe?" "No. What's this all about." Ama was watching me, intently when Annie asked,

"Who's Ingrid, Daniel?" I stared at her because that name was somehow familiar and that's when the headache happened, worse than usual. I was just able to set the cup down before I crumpled to the ground, hitting my head. I opened my eyes as Ella and Joseph walked up and sat down.

"Again with the falling?" What is going on?"

"You had a lot to process. Quite the night, huh. Are you remembering?" The images and conversations from last night were flooding into my brain. I remembered everything. I told them yes.

"What happened?"

"Ama will explain that to you, we're here to tell you that all of you must stay here until you leave for Norway, that is where the danger is, and that is where you will have to bring this to a close. Ama will be working with each of you in varying ways, even Emily, but primarily with you and Sara. She will work with the others after the ceremony. You and Sara are already unlocking abilities that have lain dormant for a long time. It is why Ama wanted all of you here. You are all doing fine, and blending as expected. Enjoy it here, and the change of seasons. Now quit slacking off and wake up, Daniel." They were gone. I opened my eyes and sat up. It must have just been a few seconds because the girls were just getting out of their chairs. It was going to be one of those days.
take me part 304
Posted:Sep 21, 2021 5:46 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2021 3:51 pm

Annie said she faxed a copy of the ID and everything else that was in the drawer to Deat. I asked if the girls found anything else except the drone and she shook her head. It was going to start getting dark soon, and cold, so I'd go out tomorrow and look around a broader area. Ama got off the phone. She looked at me and shook her head.

"At least he was using a drone and I didn't hurt anyone." She couldn't help but chuckle and hugged me. My friend is on his way to pick him. He's calling Interpol now because he wants them to come to get him." I nodded. "If it's any consolation, I pushed numerous times and didn't feel anyone. I figure since it was on your property, the van is ours. I'm hoping to entice LIeve and Heather with the drones so they'll come and stay for a while." Ama nodded. "I'm going to call Deat and then shift before I go to bed just to make sure." I went outside to call him.

"Hey, hold on a sec. I'm finishing up with Interpol. Actually, I'll call you back in a few." I pushed again and glassed the area, still nothing, which was good but I was wondering why I had a pit in my stomach, and the phone rang.

"Hey. Well I don't know if trouble seeks you out, or you go searching for it but you have an uncanny knack of finding it. Tell Annie thanks for the update," I told him I would, "and thanks for the photos. That's a shitload of drones. Speaking of that Lieve is doing great. She's top of her class. She's a natural. The electronics look like an abbreviated mobile command center. Is this similar to the van you destroyed?"

"Yeah, except this one is set up for surveillance. The other was for a tactical unit, that's why it's destroyed and the men will be spending varying amounts of time in the hospital and then in rehab. You get anything on the IDs?"

"I was talking with Interpol about that. They figure the IDs are fakes but the four you sent to the hospital, and the one you have now, will have their prints taken and we'll see how high up this goes, that, in itself, will tell us a lot. They had a plane on the way to Osaka very early this morning and they'll run their prints on-site to expedite it. They have a med. team with them because they want to bring them all back. They don't trust the local cops." I told him I couldn't blame them for that. "We are sifting through a lot of info thanks to you, but that's when things tend to fall out of the trees, so the guys are happy for it. We'll know more when we get the prints back, and who knows maybe the IDs are legit. If they all claim diplomatic immunity and get it, then things are royally fucked up and Interpol will be busy."

"As far as Annie's future brother-in-law, and his father, goes, they're 100% dirty and pretty disgusting, but nothing has stuck. Interpol has tried but the father has high-level connections in the Finnish government and with other high-profile individuals that have a tremendous amount of clout. They are close to being above the law, and even if he was charged with something outside of Finland he has immunity as well. It's like a fucking revolving door. The reason I bring this up brother is that the younger shit is just as vile as his father, maybe more so. Watch your back. I'll keep you updated. How are doing you with all of this?"

"I'm holding my own Deat. It's coming back to me, even though I never wanted to do any of this shit again, but they're targeting the people I love. Any chance I can get diplomatic immunity?" He laughed. "How are Melinda and the girls?"

"They are doing great and super excited. They're leaving this weekend and doing a road trip. I've been communicating with Henry and the construction on Sara's house is complete. They changed and upgraded all the looks. Whoever put in the security system knew what they were doing. Henry said that he had them redo the back door so it's no longer french doors. I hope Sara doesn't mind but it's a smart move from a security position."

"I don't think Sara will mind. She's just excited you're staying there..."

"What won't I mind, and who are you talking to, mister?"

"I'm talking with Deat and Henry had them change the back door."

"I don't care about a dumb old door. Let me talk with him."

"Here's Sara."

"Hi, Deat. How are your girls and when will they be there?"

"Hi, Sara. They're all fine and very excited and will be there at the end of next week. Everything should be done by then." She wanted to clap but couldn't.

"That's awesome. Tell Melinda, and this goes for you too, that I want you to act like it's your home. We have a ton going on and we're not sure how soon we'll be back but that doesn't matter because we have ample places to stay so the house is yours as long as you want. I mean that Deat. It's not just me being polite. You are not intruding, in fact, the house was built for more than just a couple so enjoy it, and the backyard is super cool. There is a yellow lab that lives behind that has its own doggie door so the girls will have their own part-time dog. I'm serious about the house. Give my love to your girls. Here's Daniel." She kissed me and went back because it was starting to get chilly.

"She's something else, isn't she."

"Yeah she is, but they are like that in different ways. Why do think I fell in love with all of them?"

"I'm beginning to kinda understand. I need to get off the phone or I'll be in huge trouble. Thank God Sara got on so I can tell Melinda." We both laughed because we both understood. "I'll call when I know something. Watch your back Daniel and if the spidey sense goes crazy pay attention to it." I told him I would as I noticed a car heading up the road.

"Ama, I think your friend is coming. Can you check? If it's him I want to put the guns away." She came out and said it was. Taiiko and put the guns in the closet and closed the door and sat at the table. Ama introduced us briefly and then started speaking Icelandic we all went in to look at the bonsai. She handed him the ID and his weapon. He put cuffs on him but left the ties. He cut the ones on his ankles and took him to the car. Ama went outside with him and we all came into the house and waited for her to come back in.

"Interpol will be here tomorrow morning but he's going to run the prints when he gets back and he's waiting twenty-four hours before he can make a call. It won't be his problem then." I thought good. Chloe and Janey were in the kitchen prepping for dinner. "It'd probably be wise for you and Annie to shift and check down to the entrance. We nodded. I went to change my shoes and we walked outside.

"I thought that I would start with the hill then search on this side and you can go that way...." I turned and she was gone. "OK, then, I'll just go this way." I shook my head, shifted, and ran up the hill just to be sure no one had been there. They hadn't. I searched like I always did. I didn't smell anyone, nor see anything. I slowed down around where the guy was and started looking on the ground. I was getting ready to move on when I noticed something. It was a thumb drive but had fallen next to a bush of some kind. I could see why the girls missed it, I almost missed it. It was on the path the first shooter took to his location. Why he had a thumb drive was odd but I was glad I found it. I shifted back, reached down and put it in my pocket, and hoped that would work. I shifted and ran doing my search. Annie had shifted and was standing at the entrance waiting for me. I walked up and said hi. She smiled.

"Ama needs a gate with all of the people coming and going lately." I nodded. "She hugged me and looked at me as she smiled." I've missed you. We all have, none of us like being apart. We're going to have to figure that out." I nodded as we started walking back holding hands. "We have a lot to figure out Daniel." I told her I knew. "Ama is giving you a pill so you will sleep and then tomorrow we get to climb all over you at night, but you're making love with me in the shower, from behind because I want you touching my breasts and my belly. Deal?" I told her I'd think out about on the run home. She punched me, then bit me, then shifted and ran. I followed.

She beat me home by a long shot. I knew I was going to get teased. Annie was leaning against the SUV smiling, waiting. "It's a good thing you have nice ears because you can't run worth shit." She laughed and ran inside. I smiled and followed her in as everyone stepped back. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the thumb drive.

"Alison, love, we need you and your laptop. She grabbed it and walked into the kitchen, with everyone else. "It was almost under a bush. Annie and I are taking a shower." They all nodded but could care less. They were focused on the drive. We got clean clothes and put them on the bed, stripped in the bathroom, walked into the shower, and bathed each other. Annie stroked me until I got hard then turned and leaned against the wall, pushing her butt toward me and wiggling it as she laughed. I rubbed the head of my penis against her lips. She was already wet and I slide completely in as she moaned and reached her right hand behind to grab me. We started making love as I leaned against her, wrapping my arms around her and rubbing her belly and breasts. Her belly was definitely showing and her breasts were fuller. I rubbed both her nipples as her breathing quickened and she started moaning. I kept squeezing and pulling and felt her muscles clamp my cock as she grunted and came on me. I moved one hand back to her belly and we pushed onto each other, harder and faster both of us breathing hard and fast. I came as she moaned and dug her nails into my hip. I kept moving until I had stopped cumming and pulled out. She turned, smiled, and kissed me as she washed my penis. I shuddered because it was still sensitive but she didn't stop. I came a little more as she finished cleaning me. We dried off and walked into the bedroom to get dressed as Taiiko walked in smiling.

"I came to get the clothes so you didn't since you're clean." Annie walked over and kissed her. Taiiko put her hand on her belly and smiled. "I'm glad we are getting married." Annie smiled.

"You get him tomorrow Love and Sara has a present for you, but it's a surprise." I shook my head as I put on my socks, kissed Taiiko, and went to find out what was on the drive. It'd been a long day and I was looking forward to the herbs but was curious about that drive. I walked into the kitchen and everyone looked at me.
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take me part 303
Posted:Sep 21, 2021 1:01 pm
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I hadn't realized how much I needed that downtime, or the sleep, and spending time with Ama was nice. She was very familiar, and her taking me to the community center seemed to have an unspoken purpose, which was what I was pondering on the drive home. I had numerous things to ponder, so many that they were backing up and I would need to start prioritizing. My mom taught me to care about others, especially the less fortunate. My parents weren't rich, but we were comfortable, and we were frugal, and they invested in land and buildings in areas that would never show a return for them. It didn't matter because they weren't doing it for them, they were doing it for us and we benefited from that caring and foresight, at least I did because I took what my brothers didn't want and fate was kind. Mom and I would help in food drives, food banks, charities that fed people.

On Thanksgiving and Christmas, mom and I would get up before the sun and go serve breakfast. Well, I would serve and mom would help prepare the turkey dinner for later. We'd get back to the house around noon, tired but happy, and finish preparing our own meal. My brothers didn't do anything and my dad was usually asleep because of how long and hard, he worked. This was his time to recharge. He did not have an easy job even though he owned the business. I helped and saw that first hand. My mom never begrudged him because of that, and she had given up on my brothers. I suppose I learned who I was in large part due to their example. The girls and I were going to have to have a discussion about this. We were going to have to have discussions about a lot of things. We pulled onto the road that led to Ama's.

"When does your property start Ama?"

"It starts here with this livestock grate. I've lived here a long time, off and on, and was able to purchase it when no one wanted it." I said that trait seemed to run in our families. " She smiled and nodded. "Yes it does. I know a lot of people and I try and help as I can. I trade and barter a fair amount, mainly for them because my needs are few, and it means they don't have to spend cash. The land is a good example of that. I let ranchers graze cattle, sheep, and lamb on it. They are respectful of the land and don't let them overgraze and they give me meat which I share." Good stewardship applies to many things Daniel. It's part of why I wanted you to come into town and see where the money was going. It's one of the most important aspects of being a good leader. Your mom taught you most of that and the rest is just who you are. The girls are the same way. It's one reason Marnine hated them so much. We pulled up to the house and both Sara and Taiiko came running out, practically attached at the hip, both of them smiling and laughing. Ama looked at me and laughed. " You are going to have quite a life dear one." I nodded as we both got out. Sara and Taiiko gang hugged me. We were all walking in when I heard it, a high pitch whine. Drone.

We walked in and I went into the closet, got the sniper rifle, checked the clip, and went outside with binoculars to find it, and to see if could find the operator. It was flying low enough that I could hear it so it wasn't highly advanced, which was good, but still, they just didn't know when to quit. It wasn't that hard to find and it was being stationary long enough for me to get a shot, all I had to do was track it. It looked like it was doing some sort of modified grid pattern on it's approach to the house. I was curious about that. I wondered what they were looking for, maybe one of the guys left something behind, assuming this was the same people. I needed a program to keep track of them.

The drone hovered and dropped in altitude like it was looking at something. I quickly oriented on where and put the sight back on the drone, breathed, and fired. There was a suppressor on it so it didn't make any noticeable sound. It dropped and hit the ground. Hopefully, the pilot would think there was a malfunction and come looking for it. I hoped so because I wanted to speak with whoever it was. I took the rifle in, put it up, and grabbed a handgun, holster, and extra clips, and one of the assault rifles and extra clips. Taiiko walked in and looked at me, didn't say a word and did the same. I was about to say something when she looked at me and I knew it was futile, that's what having strong women in your life means. I told everyone else to stay inside as Taiiko grabbed binoculars and followed me outside. I told her about where it went down. She moved off to the side and hid so that she could flank them if anyone showed up. I'd go at them from the front. We were both wearing vests just in case.

It was about fifteen minutes when I saw dust from the road and started watching. It was another Telcom van. of a bitch, so much for a break. It wasn't that far away because he was going to approach on foot, which was the only way he'd get the drone or whatever it was he saw. It was highly risky as he was about to find out. I didn't care for using guns, but I knew how to use them. I could feel Taiiko getting ready because she had been watching him too. He was a fair way onto the property and was fully committed. He was roughly two hundred feet from where I thought the drone should be. He was looking around on the ground when I stepped out from beside the SUV and started walking toward him. Taiiko stayed put, God Bless her, and surveilled the area to see if anyone else was around. I had pushed earlier and didn't feel anyone but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I had gone a hundred feet toward him, off to his right, before he noticed me. He was obviously surprised but saw the rifle and stood still, smart because I wouldn't have missed. Taiiko walked towards us still alternating between him and the road. I stopped about twenty-five yards from him. I had the safety off the entire time. I could feel the wheels spinning in his mind.

"You speak English?" He nodded.

"What's your name?" I was being neutral so he was uncertain even though he could see the rifle. He didn't say anything. "That's fine, I'll find out soon enough?"

"I'm guessing you know this is private property, right?" Nothing. "Here's what I want you to do. Take your left hand and slowly remove the gun, emphasis on slowly. Drop the mag and throw it in front of you, to the right. Understood?" Nothing. " The other option is that I shoot you in the shoulder, and at this range, it will be blown apart, and then I disarm you, either is fine with me." He was pissed but he did it.

" Good, now I want you to put your hands behind your neck and interlock your fingers, get on your knees and cross your ankles. I'm sure you know the drill and the same rules apply. Chop, chop." He was seething inside, and pissed at himself that I got so close before he saw me. Taiiko circled behind him and walked up to him, as did I. I wanted to be imposing and have him focus on me. I also wanted him to know that if he tried anything, it wouldn't go well for him. I knew he wanted to but Taiiko would have dislocated something. She zip-tied his wrist and ankles and searched him. He had two knives, a backup piece in the waist of his pants, and one around his left ankle. She emptied his pockets and kept watching the road because neither of us was going to bother questioning him. He knew he was done and he wouldn't say a word but at least we hadn't hurt him, at least not yet.

I waved at the house because I knew they were all watching and sure enough they came piling out and climbed into the SUV and drove to us. Jake and I dragged him over and loaded him in the back. I checked the ties and they were secure. Annie had grabbed a handgun and was watching him as I told the others to fan out and look around for something that shouldn't be there.

" Stay six feet apart and head toward the house, go slow. It might be small as a zip drive so focus. The drone should be somewhere close as well. Taiiko and I are going to check the van" I walked to Annie and kissed her. "Don't hesitate to shoot him, and I mean that. Ankles hurt, knees hurt, hips hurt but shooting him anywhere won't be a fun experience. We'll&#39 be back soon. I guessing he's alone." She nodded. Taiiko and I headed to the van. I was keeping this one and I hoped there were more drones in it because maybe I could entice Lieve and Heather to come out.

Taiiko went wide around the other side. I moved to the front and looked in the windshield. Nothing. I pushed again and there was still nothing. It didn't make sense that they would have two guys to fly a drone, but they weren't counting on me shooting it down. He should have left it, it wasn't like they hadn't lost a lot already. What's one drone." We walked to the back door. This was the part I hated but I had to do it. I reached, grabbed the handle, and pushed and turned in one quick motion as I stepped back. Nothing. I put the rifle in my left hands and looked in quickly. Nothing. There was no place to hide. Thankfully they did just send one guy. I helped Taiiko up by putting my hand between her legs and lifting. She turned around, shook her head, and smiled.

I checked the area with the binoculars before I climbed in. I wanted to get off the road. Taiiko climbed in the passenger seat and I climbed in the driver's. The key was in the console. We headed to Ama's. The SUV was back at the house so they must have found at least the drone. I drove the van behind the house and parked it next to the base of the hill and we got out as Emily and Jake came running up.

" The drone is so cool dad even though you shot it." I opened both back doors.

" Do me a favor and grab a couple of bags from the house." He went running in as Emily hugged Taiiko. I climbed in and started looking around. " How's the guy?"

"Mad," she said laughing. He got dragged inside by a group of women." We all started laughing. It was a similar setup only for drones. I started looking through cabinets and found cash, again, only not as much. I popped the drawer and took out his ID and the rest of what was in it.

" Em, do me a favor sweets, take this money to Ama for me, please." She smiled. "Jake, toss me one of those bags." I loaded the clips and the ammo, and ID and papers into it. He only had the handguns. Take this into your mom and Chloe, please." Thanks. There were two vertical cabinets that I popped opened with the knife. Taiiko looked in and whistled. It was filled with various drones. I took pictures for them, as well as the electronics. I'd search it more thoroughly later but I wanted to get inside and text this to Deat before I called him. I closed everything up and locked the van. Taiiko wrapped her arms around me.

" That was fun mister. You sure know how to show a girl a good time. We walked to the front and checked with binoculars but didn't see anything. I pushed and there was still nothing. We walked in and Ama wasn't happy. She was on the phone with her contact in the National Police. It was going to be a long day.
take me part 302
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Ama and I got in and headed to Reykjavik, luckily it was an automatic because I was still a little groggy and could drink my coffee. I actually wouldn't mind another deep sleep because something told me it might be my last for a while. We passed the Telcom van and Ama smiled.

"Did it feel good?" It was my turn to smile.

"Yes, it did. Given the electronics, and what I took, that van was probably worth $150,000, easily. It felt great but I would prefer they just stopped because I'm starting to get mad.

"They won't stop Daniel, not until all of you get married, then it would be pointless, but maybe that won't even stop them. They won't come back here because I won't allow it again and that will keep them off guard because they won't know what to do. Miriam is treading lightly because it's highly likely that Roan and Jaak are behind it, or at least deeply involved. The lineage moves from mother to eldest but not necessarily the wisdom, or power, of the clan, that is one reason I am still here as you see me. You and Anryd will be a welcome change."

"Miriam has been a good leader since her husband died but she relied heavily upon Josef because he was wise so he wasn't easily swayed by people round him, of which there are many. Sadly, Miriam is and it's further complicated because she doesn't want to admit what Roan truly is, that blindness is a danger not only all for you, especially Anryd, but also the Clans because Miriam is not strong enough to stop her alone. Thankfully, with the exception of those who follow Roan, most of the rest of the Clans are waiting to see what you and Anryd do. I have absolutely no doubt that both of you are up to the task, as you and Taiiko are. Miriam treads lightly because she doesn't possess the strength to confront what she must, her husband provided than, none of you have that problem, especially you Daniel," she chuckled. "You chose your totem wisely because it is unwise to stand in front of a charging bear, especially if it's mad. You have no problem doing what you must, even if you would rather not be bother ,and Anryd and Taiiko are the same. You will need to do just that, especially in Norway."

I've watched how you are with each of them. Anyrd and Taiiko are obviously different, and from different cultures, but they are more similar than different and you blend with them seamlessly, as do they with each other. Chloe is the same but Chloe, Janey, and Sara are uncertain in their roles because they don't see the influence, and wisdom, they possess yet, being here will help them with that. Anyrd was lucky because she grew up with it, and they are one of the oldest clans, same with Taiiko."

"Ella died prematurely, as did Claire. It was necessary and often times Gaia's plans or opaque and long range. Another factor is that America is quite young and the culture is vastly different. You view things very differently from here. None of them were all that interested in building a following, mainly because they were grieving and trying to help Henry. The funny thing is that Chloe has the makings of a Clan, but you call it your family, and that is fine with you, and it is fine, period. Anyrd and Taiiko, along with the other large Clans, have greater responsibility especially since Marnine was sent back to Gaia because change is coming, at the light turn left."

I didn't know what to say but I sure could use another cup of coffee so I figured I would just jump in. "Is this prophesy true, Ama." She was silent as she stared at me.

"Pull over here, Daniel, and park. I am not prepared to discuss that yet, but it's part of why I wanted all you staying with me before the wedding, and why there will be no more interruptions. There are things we need to do and there isn't much time before we must leave for Norway. Bring your file and we'll send that and then have lunch. We'll discuss all this later because there are many things I am curious about." I wrote a brief note saying that it was from Deat, I used his full name because I doubted anyone but me call him Deat anymore. He'd have it tomorrow. I extended my arm as I had done with Marnine and Ama smiled and took it as we strolled to lunch. It was a lovely day but it was obvious that winter was coming quickly. I guessed there wasn't much of a fall in the North Atlantic.

The place Ama took me to was more like a bistro than a restaurant I would think of in the states. Ama was watching me as I read the menu. The waitress came up and Ama told me to go first because she was curious what I would get. I ordered the lamb and vegetables, rye bread and butter, and skyr because I like yogurt and I had heard about it. I think she ordered the Hakarl, fermented shark, and my mind froze so I had no idea what else. She asked me about my mother and my father but she was particularly interested in mom. I figured I knew why but I told her as much as I knew about her side of the family because she didn't discuss it much. My meal was excellent and I could see living in Iceland just because of that, the fermented shark, not so much. It must be an acquired taste because it stank to high heaven. Ama paid and we walked back to the car.

She told me to keep driving and the farther we went the not so 'nice' it became. We turned into the parking lot of an older, but still nice, building that was rather large and obviously housed multiple things. I loved these place, and organizations. It reminded me of the woman in Halifax and what she doing with the resources she had available. It always amazed me how the people that helped the most had the least. Ama and I walked in and she was mobbed. I just got out of the way and started to look around. It was like an all purpose community center. It was obviously that a large part of this place was specifically designed to aid folks during the winter, but there was day care so single mom's could work. There was a large food pantry and a kitchen to serve meals. There was a library, and barber shop for both men and women. There were clothes and a room that had professional clothes so people had something for interviews. It was a one stop shop of love and goodness. I looked up as Ama waved for me to follow her.

"What do you think Daniel?"

"I think it's amazing Ama. I love places like these." She smiled and nodded.

"Sadly they are needed everywhere. Marnine didn't care about helping people and neither does Roan. Miriam tries, and has helped some, but this is a contentious issue." I told her I never understood that. She nodded. "It takes strength and determination to help. It takes leadership because there are many who either don't care, or don't want to be bothered." I nodded as we walked back to the offices. Ama introduced me to the director as we sat and they began speaking in Icelandic. I listened intently because I loved these old languages. She handed the woman the money I took from the van which was at least $75,000. It made me wonder what else they had planned to do. The woman was beside herself and hugged Ama and reached for my hand and pulled me up to hug me too, except she also kissed me on the cheek before sitting back in her chair. I wonder what Ama had said. They talked a bit more before Ama stood and said goodbye. I waved as we walked out the door and headed back the SUV.

"She was very happy."

"What we gave them, what you got from the van, is more than half their yearly donations some years, in one day. She's very happy."

"I'm glad because it's obvious they are doing wonderful work and those idiots should pay for something like this after what they wanted to do. It couldn't have gone to a better place. I'm glad you asked Ama because wasn't even thinking about it. I wasn't really sure how much was there, I just stuffed it in the pack. Thank you for bringing me here. It means a lot to me." She smiled and hugged me.

"You have a good heart Daniel." She held out her hand, "I'll drive and I've decided to give you another pill tonight before the bombardment, and no I won't tell you what it except to say it's herbs." We got in as Ama headed home. We didn't speak, which was fine, because I had a lot to ponder.
take me part 301
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I opened my eyes and looked around. I don't know what Ama gave me but it worked. I was alone in bed, which was a first. I was always up before everyone else. It felt weird. I had no idea what time it was, or where my suitcase was. I brushed my teeth and walked into the kitchen. Everyone, except Ama was in the sunroom laughing and saying "oh my god." Sara saw me, smiled, walked up and kissed me.

"Morning mister, that's the first time we beat you out bed. Did you sleep well? We've been looking at the gifts, they are super great by the way, and don't be mad but we made Taiiko show us our presents."

"Don't you mean you made Taiiko show you the presents."

She smiled. "Yeah, but they are amazing and we love them and guess what." I asked what. "Taiiko put all of the pearl necklaces on the table, except Miriam's, and we got to choose our most favorite and they all let me go first because I'm the youngest, well of the sisters. Wasn't that nice."

"It was very nice?"

"And guess what, again."


"I got the bestest one. Look." She showed it to me smiling and proud.

"That would be hard to top Love."

"Yep! I love it Daniel. Thank you. We all love them. Oh, and everyone got one, well except Jake but he didn't mind. Melissa is super excited because she wasn't excepting it. There were some left over, who are those for?" I said they were for Maggie, Bet, Lieve, and Heather and I thought we got one for Sabrina but I couldn't recall. She clapped.

"Guess what else?"

"What else?"

"We got these super special Japanese combs made of a special wood that smells great, even Ama, although that was a special gift from Taiiko because it was her grandmothers.."

"I know. Taiiko helped me pick them out."

She was quiet. "You're so great Daniel but I feel bad because we didn't get you anything." I kissed her.

"Sara, I've got everything I want with my family. I just wish all of us could be together." She got serious and nodded.

"Are you hungry?" I told I didn't know but would love some coffee. "I'll find Ama and find out to make it. I'll be right back. I'm glad you're up. I've missed you." I smiled as she walked out back because Sara was her own special being. I was so glad I fell in love with her. I pushed to make sure there was no threat as Ama walked in Sara went back to the sunroom.

"There's no one around Daniel and they won't be back here. I've seen to that." I wanted to ask how, but didn't. I was just glad for the break. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, whatever you gave me worked great."

" I was getting antsy to call Deat."

"You don't have to worry about Deat right now. He called while you were asleep and Annie spoke with him and now he's focused on the information Annie faxed him. She was up early and we went through the pack you brought back. You're quite the pack rat." she said smiling. I nodded. "She made copies of all the ID's and passports and faxed that to him as well so he has a lot to shift through, but he enjoys that." I nodded. "What are you're plans for the money and the passports?"

"I have no plans, Ama. The only thing it means to me is they don't have it." She poured me a cup of coffee. "Thank you. If you can use it then feel free. I just took everything I could, and damaged as much as I could, to annoy them and cost them. I was hoping that they would realize that the costs were too great and stop. I doubt they will but they have to be running low on men. They have to be retired special forces. I couldn't imagine active personnel being involved, but then again I didn't expect them to target you."

"I can use them. We can use the passports for the clans and the money would be helpful in town. This is reasonably affluent island, at least Reykjavik, but, like everywhere, not everyone is doing well, and winter approaches this island fast. You have a overnight box you need to send, Annie got the address. I want you and I to go into town. We'll have lunch and catch up. I want to show you what I'm referring to and show you around and because you and Sara, in particular are going to be spending time here once we get all this resolved." I looked at her as she smiled. "I know it's not easy to slip out of protector mode but assure you they are perfectly safe, but even if they weren't they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. It will be fine. Get dressed and you can take coffee with you." I nodded. I found my suitcase, got dressed, and walked back into the kitchen.

The girls were coming out, smiling, wearing their pearls. Emily saw me and bolted. She jumped in my arms, smiling. "I love it Da'. LOVE IT!!!. Thank you." I nodded as Jake came up. I hugged him and told him he had something but it needed to stay with Yoshi in Japan.

"I know dad. Taiiko told me and she said I'd like it. She walked up and hugged me.

"Did she? Well, I bet she's right because it's pretty special. Her grandfather, Yoshi, made it."

"Did you sleep well?" I nodded. "You were out before I turned the light out. You're pretty cute when you sleep, mister."

"I have to go into town to send a box but Ama want's to talk and show me around. I'm leery of leaving you here but she said you'd be fine. Do you know where the weapons are? She nodded and walked to the closet and reached inside.

"They're in there and ready to be used but Ama gave me this so I could keep practicing. Yoshi gave it to her a long time ago, so we'll be fine, Love." She held up a sword. I smiled and nodded and said OK. "Spend time with Ama and relax. You've been on high alert for days, probably longer. We're all going to see if you can take another pill tonight as well so you sleep again.

Ama walked up, "Ladies, I know all of you want to thank Daniel for your gifts and spend time with him, you too Jake, but I need him for several hours to accompany me into town. He needs to relax but he's all yours when we get back. They clapped as I got more coffee and Ama and I walked to her SUV. She handed me the keys. "I'll tell you where to go. It'll be nice not to drive."
take me part 300
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We were on our final approach into Reykjavik and all I could think about was Ama lying on the ground, I needed to shift this, to clear my thoughts and focus. Taiiko and Tina were worried about because to them I looked worried, which I was because I had to keep my family safe, but what they were feeling was hyper-focus. I had a two purposes. First, get them to Ama's safely. Second, if there was a threat then eliminate the threat by any means necessary. It's good to know people with connections. We landed and immediately went to the maintenance area of the airport, unless you worked here you wouldn't know it where it was, and then we were driven into the hanger. I asked Tina for a pen and paper. She came back and handed it to me as she hugged me. I kissed her head.

"I need to my friend the FBI and push to see if there is a threat here, but I have to see the . Tina, can you go say to Chloe, Annie and the girls and let them know I'll get there as soon as I can?" She nodded. "Taiiko, you about to meet hurricane Sara. You'll adore each other but can you be with Jake and Emily until off the phone? I'll introduce you." She nodded. I could here the stairs being wheeled up and locked as Tina opened the door. Two guys came in to grab the luggage and the bonsai. I took my pack as Tina, Taiiko, and I walked down the stairs. Sara was jumping up and down and clapping and once we got off the stairs she bolted directly for Taiiko, who looked and me and laughed. Sara hugged her and bombarded her with words. Tina walked toward Annie, Chloe and the girls as Jake and Emily came running up to and threw their arms around me. I hugged them, and kissed both their heads as I squeezed. I had missed them so much. I had missed all of them so much. They both started laughing and saying they couldn't breathe, so I squeezed harder. I kissed them again and let go. They were both laughing.

Emily said, "Miss us Dad?" I nodded with tears in my eyes.

"You have no idea, sweets, which is why I hate having to say this but there are things going on that I need to take care of and I need to make a but I'll be back as soon as I can and we can ride to Ama's together," and that is when Sara and Taiiko walked up. Sara hugged and smiled. I introduced the to Taiiko and said I'd be back. I walked toward the hanger door and pushed. They were here. There were least three but they were bored and annoyed and thought waiting was a waste of time because the flight wasn't on the arrival board. least there was that, so if the security guys hadn't been followed, which they shouldn't have been, then we bought some time and had the element of surprise on our side, at least for a while. I called Deat.

"It's late, is everything OK?" I didn't know where to start. There was too much to say and no time. "Daniel. You OK?"

"Hey Deat, sorry. There's a lot to discuss but I have no time, but things are trying to go sideways, so far they haven't. I'll call tomorrow because I need your advice, but right now, Are you still on the task force?"

"Yeah, for two more weeks. I wanted to hand it off right. Why?"

"It's complicated, which is why I want your input since this is your expertise. Do you have a private fax?"

"Yeah, my home. Here's the ." I wrote it down.

" going to send you a fax when we get to the house, it should be within the next two hours. I need you to run those people through your system and see what pops. I think they are connected to the snipers on the fourth, and if right then it might connected to what you are working on." Silence.

"You're killing Daniel. Speaking of the fourth, we had to cut them loose without questioning them via State Dept. orders....diplomatic immunity. It's bullshit but our hands are tied. I'll take a what you fax but tomorrow and plan on talking."

"I will Deat, promise, and thanks brother. Give your girls my love. I want to catch up.

"Roger that, but watch your brother. I'll talk with you tomorrow."

I walked back to everyone. Tina hugged . I thanked her and told her to in a couple of days. She smiled. I hugged everyone. Chloe and Annie had seen in this space and knew what it meant. Sara, Melissa, Jake, Emily, and Taiiko came with me in the rear van. Annie and the others were in the lead van.


"Yes sir."

"Please watch to see if anyone starts to follow us."

"We will sir."

"Thank you." I had to leave a message for my cousin but it was done. I wrapped my arm around the and said to Melissa. She smiled. Tina had filled them in as much as she knew. We headed . I admit that I was on alert because once we left airport property we were in the open, and there were two vans. I didn't even want to think about fucking drones. I breathed, smiled at Sara and Taiiko and started hearing about what my had been doing I was pushing every couple of minutes. It was getting easier, almost a reflex. We left the city and headed north and there were no lights behind us. I exhaled.

"We're about miles ." I told him thanks when we passed a Telcom van on the side of the road.

"Was that van there when you left?"

"No sir, it wasn't, but they are all of the place." We went around a bend and I asked him to radio the front SUV and have them stopped. He did. "Taiiko, please Yoshi and find what's going on and tell him not to hand them over the the local police. contacting Interpol tomorrow." She nodded. I grabbed the file and went to with Annie and asked to fax this to the Deat. She noddedThe vans headed to Ama's and I shifted as I headed toward the van and circled it. There was one person inside. I knocked the cameras off the front and both sides. There two on the back that I knocked off. He was focused and was about to have the shit scared out of him but we was talking to someone. I couldn't make it out, so I waited for him to stop. I ran up the front of the van onto the roof and jumped a few times. I jumped down on the far side and started pounding on the side and shaking the van and ran to the side by the road and did the same put I pounded harder. He was terrified because he had no clue what could do that. I waited by the back door. It opened part way and his left leg stepped onto the ground and he waited. He stuck the barrel of the out as he shifted his weight and started to get out as I used all my force against the door. It hit him in the thigh, breaking his femur. He screamed in pain, dropped the rifle and slipped down. I hit it again, just as hard, this time breaking his shoulder. The force of the blow pushed his head against the other door, knocking him unconscious. I hooked his tac vest, lifted, and threw him into the van then shifted. I grabbed the rifle, climbed in and closed the door.

Surveillance van with four camera feeds, so I had four to take out. I figured there'd be two watching the front and two watching the back. They weren't moving, so that was good. I took off his vest and put it on, disarmed him, and took everything out of his pockets. I slid him against the table, faced him into it and tied his wrists and ankles to the table legs and the tied those together. When they found him I wanted them to wonder. I climbed up front and got the registration, grabbed his pack and started throwing things in it. I took the night vision googles and threw them on the driver seat. There was a locked drawer. I popped it open with the knife. It had all their ID's, cards, wallets, everything. I grabbed it all and put it in the pack. I opened the cabinets. There were blank passports and . They were well funded. I grabbed all of it and threw it in the pack. I opened the other one and it had ammo and mags. I shoved those in as well. It was full, and would be heavy, but I didn't have far to go with it because I was going to stash it and cover it with scrub. I stuck his knife in my belt grabbed his rifle and destroyed his equipment. I climbed into the cab, grabbed the key from the console and drove toward the house until I was about hundred yards . I used the googles. I climbed in the back, he was still unconscious. I got , shot the tires. and emptied the mag into the engine and started trotting for about two hundred yards. I found a good place to stash the pack, vest, and rifle. I cut some brush, threw the knife in and covered it. I pushed. No one but the girls were agitated. I shifted, and began to stalk.

The camera feeds bothered me because that said to me that they were prepared to enter the house, which meant they were either going to everyone, or take them hostage, but I let that go and focused on my prey. I figured they would be about two hundred yards from the house. I stopped at three and smelled. There was no one around but I smelled them. I kept walking and lied down when it was noticeable and waited for movement. Everyone moves eventually, even if it's subtle, and I was focused. I knew about where the first one was, and the second, and that's when he stretched and gave me his orientation. I crept up to him and waited until he stretched again, because I knew he would. It felt good. He moved his arm out and I jumped on top of him and bounced on his shoulders. He grunted and I kept jumping with my full force until I heard the cracks and the moan. I him on the side of the head and knocked him and shifted. I rolled him over, grabbed his ties and bound his ankles. I pulled his arms behind him and tied his wrists. Good thing he was unconscious.

I dragged him of the indentation he had made, disarmed him and threw it in along with the long gun, grabbed his assault rifle and extra clips, stuck them in back pockets and slung the rifle over my shoulder. I dragged him about two hundred feet dropped the weapon and mags, shifted and smelled. He was about the same distance in front of me. I went wide and came up behind him and waited. He moved and I did the same. I grabbed the first and dragged him to the second. I took off his gloves, put them on, and grabbed two more ties. I attached them to their ankles to form a loop. I lifted them and started walking to the house. I needed to work out more. They could hear me coming. Three guys approached me all spread apart and shined lights at me. They stared at me. I asked them to put the gun and mags in the house for me. They nodded and started dragging them to the side of the house. I walked toward the back and when it was dark I shifted, waited, and did the same as the front. It didn't take long because they were antsy. They had no contact and they wouldn't get any. It took about 40 minutes before I dragged these two to the guards. They were all staring at me, again.

"I have skills. Can you put one more rifle inside and all the mags." They nodded. I'll take two handguns and all the mags, the holsters, the vests, and the NVG's if you don't mind." They nodded. "Thanks. I don't think there is anyone else but going to check, I shouldn't be more than thirty minutes." They nodded. I turned and headed up the small hill behind the house where the shooter was in my vision. I shifted and ran. No one had been there. I ran the circumference of the house, a mile and zigzagged back in. Nothing. I walked up and said don't shoot. They were all smiling.

"You guys want something to drink?" They all said please I walked in and everyone stared . I still hated that. I said as they all backed away from . Can someone get the guys outside something to drink. They're thirsty, and can someone find my sweat, and a shirt and socks please. taking a shower." They all clapped. I was almost undressed when Annie and Taiiko walked in. "I don't think the boots smell that bad, sorry, I forgot I had them on."

"I don't care about the boots, Love, are you OK?"

" fine, just tired. Those guys are going to have a bad months." I looked Annie. "I missed you sweets. I missed all of you and sorry I was so distant earlier." She walked up and kissed .

"We understand Love. You were doing your job." I looked down because I still felt bad.

"Did you fax Deat what was in the folder?" She nodded. "When I get there's a bag I need to grab because it has all of their ID and info in it among other things." They both sat on the counter holding hands. Taiiko spoke.

"Can you hear ?" I told her yeah, the enhanced senses hadn't warn off yet. "Yoshi said that two have talked. The one you threw into the tree is still unconscious. The doctor is taking care of him until they can get him to the hospital. The others are close to breaking. They know how to inflict excruciating pain and not leave a mark. He said they should talk soon and no pigs. He'd rather have Interpol pick them up because he agreed about the local police."

"Good. I wiped the water out of my eyes and they were both staring at , awkwardly. "What, the water was cold." The both laughed as Annie hopped down and handed a towel.

"Not that silly, it's just that this is the first time that Taiiko is with one of us while you're naked." Taiiko nodded. "It's fine, Love, it was just interesting." Taiiko spoke.

"Annie's right, Daniel, it's fine. I am not at all jealous of my sisters. I would be with someone else."

"Even Kana?" She stared at me and grunted as she shook her head.

"You're an...."

"The appropriate term is asshole, Taiiko. Come on, you can tell me about Kana and I'll pinch him too." I brushed and put my clean clothes on and smelled the boots they weren't too bad. I hoped it wore off. I went into the living room and Annie glared at me. "You can pinch me when I get back." I hugged Chloe, Janey and Alison and apologized. I'll talk with you when I get back I won't be long. Come on Chloe. She smiled and took my hand as we walked outside.

"Thanks for the drinks, it the spot."

"Good. Can I borrow one of them for about minutes."

"Yeah, the keys are in it." I told him thanks as we climbed in and I headed to get the pack and weapon.

"I'll be right back. Climb in the back and get naked lady." She smiled. I didn't have to ask her twice. I grabbed the gear, opened the back door and put it off to the side. I pushed when I walked up and there was nothing except the people I knew. I got undressed and lied down. It was uncomfortable but I didn't mind. Chloe need to be with . She lied on top of and we kissed. It didn't take long for to get hard. She reached between her legs, position the head of my penis against her lips and pushed on to . We made love slowly, gently, while we kissed. I came inside her and we kissed until I popped . She turned and started to clean , and I did the same with her. We got up and dressed and kissed each again, smiling. No words were needed. It's what we both needed. I pulled back up and grabbed the pack and the gun and headed inside.

"If you ever want a job, let me know." I smiled.

"Thanks, but you guys work too hard." They all howled. All the girls were smiling when we walked in.

Sara said, "Nice ride," and they all laughed. I shook my head and went up to say to Janey, Alison, Jake, and Emily. I was beat but I wanted to at least tell them that. They all understood. Annie had spoken with the . I grabbed the pack and walked into the kitchen. Ama was sitting the table.

"Hello Daniel, It's wonderful to meet you in person. Quite the ." I nodded. "Everything can wait until tomorrow, Love, even your friend Deat. He has plenty to keep him occupied. I'll take care of the weapons. The bonsai are safe, as are your gifts. I took the coverings of the trees because they needed attention. They are not use to flying and it was stressful for them. They are fine. I will take good care of them and I must say that I am impressed, especially by the Ash for all the clans, that was as impressive as it was thoughtful. I am also touched by the thoughtfulness of your gift to because I was here when birch trees covered a fair bit of this island. We can speak more in the morning. I want you to take this." She handed a pill and some water. "It will help you sleep without dreams, or visions. You are more tired than you realize." I took it and she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. "I am glad you're back Daniel. I've missed you, now hurry because it doesn't take long and none of us want to lift you onto the bed."

I walked into the living room and I could feel it kicking in. It felt like I was drunk. I saw Taiiko and reach out for her to help me. She grabbed me. "Bed." She helped me into our room sat me on the bed as she took my boots and socks off. I fell onto the pillow as she lifted my legs and put the covers over me. I said thank you. She kissed me and I was out.
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Taiiko also took the bulk of the danish and finished it in two bites, and then kissed me. Tina laughed and got up to get me another cup of coffee, I told her to forget the danish because I probably wouldn't get much of it anyway. Taiiko nodded and smiled. I didn't tell them all the things that I was wondering because there was no sense in all of us worrying, I was just glad we were going into a hanger. Hopefully, if there were people waiting, they wouldn't know we landed. I didn't expect this to fool anyone, I just wanted them unsure what was happening so it would buy us time to get out of the city. Ama's was going to be the real test.

Taiiko and I sat back in our seats and I looked at the file I got. Tina walked up and asked if we wanted anything. 'I don't suppose you have a fax machine back there." She smiled and shook her head.

"It's only 2021 love, but if we weren't going with Plan B they have one in the terminal. I nodded. I was still bothered by how extensive the information was, down to photo's. This was more than a bunch of depraved assholes preying on young women and girls. Hopefully Deat could fill in some of the blanks. Taiiko and I dozed, well Taiiko did and I pretended so she would. She leaned against my arm and held my hand before she fell asleep so I didn't get up again. She was pretty wily. It was amazing that it'd only been several days since I even knew she existed and now we were flying to Iceland like we'd been together for years. I wasn't complaining but it was a bit odd, so naturally I gravitated to it like a duck to water. Taiiko opened her eyes and Tina walked up with a menu, smiling.

"We're about four hours out. I'm going to feed the crew and deal with dishes and then we can eat. It'll probably be forty-five minutes or so." We nodded and Taiiko climbed onto my lap.

"You seem worried, mister, is everything OK? Tell me the truth Daniel."

"I am worried but I only have limited information right now and, as usual, more questions than answers. I should know more when we land and I can push, but it's safe to say that we aren't out of danger. We've done fine so far Love, so don't fret.

"I'm not Daniel because we have you, you're our secret weapon now let's look at the menu. I'm starved." I told her I didn't know why because she ate three-quarters of my danish, and she bit me before kissing me. I didn't need to go any farther than the beef stew, mashed potatoes, salad, and brownie even though it was highly unlikely I'd get the brownie. Taiiko got the salmon, roasted potatoes, onions, and garlic, and asparagus. Tina asked if we wanted anything to drink and we said sake at the time as Tina laughed and nodded. I told her each and it was fine with if she wanted something. She said she couldn't. I was hoping it would stop my mind enough so I could get a few hours of sleep.

None of us spoke much because the food was amazing, and it sure beat peanuts. Taiiko was like a ravenous dog, even though I would never say that to her, I'm not completely stupid. Tina wasn't far behind with the chicken dish she got. I really wasn't one to talk because I actually thought about licking the plate when I was done, it was that good. I like to cook and I make very good beef stew but mine didn't compare to this. I could feel Taiiko staring at me as Tina watched smiling and finished her meal. I turned and she batted her eyelashes and Tina and I both laughed. I handed her the brownie as she clapped. She kissed me and said thanks as she put the last half of her sake on my tray. I guess she wanted me to sleep too.

"That was excellent Tina." Taiiko nodded while she chewed. "It's the best beef stew I've ever had, and I make beef stew.. I'm so glad that Annie changed things because that's not where you should try and cut back on costs." She nodded and finished chewing.

"Annie's been like ever since I've known her and I'm sure she's always been that way. Roan, not so much. If Roan was the oldest we'd be lucky to get water. They're as close to royalty as you can get in the clans and while Miriam never flaunted that both Annie and Roan were treated very well, even though Roan would disagree. Annie never seemed to care. She wasn't my wealthy friend, she was just my friend and as down to Earth as could be. She didn't mind having access to the plane and all that she had access to, but if she didn't have it she would be the same. It wasn't who she was, it was the position she was born into. Gaia chose wisely with her.

These planes seem like such an extravagance, and they are of course, but this company, especially, was created as a way to be able to move people around quickly, and privately, when needed, like you and Taiiko. We do a brisk business, very brisk, with people in what was your world, and it's exploded over the last ten years. It's very profitable and pays for our travel, and the costs. It's an amazing perk but it's not like they have planes just sitting around waiting for someone to take one for a spin. They probably could because the clan is very wealthy because of where they live and the things they have diversified into, just the oil alone would be enough to do it." I nodded and said that Annie had told me something similar. Gaia has chosen wisely with all of you and if the prophesy is real then you are the perfect family to fulfill it."

"Assuming we make it through the ceremony."

"Well, yeah, there is that." We all laughed as Tina cleared the plates. "How was the brownie sweets."

"Excellent. Thank you for giving it me, I love them and Yamaita doesn't really understand the concept." She held my hand and squeezed. Finish the sake because I want you to sleep until we land.

I nodded. "I'll find a recipe online so I can make them for you whenever you want and since we're pregnant, I'm guessing that will be often." She smiled and bite as she put her head against my arm and held my hand while I finished the sake. Tina took it and went to clean up and give us privacy. It didn't take long for it to kicked in and for me to close my eyes. Taiiko got the blanket and covered me before going to the galley to keep Tina company. They were becoming friends.

The dreams were particularly vivid, I figured it was the sake, and a full belly. I was in Miriam's home, our home, but I wasn't sure how I knew that, I figured it was because she was Annie's mom and Annie and I were bonded. Something was wrong it was darker than it should have been because it was noon, and it wasn't Miriam who was there it was Roan and Jaak and they were talking about what they would do once they were in charge. Jaak left and I followed him. He went into a room. I tried to open the door so I could hear and then remembered I was dreaming so I walked through it and instantly regretted my decision. There was a young woman, naked and gagged, on a bed and on her knees. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the corners. Jaak was getting undressed. I left in disgust but Ella was right about him, I was wondering if Roan knew. I shuddered as I walked back to her. I passed a table and noticed a handwritten note in what I assumed was Norwegian with the name Ama circled. I put my hand above it and the words began to change into English. It read.

The time is fast approaching. You must kill the bitch in Japan because it will crush Daniel and her grandfather, but in order for this to work you must also kill Ama. She is hard to kill and if you don't succeed do not leave any trail back to you, or he will find it. If she does not die then we will not succeed. Do not fail me. Your future depends on it.


There was no date but I knew who the M belonged to. She had to have written it before I sent her back to Gaia because I doubted where she was had postal service. Marnine was more machiavellian than Machiavelli himself, but once again it didn't make sense. Roan would e either be stupid, insane, or her lust for power had clouded her to such an extent that she had lost all reason....or perhaps she was all three. Iceland was neutral and Ama had to know about this because she knew about everything else. I wanted to leave this place and I prayed Roan never took power.

I jumped to Ama's house and she was in her garden. She looked up at me and smiled. Hello Daniel, you've been busy, sadly you will be busier still but you have done well dear one." I saw a flash and my smiled faded as I tried to pull Ama to the ground. I couldn't so I stepped in front of her as I heard the shot. I felt the bullet pass through before hitting Ama in the heart. She crumpled to the ground but I could hear her say, "Daniel, I cannot die, but stop this for the girls."

I gasped as I jolted awake, covered in sweat. I was breathing hard as Tina and Taiiko ran up, holding me, trying to get me to fully wake up but I was still looking at Ama lying on the ground.

"How much longer till we land Tina?"

"Less than an hour."

'We need to get unloaded quickly, sweets, because we'll need to leave quickly. Say hello to Chloe and Annie, it's important. I wish it could be longer." Both of them asked what was wrong. I told them. Taiiko said,

"It was a dream Daniel, a bad dream, but a dream. Sake can do that." I looked at her.

"It wasn't a dream, Love. It was a premonition." I got my pack down and put my stuff in it so I was ready.
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The coffee had been sitting for too long so I just held it and hoped Tina and Taiiko slept, no sense waking them up. Besides, I needed to think but I wish I had my notebook here because it helped in that process. I figured would always be more questions than answers, I just wished the ratio would narrow. was something missing, shit was a ton missing, but why would someone want Alison dead before they even tried to find out what she knew. didn't make sense unless they wanted tie loose end, even potential ones after Gustav was found dead. Gustav was pissed off about the because we took all of , the person above him didn't care and just wanted things lay low along the front range until blew over. Deat did say the trail went cold, hopefully the info I had would heat things back up again and turn the focus Europe, primarily Finland, and Jaak's , and Jaak.

I might be making a leap, or using faulty logic, lord knows wouldn't be the first time. this wasn't what Ella meant when she said 'unpleasant' because are lots of unpleasant ways make , but my instincts said was something . Javier said the hackers had heard the thing that Gustav was doing was happening in the EU and I certainly wouldn't doubt that was. Depravity can run deep in some men, and apparently some women too. I needed to Bet and Javier as well. What I needed do, wanted do was take Taiiko meet my cousin and then Denver meet my family . If was true that Jake and Emily wanted stay then would be good for Em spend time with her moms, and a break with Jake would be healthy, albeit unpleasant. I wasn't going allow us be separated so we either all left, or we all stayed. It made sense me go back for a couple of weeks and figure things out because I had the sense that we wouldn't be back for a while. I needed talk with Lieve as well because I wanted her and Heather with us too. I sure walked into a briar patch.

The second thing that I just couldn't wrap my head around was how would anyone know about Taiiko. It happened to fast, yet four men from Finland, heavily armed, were waiting for us. It didn't jibe. Tina said that people were aware of me and Annie, and potentially me being part of the prophesy but they wouldn't know specifics, and how would Roan. I knew Annie wouldn't ever be speaking with her because she was under no illusions about her sister, even if she did loved her. I suppose the why was secondary at this point. I couldn't get the thought of those snipers in ghille suits watching the shop, armed with suppressed rifles, out of my mind. weren't a lot of trees in Iceland, was a whole lot of flat and open which is paradise for snipers. I wanted see if Ama had dogs, or could get dogs, set them loose see if they would find anyone, but I didn't want get the dogs killed in case they did. I'd rather do myself because if they were , they would regret and be in the hospital for a very long time. If we were in Denver, they'd be at the bottom of a mine shaft.

Tina walked out wrapped in the blanket, yawing and kissed my head as she sat down. "Thanks." I smiled and nodded. "You should have woken me up. I'll make a fresh pot. I'm glad you didn't drink that."

"I wouldn't have blamed you, sweets.'

"Why aren't sleeping? You have to be tired Daniel."

"I had a dream and now I have questions." She stared at me intently.

"I'll be back with coffee."

"And a pastry too, if you have any more. Good thing I don't fly very often." She chuckled. "Please find out how much longer until we land." She nodded. Tina walked out with two cups of coffee and my danish and sat down.

"The Captain said about eight hours. We can have dinner whenever you Taiiko like but I was going wait until we were 3-4 hours out since it's just the two of you." I nodded.

"How many people does the largest jet you fly hold?"

"Twelve. Why?"

"We might need it. I'm thinking of taking everyone back to Denver for a couple of weeks. Is a way that we could land in Denver as an unannounced stop with the final destination somewhere else? is a airport not far from were we live. We could be off and gone in minutes because we'll take carry-on's and you could be back in the air. I want make as confusing as I can for these assholes."

"I'll with the Captain but I'm sure is because the airports we fly into aren't that busy. Is that serious, Daniel?" I looked at her.

"I'll have a better sense when we land, and get Ama's, but I think so." Taiiko walked up bleary eyed.

"Are you flirting with other women again Daniel?" She sat on my lap, kissed me and stole my coffee as Tina was getting up to get her a cup.

"Don't bother, she'll finish mine." Taiiko smiled. "I never get to finish anything." Tina laughed as she sat back down.

"Why are you awake, mister?" I told them about the dream and my thoughts. It was beyond mere speculation in my mind but I was still not sure. It would take a more than eight hours for me be sure. I should have slept longer.
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I greeted them but they were somber. "What is ?"

"'s physics, Daniel," Ella said. Claire still didn't speak with words. "For every action, is an equal, or greater, reaction. Was yours the action, or the reaction?"

"I've lost count Ella. How 'bout you just tell me what is going on. I feel like I am three moves behind and I'm getting quite tired of it, and what I saw today didn't ease my mind.

"You've actually been holding your own nicely. We are all quite impressed." Jesus Christ! "What happened at Yoshi's and Taiiko's was unexpected. Your instinct was right about that, in a manner of speaking. Their cousin saw an opportunity, or so he thought because he is not very bright, and very easily manipulated. He thought that if Taiiko was out of the way that he could step in..."

"And Yoshi, or any of them including Yamaita?"

"I said he wasn't very bright. He barely thinks and certainly doesn't at options. He's a useful pawn, a diversion. The problem was they didn't expect you. The men in the SUV was the primary mission, was being the operative word. Roan is a pawn too, even though she is unaware of but she is smart, cunning, and devious, as is her fiance."

"How did they know about Taiiko? They were waiting follow us the airport, Ella. I'd been a few days and Taiiko and I happened in those few days. So they are either coming after me, which begs the question why, or someone close her isn't loyal, or someone working at the charter company isn't because Taiiko made the calls change the flight after the first fire. The other options I can think of are that one of the girls set this up for some reason which I totally don't , or someone is going after every clan. Can you see why I am confused?" They both laughed.

"You really are doing quite well, Love." Claire smiled, and nodded. "You are the wild card they didn't expect, and while you may think you are three moves behind, they think you are two always two moves ahead. You have inflicted significant pain their operations. You've taken and property. You put quite a of men out of commission, and you've complicated things for them with law enforcement, and if aren't a target already, you likely will be soon which is why you need wrap this up sooner rather than later." Claire nodded.

"Unbelievable, and how do you suggest I do that when I don't have a fucking clue what is going on?" I waited, nothing. "Tell me about how, and why, Finland is involved."

"Convenience and opportunity mainly, and they are very good, well usually. Jaak's family is very well connected in the government, and very wealthy, but the way they amazed their fortune is... unpleasant say the least. They respect nothing except and the sad part of this, for Roan, is that if she truly knew Jaak she would see that he is not far removed from his . Sadly, Roan embraced darkness because of greed and will have atone for her actions. Gaia is harsh but forgiving. will not be easy for her. They think the clans are businesses designed make and that they can control , and profit from it.

They have no idea what the clans are about, or what the leaders role is. Do you Daniel?" I was quiet, thinking, not about the clans, I understood the clans. I was thinking about Jaak's and what Ella had intimated about him. I assumed the snipers in Denver were after one, or all, of the girls, which they probably are, now, especially since Taiiko is involved, but now I wasn't so sure because of the date, July Fourth, now I was starting think they were waiting for Alison. I needed talk with Deat.

"Daniel? Are you OK, Love?"

"Sorry, I was thinking and remembering. Ella and Caire smiled. answer your question Ella in my mind the purpose of the leader is the as the clan, , the businesses just help facilitate that. I think that is the change the prophecy speaks of and that was what Marnine was trying destroy, or prevent, because she knew that all of us share that view. Taiiko said when we were talking about what we would do after the wedding, were we would live. She said us being together is part of our power. Anyway, 's just a thought and I've been wrong before." Both Ella and Claire were silent for quite awhile before Ella spoke.

"You are an intriguing man, Daniel," and they were gone without a word as I woke up. I was no longer tired. I gently got up and went the galley. Tina was sound asleep. I put my blanket over her, poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down think. If I was right then leave me get involved in two separate cluster fucks, that weren't separate at all. didn't matter because right now was an existential threat my family and I was done being nice.
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Tina refilled our coffee and told us to let her know when we wanted breakfast. We nodded.
"May I have another pastry?"

"Me too, please." She smiled and nodded She set them down and said,

"I spoke with the Captain and it's already been done. We aren't suppose to do that but there is always latitude. Annie called before we took off, a benefit of being the owner." Tina smiled. We are going back to Nova Scotia Daniel, where you left from to begin with. Smart.
We'll be making a landing in Iceland for mechanical issues. and then heading to Halifax. We will heading into a hanger where your family will be waiting. It's a secure part of the airport. You'll be leaving via an access gate. We'll wait so you are well on your way and the then take off again. Annie has always been very clever."

"You know Annie."

"Yes Daniel, we went to University together. I know Chloe too. We're friends even though we don't stay in touch often enough."

"Why didn't didn't you join Annie's clan?"

"I have complicated stories too, sweets." Taiiko was listening intently.

"Tina, please share your breakfast with us later, and help yourself to pastries, same with the pilots." She smiled, nodded, and did just that. "I like her Daniel. I want her to come to the wedding." I nodded. "There is something interesting about you, special, and I haven't
quite figured it out. You have a way with people, an affect on them and it's not just women, although that is definitely true. Kana likes you very much. I stared at her. "I didn't mean in that way, although I'm sure that is true also because she liked seeing you naked. It's
much deeper than that. She trusts you. She called you 'kami,' protector of our forests and people. That has definitely been the case since you arrived. I think that is part of why you feel so close to our family, and they you, as well as the way you feel about our land. I am quite curious to see how you are in Iceland and Norway." I was quiet.

"So Kana liked seeing me naked?" She stared at me in disbelief before she laughed and bit my arm and said I was incorrigible." I kissed her and nodded as I grabbed her coffee. "Please open the pastries." She did and took a bite out of mine before handing it to me. She
looked at me and smiled like a chipmunk with full cheeks.

"Penance," she said as she chewed. We both laughed. Humor was one of the things we all shared. "After the ceremony, we are all going to have figure out where we will stay, and how. I doubt anyway of us will want to be separated, nor do I think we should because that is part of our strength. It's part of the reason your spirit has been so agitated, Love. Yes I knew. We are mated, linked. We all are. It's only several weeks and the girls can barely stand it, and it weighs so heavily upon you I have been amazed that you have slept as well as you have. Although we have been busy." I smiled and nodded.

"The further along in our pregnancies, the more the nesting instinct will take over. I suspect Ama will have insight along with Ella and Joseph." It was my turn to stare at her in disbelief. "He came to me in a dream and welcomed me to your people. He asked me not to tell
until we had left Japan so that you weren't distracted. I agreed. I'm sorry because I don't like keeping things from you but given all that happened, he was right."

"My people?" I was truly confused "All I know is that we are your protectors. They have been very tight lipped with their information. It's very frustrating and is usually just before some shit hits the fan."

"You've what you have done on instinct?"

"Mostly, but they have helped, even Marnine helped which was why I was hoping she had changed. She hadn't, that was obvious and you cousin is part of that but it's not over, not by a long stretch I'm afraid."

We finished eating our pastries and sipped our coffee. Tina warmed our cups as she smiled. I got my pack and opened it. The necklaces and stones were in it along the accordion I found in the trun I grabbed that. I wish I hadn't. It was similar to the information that I found in Denver that was targeting the girls and led to all the fun that on the fourth of July only this had updated locations, including Taiiko's, along with accurate maps, at least of Japan. There were photo's of all of the houses, including Taiiko's which meant someone was close enough to take photo's, and they'd have to be close because the woods were pretty dense and the driveway meandered. It was the same with Ama's in Iceland, and Miriam's in Norway. There were photo's of all the airports with recon information from inside each. I wasn't about to just hope that they couldn't weapons inside because I knew they could. This wasn't good.

"How do they know so much? How do they know about me? We just met. I'm starting to get scared Daniel. "Why would anyone do this? What's the purpose? It doesn't make sense." I nodded as I put the information back in the file.

"I don't know Love but it's disconcerting to say the least, unless what happened last night and this morning was a fluke, a coincidence, and it was for a different purpose than the one I assumed was for the girls. This is why limited information is fucking frustrating. We have twice as many questions as we do answers and it's wearing thin. Before I sent her away, Marnine was furious about me disrupting her plans because they had worked to long on them. I'm starting to wonder if our concerns about Annie's clan, and her sister, isn't just a family squabble but part a greater plan. It makes my head spin. We can't answer any of this now, but I hate playing Sherlock Homes. Are you hungry?

"Very." Taiiko buzzed for Tina. "Whenever you're free for breakfast let us know. There's no hurry. Tina smiled.

"O I've got about fifteen minutes more of paper work and then I'll get it ready. Let me grab you menus." It wasn't extensive but it was quite varied based upon nationality. Tina walked up after about twenty minutes.

"You ready?" Taiiko said she'd have the Japanese breakfast, big surprise, and I chose the goat cheese omelette and home fries. We both got more coffee. Tina and went back to the galley. She came back out and put real plates and silverware down and porcelain cups. She came back with hers which was trout and fingerling potatoes and asparagus. I almost got that. It looked wonderful.

"Beats crappy sandwiches, I'm glad Annie acted so quickly. She had no idea but said that it wasn't right." Tina smiled.

"Everyone is very happy." We ate and chatted. It was surprisingly good considering it had to be reheated.

"How long have you been doing this Tina?" She swallowed.

"Since I was in college. Annie got me a summer job, and holidays, in my junior year and then when I graduated I moved to full time."

"Do you like it?" She looked at us and smiled.

"Yes and no. Annie's family takes very good care of us so as jobs go it's great, and I get lay overs in some amazing places, but it is work, except when you fly because you aren't demanding at all, most are demanding. I've been doing it for over a decade and it's wearing on me. For the first seven years I didn't even have an apartment, and I still don't have a car and I'm thirty-three years old. Can you imagine that?" We both shook our heads. "I worked mostly all the time for the first seven years and stayed in hotel rooms. This was my life, it mostly still is but I have a super apartment in Glasgow when I need a brea I love Scotland." I smiled and nodded. "You too, Daniel?"

"I've never been, but it's on my list. My dad's family is from Scotland." Taiiko and I finished as Tina finished hers interspersed with talking. We didn't mind because we were enjoying her sharing.

"I basically had no expenses for seven years and a very good salary for someone in their twenties, and I'd always get overtime during the holidays because I had no family, another long story for the next flight." We all laughed. "I was able to save a lot, still am even with the apartment because I make more now. My plan is to finish the year and then go to part time but I haven't figured out where I to go, or do. I've worked my entire life, all of us seem to do that. I enjoy painting and to pursue that but I am particular about where I live and the people around me. I am better suited to our people." We nodded. I had a thought.

Can you stay somewhere after the plane lands? Could you stay in Halifax for several days if you wanted to?

"Yeah, especially me because I rarely take time off. Why?"

I smiled as my devious side kicked in. "I think you would like Nova Scotia, I did. It's gorgeous. My cousin lives about an hour inland but still on water. She's an artist.... a jewelry designer. She made the girls rings and some necklaces. I think you would like her and her place is idyllic." She smiled.

"Are you trying to set us up, Daniel?" I laughed.

"Only if you want me to. You have similar energies and I think you would be friends and it's very peaceful....and she's an artist too. She's from my mom's side of the family. I don't know much about them but they are connected to all of this too. Think about it and let me know and I'll call her. I need to anyway." She nodded as she picked up the plates.

Taiiko said, "that was a very good meal. I was a bit surprised." I nodded.

"I was too when I first had one. I'll bring you a refill." She filled our cups. "Call your cousin, Daniel, and see if she would mind a guest for a few days, but I could stay in a hotel, or
B and B. I like Nova Scotia and I could use a break for several days. I'll call my supervisor when we land."

"I will but I'm sure she won't have a problem. She works all the time too and enjoys company.I wished I had been able to stay longer so we could have caught up. We finished our coffee. It wasn't enough to keep us from falling asleep. Tina put blankets over us. I wasn't sure how long I had been asleep when Ella and Claire stepped into my dreams.
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take me part 295
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I needed to call Deat. If these men were connected with the snipers in Denver then we had problems, but I was mostly concerned about the zip ties. Yoshi was staring at me. "What is it Daniel?

"I'm not sure yet but I know who to call to find out. Either way, Yoshi these guys are hardcore so tell you're people not to underestimate them. These are the kind of people who can kill you with their hands tied. They are very dangerous. He nodded and left as I asked if he trusted Kana. 'With my life Daniel-san." I asked how about Taiiko's. "Yes." I pushed and felt something but it wasn't close. Taiiko and Kana walked out laughing, looked at me and stopped.

"What Daniel?"

"I'm not sure but there is something. Tell Yoshi I'll be back. Ask Kana if she knows how to fire a handgun?" Kana nodded but looked concerned. "Have Yoshi grab guns and extra clips, just in case. Meet me halfway down the driveway. I shouldn't be long and tell Kana to prepare herself." I ran, shifted, and leapt off the porch and ran as fast as I could toward the road. I could hear Kana gasp and Taiiko and Yoshi speaking with her. There was no one in the woods. I suppose they figured it wasn't safe since it'd been twelve hours since anyone would have had contact with the three in the house, and someone was waiting for contact, that was a certainty. I still ran through the woods for cover. I got close to the road, shifted and pushed. They were about thirty yards up the road. There four of them. I shifted back and walked through the woods toward them. They were in a SUV waiting for us to leave. It was on the side of the road and close enough to the trees, which were dark, that I could be on them without warning. Doing what I planned would hurt me but I healed quickly and it was worth it. The two in the back weren't pay attention and the two in the front were looking for us.

I focused, breathed and pounced. I was at the back door in and instant. I shattered the window ripped the door off dug my claws into the closest guy and threw him high into the woods, hard, as I roared. He hit a large a tree and crumpled he wouldn't be walking for a long time. I roared again as I pushed inside. It wasn't easy. I swiped across the face of the other in the back seat breaking his jaw and sending the side of his head into the window before he could react. He was unconscious. I did the same with driver as he was going for his weapon. He was out cold before it cleared the holster. The man in the passenger seat was left handed and had just clear his weapon when I bit into his shoulder and shook as I beat him against the window. He went limp. I backed out and was getting ready to shift back to me as Kana walked out of the woods, gun ready. I shifted and looked at her, and started pulling them out.

She came up and helped. There was a bag on the floor that I grabbed as Kana pulled the driver out and dragged him in the the bushes. She tied their hands behind their backs and started to disarm them and grab their ID. They had weapons everywhere but Kana was thorough. We got everything. I pulled the last one out and she did the same with him and started throwing the gear into the bag and taking off the tactical vests. I grabbed the registration and popped the trunk. There was a larger duffel in it and I knew what that meant. I grabbed it, threw it on the ground and and checked the spare. There was an accordion file on it. I grabbed that and headed to the guy in the woods. I took everything, including the vest and walked of the woods and extended my hand. She smiled and took it as she held her thumb and forefinger to her nose and squinted, then laughed. I nodded and laughed. I took out my knife and sliced the stems off the two closest tires, put the vests in the duffel bag and hit all three of them with the back of my knife, hard. I picked up the file and we disappeared into the woods. I followed Kana too the SUV. She got in with the small bag and I threw the larger one in the back. I got in and rolled down my window as Yoshi drove off.

I turned and smiled at Taiiko. She shook her head and smiled back. "Please tell Kana thank you, that made it go much quicker." She spoke to Kana who smiled at me and nodded. Yoshi knew what he was doing in his training. "Can you also call someone at the house to grab the guys so no one finds them. There's one in the woods about twenty feet from the the back door of the car." She nodded. "They are just as dangerous, although probably not for awhile. They'll need to call the doctor again. There's a bag of weapons in the back, Yoshi, FYI." He called someone and said we needed to make a quick stop in a bit.

"Daniel." I turned.

"Yeah Love. Taiiko and Kana were holding handfuls of cash....US cash. Fuck. It was just like Denver. "Please call Annie and tell her. It doesn't matter what time it is. Tell her what happened here looks like Denver and to be on guard. Have bring armed security, if she can because the airport will be the easiest place for something to happen." She nodded. Also have see if she can change the planes' manifest and flight plan to show Nova Scotia as the destination. We can land in Iceland because of a warning light." She stared at me. "They know too much." She nodded and called as Yoshi pulled next to a van and got out. Kana and I did the same. She walked over carrying the smaller bag as I grabbed the duffel. Yoshi and Kana spoke to him as I threw the bag in the back. He looked at me and nodded, got in and drove off. We did the same.

"She said to call her when we get to the airport. I told her we would but only after you take a shower and change clothes." She translated and the backseat laughed. The trip to the airport was uneventful. We left the weapons in the van, including my knife. Kana, and the other woman, were on alert as they guarded Taiiko. Someone from Annie's company came up with a cart and took the suitcases, after I grabbed clothes and my new boots and handed them to Taiiko so I didn't stink those up too, and the bonsai, and headed inside. I told Yoshi to hold onto the sword and knives as they might need them. He nodded. They walked inside with us to wait until I showered because once we were through security we should be fine. Kana hugged me and kissed my cheek and then hugged Taiiko. They said something and smiled as Yoshi took me aside.

"This was unexpected, and intense." I nodded. "I'll be making calls all day to see if I can get information and then we'll figure out what to do with the men." I told him he needed more pigs. He smiled and nodded. "Keep her safe. Keep all of them safe."

"I will. You need to pay attention to the ridge overlooking the river. If I wanted to access your place I'd come from there or from behind the house since we are aware of the vulnerability of the saw mill. It might also be wise to install a gate there and motion detector's on the dirt road, and along the driveway. Your students are going to get a crash course in working in trees." He laughed as Taiiko came up and hugged him.

"We'll be fine grandfather, but wait until we board, just in case." Taiiko bought two garbage bags from the agent and I took a shower. I threw my clothes in the bags and tied them shut and handed it to Yoshi. They're securing the bonsai in the cabin and finishing up. We have fifteen minutes, call the girls."

They started talking at once. "I'm fine and as much as I adore all of you I can't understand you if you don't take turns." Sara grabbed the phone everyone yelled, "SARA!"

"Are you ever going to stop scaring us mister?"

"I'm sorry Love, but I'm fine and we'll be there in under twelve hours and you can punch me."

"You got that right.... Stop Chloe! I'm not finished

"Sara, stop it. They have to get on the plane. We can't talk long. It's serious I take it. It is and I would prefer if all of you stayed there and have Ama send a driver to pick us up. It's not the way I intended it but it would be safer.'

"We'll discuss it. Pay attention Love. Annie and I talked and we'll have private time later. We all sleep together for the foreseeable future. Here's Annie. We love you."

"I love you to. Tell everyone even though they know."

"I spoke with Ama and she is upping the patrols and sending them farther out." I told her good. "We're going to have a lot to talk about, it seems.

"Yeah we are. I told Chloe that I'd feel better if all of you stay there and reserve a car for us."

"Won't happen Daniel, I can tell you that right now. Sara is way too excited, as are Jake and Emily. We will have security and you, me, Melissa and Janes. We'll pay attention and I know it goes against you instincts but we're stubborn."

"When did Janey and Alison get there?"

"Couple of days ago. They love it here like the rest of us." I asked how things were in Denver. "Fine. I'll fill you in tomorrow after you and Taiiko sleep. I'm guessing you didn't get much over the last couple of days, and not for that reason." I laughed. "Enjoy the flight. I'll call about the manifest and flight plan when I hang up because it's a good idea. We love you. I love you. Quite the life that chose you Daniel. We'll see you soon. Give Taiiko our love. We all like her, even Jake and Em."

"I love you to Annie, and I will. Thanks." I walked back to the gate and we said goodbye.

"Pay attention Yoshi. I don't want any of your family getting hurt. I'm growing quite fond of them." He hugged me and nodded. Kana hugged both Taiiko and I again. Taiiko hugged the other woman and her and I bowed. We headed to the plane holding hands and climbed the stairs. Tina was waiting for us. She looked at us holding hands and looked me and smiled.

"Taiiko this is Tina....Tina, Taiiko." They nodded. "It's a long story."

"I bet," she said chuckling. "Would you like coffee and a pastry? It'll be a bit before I can serve breakfast." We both said please.

"Same rule applies for you and the crew, so make sure they eat." Taiiko looked at me confused. Tina smiled.

"No need Daniel, that rule was changed. We eat what the guests eat. Did you have anything to do with?" I shrugged as she kissed my cheek. "Pardon me, Taiiko, but he is a very nice man. You are a lucky woman. I'll bring your coffee." Taiiko smiled.

"Large cup, please. It's been quite the morning." She nodded as we walk in and sat down. I kissed her. "Are you OK Love?" She looked at me with misty eyes.

"Tired, and stressed, but better. I told Yoshi to be careful....all of them to be careful. I am beginning to see why you were hesitant to leave but he does have abilities that will keep them safe. It is important for us to be in Iceland. I knew that before Ella told us." I nodded as Tina brought us coffee.

"We're closing things up and we have the bonsai secure in the back. We should be taking off in about five minutes so you'll need to put your seat belts on." We did. "May I sit?" We nodded. "May I be impertinent?" I laughed.

"This is only my second flight Tina, but when haven't you been. You'll need to ask her."

"Tina, feel free to speak your mind. I prefer that."

"Are you pregnant?" Neither of was expecting that, but I'm sure Annie would get a kick out it.

"Why do you ask?"

"There are only several large clans left, Marnine saw to that. She undid how our people lived for thousands of years and forced us to shift. There were many benefits of that such as this. Most of us are either from smaller clans, or alone. There are many such people. The thing we all share is that we are all connected through Gaia." Taiiko nodded. "We are all aware of Daniel and what he did to Marnine. We don't know the whole story but we know about the wedding, and we know about the prophesy of uniting us into one clan. The one thing Marnine did well was was to shift us away from physical violence and focus us on business and learning, but there are those who want to take us back to that in the search of power." I thought about Marnine's final words.

"The reason I'm asking is because the prophesy says there will be four who will be joined with a man who is not of our world but who stands firmly in both. They will lead during the changes. It's not the first time that a prophesy from Gaia has come to be." She looked at us.

"Prophesy is vague for a reason Tina, so it can have multiple paths to unfold." She nodded."I want your word that this remains with us."

"Of course, Taiiko. I want to know because I want you to know that you have my support in anyway I can, that's all. I'm not a gossip."

"I think so. It's too early to be sure but I share your sense of anticipation if what the prophesy says is true. How it'll work, I have no idea. There is something you can do for us, if you can. We need to keep us landing in Iceland off the radar of people. You are correct that there are those who want this wedding stopped." She nodded.

"Thank you for trusting me. I'll see what I can do. I need to sit. Enjoy your coffee." Taiiko looked at me sheepishly and squeezed my hand."

"I already sensed it Love, and Ella all but confirmed it last night when she said congratulations." She asked how. "When I shifted the first time in front of you and had my head against your belly. Your scent is changing. I figured that was the reason." She stared at me as I sipped my coffee, thankfully it was still hot.

"You can smell that?"

"Shifted. I know your scent, love." She smiled. "I can't tell the difference like this, but I can when I shift. My sense are getting more acute, more subtle. I'm very happy about and I'll trust Ella on this one. I'm glad I'm joining large clans because we're going to need sitters." She laughed as we took off. I wasn't going to be relieved until we cleared Japanese airspace, and then only until we descended into Reykjavik. Taiiko held my coffee as I opened the pastries. We were both hungry but hadn't noticed.
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take me part 294
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Most everyone having dinner were still in their work clothes, and considering this was a communal farm, among other things, no one minded, not even Yamaita, because we were all raving about the food, especially the chicken yakitori. I was glad I hadn't had lunch. She was spoiling us, at least she was spoiling me. I left the last of the food without reaching because my mom always told me and my brothers to never take the last of anything and there were many people who worked harder than I did so i pushed my plate a little and they pounced because it was that good. I seemed to have stumbled into this life with these four amazing women and it would be very easy to abuse that position. I wasn't going to do that. I was sure I would have to make tough decisions, and some would be disliked, but I figured if they knew that I cared for their well being then we could work through it. It was like it was in the military, or at least should be, you don't eat until you know your people are being fed. Power and prestige are seductive; i cared for neither. Taiiko put the last piece of her chicken on my plate and held her stomach and smiled at me, as did Yoshi. I kissed her cheek and ate it.

Everyone chatted about the day, but since I couldn't understand I thanked Yamaita, bowed, and started clearing the table, everyone stopped and Taiiko said something as she joined me. They smiled and enjoyed more tea and laughing as we started clearing and soaking plates. We had things soaking when Yamaita, and Yoshi brought in bowls of green tea ice cream...everyone cheered. Yoshi handed me andTaiiko one and picked up his as we leaned against the counter, smiling. It's always better to have happy workers. "This is amazing." They both nodded but they had it before, I never had.

"Yes, it's wonderfully refreshing. I am sorry you had to delay your trip but I am glad you did. Were you able to get all the posts set." I nodded and told him that was the easy part, putting up the wire was the hard work.

"I'm plan on being in Iceland, or Norway, when that happens." We all laughed, but I wasn't kidding. It's a pain in the ass. "What time do we need to leave for the airport?" Yoshi said six. I nodded and looked at Taiiko. "Love, you need to sleep without me tonight because you'll need to deal with the airport." She looked at me me and growled. "Please, if it makes you feel better, you can pack for me." She nodded as we finished washing the dishes and Yoshi rejoined the table.

Taiiko made us some tea and we went to sit on the porch. It was close to eight and twilight was beginning to turn all black. We held hands, rocking in silence, and sipped our tea. People came out and waved goodbye to us. Ren and Jiro walked up. Jiro said, "Ren said that you and excellent worker." I smiled.

"Please tell him thank you and I feel the exact same about both of you. I'm sorry I won't be able to help with the paddocks because I enjoy working with both of you. We make a good team." Jiro translated and Ren got a huge smile on his face. He bowed, as did I.

"Thank you Daniel-san."

"Thank you, Ren. It'll be a strong fence." He nodded and they left. I was going to miss this place. Taiiko squeezed my hand, and kissed it, seems you've made a friend, Daniel." I nodded. I liked Ren. I liked everyone I had met so far, except maybe the cousin, I just needed to learn one of the hardest languages in the world in short order. OY! and that was when I got the headache and Ella walked up.

"Daniel, who is that?" Yoshi walked out smiled, as did Ella.

"That's Ella, she's Chloe and Janey's mom, and sometimes a royal pain in my ass. Let's hope that's not the case now." Ella and Yoshi laughed.

"At least you didn't pass out and hit the ground," which was true. "You need to pay particular attention tonight, Daniel, because the danger is still present and it won't end unless you end it tonight. The threat will still be there going forward, but you must stop the present one tonight, if you are diligent you can." Ella reached out her hand to Taiiko, "It is lovely to meet you young lady. Congratulations. I knew your mother. I still know your mother. She is fine and sends her love and wanted me to tell you that she will communicate with you once Daniel is familiar with her energy. It is easier in the beginning to communicate with someone like Daniel who straddles both worlds. It won't be too long my dear." Taiiko was crying.

"Please tell I love her and miss her everyday."

"I will, Love, but she is keenly aware of that. It won't be long. You'll learn many things with Ama." She looked at me, and there was no mistaking her energy. "You have to end this tonight Daniel because it's important that you are on that plane tomorrow morning and in Iceland. Focus, dear one, and pay attention to your instincts." and she was gone. Taiiko gasped as she squeezed the crab out of my hand.

"It's OK sweets, they take a perverse pleasure in doing that, at least Ella walks up so I can see her." I knew she had questions. I'll try and answer what I can, and share what I know, which isn't a lot, on the plane tomorrow. We have so much to talk about that the flight will go quickly, but I need to go Love." She nodded and hugged me like she was desperate for me to stay, which I'm sure she was. I nodded to Yoshi walked down the steps and to the woods,turned, waved, shifted and ran. I headed to the saw mill. I didn't expect him to go back there but I wanted to check the because as far as I knew there were only two ways onto the property by car, the driveway, and the road to the saw mill. It was a long way to the house which was why I was a little surprised to see a car parked off the road. It was the same scent, and strong, but there were others, at least two, possibly three. I followed the strongest because it was heading to the barn, but also the house. I followed it on the opposite side of the saw mill and stayed well in the woods. I was getting closer. I ran to the barn and waited. I could smell him and was hoping I was close enough to see him. I wasn't. I wished either Annie, or Melissa were here, they were less.... cumbersome. He was heading directly for the house like he knew the way. I ran to the house and circled around it. I was hoping one of Yoshi's abilities was mind reading. I shifted in the woods on the other side of the house and pushed to Yoshi to stay inside and pay attention. He turned the front porch light out. I was hoping that was a sign to his people as well.

I pushed outward to find out who was there. I knew were the one I knew was. I was interested in the others. I moved toward them as quickly, but as quietly as I could. I went to the last one first. He was watching the driveway. I moved in behind him, and growled. He froze and turned as he pointed something at me. I clawed his hand, he dropped and I back handed him into a tree. I was fairly certain he had hurt his shoulder but I didn't care. I shifted and started to disarm him. My senses stayed heightened for up to thirty minutes after after I shifted back to me so I could see well enough as I went through his pockets and it was like he was on a special ops mission. I took everything he had and took off the night vision goggles and the ear piece off. We were keeping these. We were keeping all of it. I hid all of it, just in case and used some of his zip ties to tie him to the tree. I took a rag, stuffed it in his mouth and taped it. He was starting to come to and moaning. I punched him, hard, and he was out. I shifted and moved to the other two and did the same. I pushed but could only feel the one I already knew about.

I moved in behind him but stepped on a branch and snapped it. He froze and then turned. I growled, which scared him. He fired to soon and I ripped a large chunk of his hand off which sent the gun flying. I hit him in the chest. He hit the ground and was knocked out. I shifted and zip tied his arms and legs and dragged him out of the woods toward the house. Four people approached me, two men and two women. I said Yoshi. One nodded and said Hai, and ran to the door. Yoshi walked out by himself. Taiiko stayed inside. He said something to the person that walked back with him. He bowed, grabbed the man by the shirt and dragged him onto the porch. I wouldn't want to fight these people, even the women....especially not the women.

"There are three others down the driveway. They are tied to trees and in varying states of unconsciousness." He chuckled.

"Are you OK? We heard a shot."

"He missed."

"That's fortunate."

"I thought so. Can you call Taiiko? I need to talk with her." He did and handed me me the phone.

"Yoshi. Is D..."

"It's me sweets. I'm fine." She started crying. "It's OK, Love. I'm fine. We'll be in soon. There are some lose ends to clean out, and I need to go back out, but I'll come in before I do."

"You better mister, because I need to to punch you." I laughed and told her OK but to stay inside and away from windows. Call Annie and tell them what you know. There were four of them, armed. We'll be in soon. Two other people were running down the driveway as we started walking.

"One was watching the driveway and road. I've pushed but didn't feel anything else. I reached in my pocket and handed him the earbud and mic. "You might want to put this in. They each had one. One of them is in there and there is a pile of his things hidden in the trees about fifteen feet opposite him. One came dragging him, flipped him and zip tied him again. The other one came out carrying a bunch of stuff, and walked back in for the rest. Yoshi looked at me. "They had a lot of stuff. It's why it took me longer to get back to the house than I wanted." One person stayed with him playing with the goggles. Yoshi said something and he put them down. He both smiled. I was going to that when I could. We walked about a hundred and fifty feet. There's in there but a little deeper in the woods, same with his gear as the last one. I could still smell them.

We walked toward the road. "These guys were heavily armed. I'm not sure about the one closest to the house because I just dragged him out but there is a handgun in the trees, along with part of his hand. I'll find it when I shift again. This was planned out, Yoshi, and if he didn't set the fire it might have worked, whatever it is. There's a car on the dirt road off on the side. I'll go and check it out after I see Taiiko." He nodded. "The other one is in there. I walked in and grabbed the gear while Yoshi's student, one of the women, cut his hands lose and started to drag him out. I was impressed by these people. He reached for throat and she broke his wrist, effortlessly, and kept dragging him out. She put his hands behind his back and tied them. He cried out in pain but none of us had any sympathy. She took a bag out of her pocket and handed it me. I nodded and put the things in and handed it to Yoshi. "Tell her that was impressive. I'm going to check the road in both directions for a mile. I won't be long. Have her turn around." He nodded. She did and I shifted then ran toward the road.

I ran along the side of the road for a mile in both directions but couldn't sense anything. I listened to see if I could hear the high pitch sound of a drone, but couldn't. I zigzagged through the woods on both sides of the driveway and then behind the house and didn't feel anything. I stopped where he was and shifted and looked for the gun. It didn't take long I put it in the back out pants and walked to the house as I pushed. Nothing. Two people stepped out of the shadows. I could tell they were both wearing goggles, for which I was glad. I waved and they waved back as I walked onto the porch and knocked. Yoshi opened the door. Taiiko is right, you do smell. Taiiko ran at me and jumped and then bit my shoulder as she hugged me. She kissed me before getting down and then punched in the chest, at least she alternated. Sara didn't. "You scared me, mister."

"I know, Love, I'm sorry, but I have to go back out. I don't trust that they are alone."

"I know, Yoshi told me." I told her not to worry because I could see better than them even with the night vision goggles. "We know a doctor and he's on his way. He's trustworthy. We're still trying to figure out what to do but he won't be using that hand well ever again.

"Ask the doctor if he can get Pentothal, or something similar, maybe we can get the truth out of them without torture." She looked me. "We need to know what's going and there aren't many ways to do it. They had a lot of weapons, and zip ties." She nodded.

"I need to go Love, but I'll be fine." I walked outside and a ways down the driveway, walked into the woods, shifted and ran to the car. I checked the buildings as I went . It wasn't hard to avoid Yoshi's people because they were close to the buildings and not in the woods. I was very leery about the car I circled it by a hundred yards before approaching it from the woods. I shifted and pushed and felt nothing. I grabbed a large rock and broke the passenger window and unlocked the door I checked the glove box and grabbed the registration and put it in my pocket. I checked under the seats but there was nothing. I popped the trunk and looked, even where the spare was, but there was nothing. I walked into the woods shift and smelled and as I trotted toward the road listening, looking and smelling. There was nothing. I did the same as the driveway and checked in both directions but nothing. If someone had been here they were gone. I hoped there wasn't. I zigzagged through the woods to the driveway and back to the house. I checked the saw mill and barn one more time to be sure and went around behind for about a mile as I headed to the house. I sensed nothing. I shifted and pushed and it was the same. I shifted back and ran to the ridge. I couldn't see, hear, or smell anyone but I needed to talk to Yoshi about this. I headed back to the house, lied down and focused my senses as I waited. I guessed it was probably three and I could tell by their scents that people watching the house were different. I was glad. I waited until almost four to trot through the woods, I shifted and walked out and toward the house This was going to be interesting.

I got close to the house and two people stepped out, looked at me, and waved. I waved backed as they walked back into the shadows. If only I were younger. I knocked on the door and Taiiko opened it. I wasn't surprised. I knew she wouldn't be able to to sleep. "You smell mister. I've already showered you know the drill." I walked into the laundry room and stripped. I handed her the registration. She nodded as she put my boots aside and said we'd leave these clothes here since they were for work. Yamacita will dry and fold them tomorrow." I nodded. Let's get you in the bath before you stink up the entire house. We were walking down the hall when the young woman who broke the man's wrist walked out of the bathroom in front of us. All of us stopped as she stared at me, and smiled. I waved, which made her laugh. What else was I suppose to do, it wasn't like she could un-see me naked. We walked past as she watched me and Taiiko shook her head. She watched until we closed the door. I was tempted to turn around but I didn't want to get hit.

"What is it with you and women." I shrugged and she hit me in the arm before running a bath. I soaked as as Taiiko went to make me some tea. She came in chuckling. "She said I was a very lucky woman and asked if you had a brother." I shook my head and dunked myself. Taiiko put my tea on the counter and washed my hair and rinsed it before bathing me. She told me to stand so she could wash my penis, balls, and butt and my legs. I was starting to get hard. She smiled. "Me or her?" I said who do you think. She smiled and kissed my balls, and then squeezed. "That'll have to wait love because we're running out of time and Yoshi wants to leave earlier after last night in case there is something else. Kana, your newest admirer and someone else, I'm not sure who because I don't know all of them yet, are coming with us just in case. We're all packed. Get dressed and come to the kitchen and I'll introduce you to Kana. She's quite pretty and since she's seen you naked and liked it, it's only fair that she do the same I stared at her. She laughed and kissed me. "Get dressed and bring the bags." Jesus Christ, I was never going to live this down.

Taiiko and Kana were talking and smiling at the table but when I walked out they both stopped and started giggling. She introduced me to Kana and we bowed. "Kana says that you are very different from Japanese, that your...." I said that was enough as I walked onto the the porch to both of them laughing. Holy crap. Yoshi walked out smiling and sat down.

"Every woman here will know about this by the end of the week so you might as well resign yourself to that fact." I nodded. There are worse things, Daniel. The man whose hand you hurt was our cousin. I have calls out to people we trust to discuss what we should do. He's not talking but the doctor gave him pain meds. I have no idea who the other three are but we are thankful for the gifts they brought us, especially the goggles, earbuds, and mics. I nodded and said it leveled the field a bit.

"Those things aren't cheap Yoshi, and on top of all of this you need to listen for drones. It's a high pitch whine." He nodded and reached into his pocket and handed me copies of the id's and passports and I'm sure I turned white. The three men were Finnish.

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