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Cauldron of Lust  

donsv1962 57M
246 posts
6/30/2020 8:01 am
Cauldron of Lust

Cauldron of Lust

She is a lusty witch

magically igniting a

sensual brew of carnally

inspired desire that

continually boils the

loins of men upon the

fiery cauldron of mind

stealing lust.

Let us be seduced by the warmth of the sensuous night.

donsv1962 57M
566 posts
6/30/2020 8:05 am

Happy Tuesday

Let us be seduced by the warmth of the sensuous night.

Tmptrzz 57F  
79996 posts
6/30/2020 9:29 am

Good morning my friend Happy Tuesday to you. She is quite lustful..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

donsv1962 replies on 6/30/2020 11:12 am:
God morning my friend. she sure does.

thikhead 63M
3026 posts
6/30/2020 11:20 am

since millions of naked women are a click away on the net,
i dont feel afraid of seeming "picky", soooo . . .

this one seems a little, um, bizarre ?

"were all in this together"

donsv1962 replies on 6/30/2020 11:33 am:
I don't see anything bizare to this.

author51 57F  
94189 posts
6/30/2020 11:55 pm

Very nice my friend..Happy Hump Day....xoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

donsv1962 replies on 7/1/2020 8:33 am:
Thanks my friend. Have a marvelous Hump Day!

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