While I was Dreaming
Welcome to The Dreamery. There have been a few changes, but my blog is still simply a random series of Thoughts and fantasies, examining my past and my impossible future. Nothing on this blog is a lie. When I say nothing that follows is made up you can be sure it is the truth. Even the dreams are real dreams that I have had . And all the fantasies are my real fantasies.

There are however some questions which may never be answered:
Is it possible to actually laugh your arse off?
How sick is a parrot?
Are sandboys truly happy?
And just how mad is a box of frogs anyway?

And mostly, I do have it all in perspective!
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They Took Away My Points!
Posted:Dec 3, 2019 1:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2019 12:50 pm

Okay, so I know I have been away a long time, but I came back to say hello, and all my points have gone. on Zero.


Not a Sausage

And I had tens of thousands to play with. Oh well, I never really knew how to use them properly anyway. And it may or ,may not be a long time before i am back anyway.

See ya!

It's What I'm For
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 5:13 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 1:58 pm

Since my last post was a bit of a downer, and posted a long time ago, I thought I had better write something. But I warn you, I don't know what it is going to be yet - I am just going to let the words come!

You may remember I have posted before about how much I am drawn to the idea of someone who makes a "willing gift" of themselves. I am not a domineering sort of person in a relationship, so this idea does not carry any sort of undercurrent of abuse. In fact I would go further and say any sort of derogatory language or misuse of another person is a massive turn off for me. What I am talking about is the feeling I have occasionally had from a lover she feels, perhaps only for moment, her whole purpose is to have sex with me.

This is something I have been dreaming about again recently. The dreams have not been specific, just they have included a feeling my companion in the dream was a Willing Gift. One of my dream partners actually said to me, "it is what I'm for Dreamer." I found this very erotic. I have a vague memory of a girl who has the softest, warmest skin, who used to wrap her arms around my shoulders and press herself close against me. She always seemed able to satisfy herself when we were together, but looking back, she was always very focussed on my feelings when we made love. She was a Willing Gift.

Sometimes I think this is one of the keys to good relationships. each partner is willing to be a gift in this way, both physically and emotionally. It doesn't mean they can't have their own needs, or you can be selfish with them.

I don't know how well I am explaining this. I do know some of you understand..........

And I wasn't expecting to write about today.
I Don't Get it
Posted:Jan 22, 2019 10:15 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2019 12:51 pm

I really don't understand why the site allows people to send me emails when I can't read them? You have to be my one fan or some such rubbish, or you can send me an email, but it arrives blurred out by a frosted glass panel with what I suppose might be a translation in Spanish underneath.

I mean it doesn't really matter because I only get about two or three a year anyway, and most of them look like they might be fake, even though the latest one says it is from a gold member. I would be pissed off if I was a gold member, and I wanted to write to a standard member, but they couldn't read my emails. (OlyaDonna from Aldershot, I do apologise if you are a lovely genuine person - leave me a message here on my blog, because I couldn't read your email.)

Why on earth does the site bother if these users are fakes? Surely they can't still be hoping I'm going to sign up for gold membership, they must have worked that out by now, I've been here twelve years. And while I'm on the subject, I do find it odd that whenever I sign in after a few days away, I get a notification that someone gorgeous has just that minute flirted with me or viewed my profile, but never once in all this time has any one of those ever left a comment on my blog, or had one of their own I could check out. I know, I know, it's all automated bots, but really, what is the point???

I'm just wondering whether any of you real gold members can enlighten me? It never used to be that way - I have lots of friends I email sometimes off site who originally contacted me by email here back in the day. And everyone knows you can pin a private message box to your blog and let all comments stay pending so they don't show to anyone else in order to get round the system if you want to. Don't you feel short changed that after trusting the site with your details and paying them money, even you can't fully use the facilities because some of us don't want to sign up?

Sorry, very unlike me to complain about the site, no fun for you to read and as I always say, they run the site, they can make whatever rules they like, and I can either accept it as it is or not bother with it, I know that, but honestly.........I JUST DONT'T GET IT!!!!!
Still Feeling the Spark
Posted:Jan 8, 2019 10:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 7:47 am

I "felt the spark" as Kay puts it, yesterday.

I went into town, still feeling the hunger for perfect breasts I alluded to in my last post.

There were attractive women about, but I want to be fair to myself: I wasn't specifically on the look out for someone to perv at, and no one particularly caught my eye, until I saw a girl in a fluffy white jacket and jeans looking in a shop window. I only caught a glimpse, but despite the cold, the jacket was unbuttoned, and it looked as if all she was wearing underneath was a bra, or more properly a dark bikini style top.

This struck me as unusually sexy attire in Bloghampton in the middle of winter. I was hooked. So I have to admit, I turned stalker, and walked further up the street, before turning round to walk past her and get another look. Is that going too far? Have I become a dirty old man? Do I need to immediately leave DateEtc - Hookup and Find Sex Now and forgo further titillation for the sake of my integrity and self esteem..........? How I wish the Rainbowsox girls were still reading. I am sure E would have said, "No problem, Perv on Dreamer," and H would say, I wish I had been there for you to perv on myself." At least I tell myself that is what they would have said.

Anyway, to continue the story, she turned towards me, and I have to say, she had a great body and perfect tits. At least as perfect as I could tell, without rushing over and asking if I could unhook her top.

She was with an older guy, possibly her father, even so quite likely still younger than me (oh help) so I felt it would have been unwise to make that kind of approach. They went into another shop, and feeling a bit bad about it, but unable to resist, I hung about for a bit, hoping they would soon come out. Actually, I could see her through the window, and she looked far too concerned with her own appearance for me really, but still, I couldn't look away.

Then she walked back into the street, turned towards me, and before the older guy re-joined her, just for a fraction of a second, she flashed me an electric smile, and then walked on down the street.

That's when felt the spark.

Then I pulled myself together and went home. Of course I am pretty sure no one goes out wearing clothes like that unless they want to be noticed. At the same time, I also know that "clothing is not consent" and I am realistic enough to know she might have liked being looked at, but would not have wanted any further attention from an old lecher like me.

But what a treat still to have given me a spark. Thank you Jacket Girl, whoever you were. May you give the come-on to some guy nearer your own age who will shag you until you gasp out knee-shaking orgasms and rub your perfect tits all over him.
tApologies for all the tTypos in my last t Postt!
Posted:Jan 2, 2019 8:10 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2019 10:38 am

I don't know what went on there. Violette wondered if it might have been some kind of code, but it had nothing to do with me, just a load of random "t"s cluttering up the place.

Unless tits it was my subconscious nearly writing the word "tits" in every tits sentence. You know like TITS some sort of literary Tourettes syndrome.

Maybe it was my subconscious telling me I to feast my eyes on some perfectly formed tits?

Or maybe it was a techno glitch. I wish some kind of techno glitch could result in a woman with perfect tits, or even just a woman with tits of any description coming round here this afternoon.
The Christmas tmessage
Posted:Dec 19, 2018 8:43 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 2:37 pm

This year I have been watching a lot of second rate Christmas filtms on TV while I work.

Frtm this I have learnt that there are a lot of different reasons for loving this titme of year. (As well as stme reasons for hating it, lol! )

Running through all of these stories is the idea that Christmas can be a retminder of how we really want to live our lives the rest of the year. It's about dropping your daily chores to save stmething which is itmportant, or retmetmbering your real calling through a revived childhood tmetmory of how Christmas used to be. About re-connecting with ftmily, second chances and doing stmething worthwhile in a tmunity.

Every year I realise that I love Christmas tmore and tmore. It doesn't tmatter whether you are tmoved by its religious significance, whether you enjoy the parties and the present giving, (or receiving,) or even if you find those things distasteful. The fact is that the tmessage is "goodwill," and Christmas retminds tme that goodwill itmproves nearly everything, on a regular day to day basis. I tm retminded that being kind, stmiling at people and taking titme to connect and tmake thetm happy would actually describe how I would like to live tmy life every day, but I forget when the world is cruel, life is tough, and the weather is crap.

So, in the ftmous words of Roy Wood of Wizzard, "I wish it could be Christmas every day."

I have a few special tmessages for the very few people I have been blogging with this year, and also for a few old friends who, you never know, tmight drop by just this one special titme of year, like Santa.

tmay the stars shine brightly in your lens this year.

Little Brat Face:
Ha ha....I know who you are now, but you disappeared before I finally worked it out. I bet you will tme by for Christmas though. In one character fortm or another, lol.

Wanton Wench:
I itmagine you reading this, tmaybe not this year, but stmetitme far in the future. I really hope you followed your dretms and life turned out how you hoped it would be.

I hope you are enjoying the process of getting your new life in order. It seetms like there is a long way to go, but when you think of where you started frtm, the progress is tmazing!

If you stop by here, thanks for tming, and I hope your recent encounter turns out okay. As you know, I often travel frtm Bloghtmpton to your htme town of Desk, in fact I will be not far away over Christmas. You never know, tmaybe one day will walk into your coffee shop.

Sorry I haven't been able to read everything you have been writing about this year, thanks for tming by here to tment anyway. Anything you say always tmakes tme think, and I love that.

Wouldn't it be great to have a whole evening to just talk about it all!? Preferably in a quiet bar with tmfy seats and cool drinks. Who knows what we tmight find out about life!?

I'tm glad to have your blog to follow, even if you never tme by here! (tmaybe this Christmas you will be tmagically drawn to this blog and leave tme a tment.)

Sexy Sixties; Kay; tmarysia;
Thanks for always being here to tment, even when I haven't posted for ages. I love the way stme things here change, but others retmain the stme, and knowing one of you three are always is likely to be first to tment is a constant which tmakes every post worthwhile!

I haven't heard frtm you for a while but I know you are out there, and it always fills tme with tmfort for stme reason.

How are you both? I hope life is still filled with wonder and excitetment. I tmust write one day and really catch up with you.

tmy friend, always. It's been too long. I hope next year will be better. If tmy wishes for you could ever tme true, everything would be wonderful. (I'tm copywrighting that for a song lyric.)

You know I will never get the itmage of your stars and stripes bikini out of tmy head don't you?! (Not that I would ever want to.) I see your itmage on another site stmetitmes, and I wonder if I should say hello. tmaybe we'll be in touch in due course. I hope life is good.

To anyone I have forgotten - I tm so sorry. I probably haven't forgotten you really, you just didn't spring to tmind this one tment of the day. But leave tme a tmessage and I will retmetmber you.

You know I haven't forgotten you.

Let the bells ring out for Christmas.
A Safe Risk?
Posted:Dec 6, 2018 9:51 am
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2018 3:58 am

I’m not too old to die too young.
(Have I posted this before? I don't know, I found it in an old file while I was looking for something else. I wrote it for this blog, but I am not sure if I ever posted it. Different people reading now anyway.)

But life teaches you to play too safe – probably most of us can trace it back to one or two key moments. And because of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk, I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get burnt.

But it is too easy to say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger;” or “you regret the things you didn’t do much more than what you did.” I’ve mentioned before how wrong I think those statements are. (Though they do make good song lyrics. )

But life has a funny way of catching you out, so that over time you tend to learn a few things that help to keep you safer. You learn not to turn that pipe connecter just one quarter turn more, not to take that corner just an exciting fraction too fast, not to look that extra second too long into the swirling sea of her blue eyes……You learn not to make that prank call.

On the other hand the risks you take when you are young make you what you are. If you make it. Those who are young today; they’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know. And I envy them their perfect soft skin, the curves that will fit so warm together, the firm muscle tone their eyes will linger over. When, like last night, I dream I am lying in bed with a beautiful woman, I always seem to be some kind of perfectly mature but still young age. Her breasts are firm and rounded, my arms are strong and muscular, my cock throbs long and hard inside her. And I have the nerve to take the risk that being with her will change everything for ever.

You wake in a strange bed in an unfamiliar part of town. Maybe you dress in the same clothes as the day before and struggle in to work, getting through the day in a haze of blurry expectations, your old life left behind in one snap late night decision, a new one stretching out in a direction you never anticipated. But you throw yourself into it without looking back. At least not too much. But only when you’re young.

Life may look like a tough school when seen from the start of term. But looking back it seems more like a holiday, which started with lazing on the beach and drinking too much, and ends with trying to cram everything you wanted to do into the last two days and wondering how the time went by so fast. I know one day I will still be looking back at where I am now, with so much still ahead, (I hope,) wishing I had made more of the time I had. Imagine yourself in the future, looking back at what you did. Reading these pages with a sense of déjà vu and wondering what would have been different if you had just……found a safe way to take a risk.
Why we are Angry?
Posted:Nov 22, 2018 7:50 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2018 9:47 am

I have a theory on why there is so much anger in the world today. (I don’t suppose this is some ground breaking new idea; there were probably men in white coats out there saying something similar and far more profound years ago. But I’m just here to tell you what I have been thinking.)

We know that low self-esteem can lead to depression, crime and self-harm, and in extreme cases anger and indiscriminate violence. I think we are suffering from low esteem as a human race.

The problem with low self-esteem is that a lot of the time you don’t even realise you have it. But it is hard to love ourselves at the moment as a race. Thirty years ago the great Douglas Adams wrote, “Man had always assumed himself more intelligent than dolphins because of all that he had achieved – the wheel, New York, wars and so on, whereas all dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. Conversely dolphins had always believed themselves far more intelligent than man for precisely the same reasons.”

Things have got worse since then. We are now constantly fed stories of the latest atrocities humans have perpetrated on each other and on the world. Genocides, species extinction, random mass shootings, the rain forests etc. And whereas throughout the history of human evolution relatively small groups of people were to a great extent isolated from news of what went on in far away places, now we have instant knowledge of every hideous act our fellow men and women are up to. Douglas Adams hadn’t heard of the internet, he merely foreshadowed its possible invention, with his fictional “sub-ether network,” by which the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was intermittently updated with random and often misleading information provided by unqualified reviewers. It is harder and harder to think of ourselves as more intelligent than the dolphins. After all, you have to have a reason to love yourself.

A friend of mine is not alone in suffering from what you might call “concern overload,” which causes her to be continually upset by bad news from around the world. I have said that my method of dealing with this is to remember that when I hear of some famine or disaster, I have to make a choice between dropping everything in my daily life to rush off and help, or telling myself that others have that job, they are better at it than I would be, and they are doing their best. Once I have chosen not to rush off, I have to let these others get on and do their job – I have other jobs which are mine.

In any case, against this tide of disaster, any one individual’s efforts are likely to feel futile at best. And yet another cause of stress and depression is a feeling of powerlessness.

There is another famous saying which goes, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”*

Most of us probably have an uneasy feeling that we are part of a monstrous humanity, of which we are not at all proud. And those of us without the mental tools to hang on, do the best we can and be content, are going to end up pretty depressed and angry about it. I can not think of any solution to this. How can we generate a public consciousness that the Human Race is heading in the right direction? Right now we are fire-fighting. All I can think of is the sentiment expressed in two of my favourite songs, “Don’t give up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush, and “Teach Your ” by Crosby Stills and Nash. I think right now we might be feeding our the wrong kind of dreams. The one they pick is the one we’ll know by.

*Often attributed to Edmund Burke, particularly in a 1961 speech by Kennedy, but first used in an earlier form by the philosopher John Stuart Mill in 1867: “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
Three on the Same Day
Posted:Oct 2, 2018 2:11 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2018 3:10 am

I thought of a blog post today. It had to do with a pretty girl and buttons which weren't done up properly, but it will have to wait now.

Because today I had a surprise.

I logged in because I had an email from a friend and I felt bad for not having read her blog so I came to read it and catch up. And I before I logged in I had gone into town and seen the pretty girl with the buttons and so I thought, yeah, I can log in, check the blogs and write a post about that.

But after I had been into town and before I wrote the post I checked my comments and I found a golden egg I had totally missed before, and it was great to hear from another old friend. Two women on the same day. Three if you count Buttons.

I wish.
An Octopus Maybe?
Posted:Jul 13, 2018 2:34 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2018 9:09 am

Okay, it's been a while. Sorry about that.

Last night I was dreaming. I was out with Amakamaria and Zandigal. They were both gorgeous, attentive and affectionate, and for a while I thought it was going to turn into one of those dreams..........

But then, I remembered I hadn't posted for a very long time so I logged into the site and wrote a post.

"What do you think?" I asked the girls.

Ama read it and paused before saying, "Dreamer! They'll all think you've gone completely mad!"

Zandi was just laughing.

Then I woke up and wrote down the post on my notepad so I wouldn't forget it by morning. I thought it was a pretty good one myself. This is it:

Occoplo, lo lo lo.

Pretty good huh?

If I'm writing that well, maybe I shouldn't stay away so long next time.
Its up to your knees!
Posted:Mar 1, 2018 8:03 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2018 2:25 am

I've got to go home

But baby you'll freeze out there

Just lend me a comb

It's up to your knees out there

There's bound to be talk tomorrow

Imagine my life time sorrow

At least there will be plenty implied

If you caught pneumonia and died

Oh baby don't hold out,

Cos baby its cold out

All I Want for Christmas
Posted:Dec 19, 2017 12:44 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2019 2:39 pm

I was sitting here, looking through the open door at the twinkling tree lights in the next room, and the open fire flickering in the fireplace, thinking about what to write this Christmas. I found myself thinking about what Christmas means to other people. It is a chance to be with friends and family, for gifts and good food, or a religious festival, or a time for wild parties and celebration, For some it is a commercial opportunity, but for others that is just the thing they hate about it.

But whatever your individual view of Christmas, I think for nearly everyone it is a time when our memories of perfect seasons from the past mingle with hopes and fears for the future. It can be an uplifting feeling, shared with loved ones, or a bleak and lonely time if there seems to be no hope, or for the recently bereaved.

I saw a silly B movie on the TV the other day, (I love Christmas films, ) and it reminded me that however you feel, happy or sad, you can never know what might be just around the corner, or what will happen to you, good or bad, tomorrow. And to me that is what Christmas is really all about. It is a time for hope. A time to remember that it is worth making the best of what you have got, however little. Or if you have a lot, to use it, and not to just drift through life. To make the most of every minute, because even if this minute isn't your last, it is one of only a finite number, and you don't want to be looking back at a life where you even let special days like Christmas go by without a smile.

I will be visiting people who love me as usual, and while I am away, I hope if you drop by you will find a message below just for you.

Well, what can I say? You made it! Now you can be the real you. Wow I hope it is fun, and I hope you keep me up to date with whatever happens. I hope it starts with a great Christmas. Be a ;little bit slutty for me if you get the chance.

I don't need to remind you girls to be happy at Christmas. Heaven knows what level of excitement there will be, albeit tinged with sadness at your family home this year. And your first Christmas as a married couple. Don't keep each other awake all night waiting for Santa will you!

After surviving the fire, I hope it isn't too hard getting life back to normal. Run, Swim, Ride. Only without the run.

(A name that always gives me hope!) I always look forward to hearing your comments. Happy Holidays.

Zandi, Hippiechick, Synndarella, Amakamaria, ColoradoRose, MostWantonWench, Skierchick:
I know you don't log in that often anymore, but if you are reading this, leave me a hello. Please. (Pretty please as Zandi always says!)

I haven't heard much from you lately, but often that can mean good news. I hope so, and I hope the New Year brings you a guy who treats you the way you deserve to be 't treated, and makes your heart thump when you think of him.

Barbecue on the beach? Have a good time, love to Roy and your sister.

I always think of you whenever I write anything here. I like to think of your cheeky knowing smile and your legs stretching out away from the camera.

It's been a while, and we owe each other mail. How has this year been? Long time no blog......

Anything you write always gives me something to think about, and I hope I will be commenting on your blog again this year.

It was great to see you back after a while away. I don't know if you saw my long comment a few weeks ago, but I hope the process of being more you turns out well, even if it comes from a painful start.

Merry Christmas everyone, and if I forgot to mention your name above, leave me a comment and make me feel guilty!

Marsha! I nearly forgot Marsha!
Hi Marsha, if you happen to have stopped by. That's a rare event though, so not very likely. But if so, Merry Christmas, and come back with another exciting instalment of life on the ranch soon please!
Love, Dreamer.
Hi Everyone
Posted:Nov 22, 2017 3:38 am
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2017 9:11 am

I must apologise for not taking part in what's going on.

I just don't seem to have the vibe for writing here at the moment.

You will understand, because most of the people likely to be reading this have quiet periods. Some of you rather long ones!

But I miss the interaction you know. I am happy with life, it's good to know this place is here if I need it. But I find the periods between each log in getting longer and longer. And so I miss my friends, but somehow I don't seem to have much to say. Sorry about that.

I know if I don't read what everyone else is writing, I won't be lead down interesting thought paths, or see conversations I want to get involved with. That's the way it works.

I'll be around, so don't worry if sometimes you don't see me for a while. I'll be here at my desk, helping get what they want for their businesses, or at my work bench, sliding a plane over a half-finished guitar neck, or out on the river in my boat. I'll be listening to The Ashes on the radio, or maybe watching crime shows on TV.


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