Which Nipple Do You Prefer?  

hotmamamm 44F  
11200 posts
8/10/2018 12:20 pm
Which Nipple Do You Prefer?

Hello Naughty Friends. .
I have a very important question to ask you! If you had a choice would you rather play with my left , right or both of my scrumptious nipples shown below?
Happy Nipplelicious Friday to ya

hotmamamm 44F  
15675 posts
8/10/2018 12:21 pm

Which Nipple Do You Prefer?

storkjwr18 43M
950 posts
8/10/2018 12:23 pm

Both for sure, I like playing around the nipples with teasing touch and movement to get them hard before I even come close to touching them

loverneeded45 55M
47 posts
8/10/2018 12:24 pm

They both look yummy ! But I like the one on the right !!

BDChester 58M
59 posts
8/10/2018 12:25 pm

Both look delicious !

furcyclt 51M

8/10/2018 12:25 pm

The right... then the left... then put them closer together and play with both at the same time

pokekitty01 48M  
331 posts
8/10/2018 12:25 pm

i give them equal amount of attention!

kmac500td 52M
93 posts
8/10/2018 12:25 pm

all of u!!! enjoy ur weekend

newyorican21 46M
197 posts
8/10/2018 12:28 pm

both my love mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

dmarley1946 72M  
240 posts
8/10/2018 12:28 pm

I want to play with both nipples. Suck one and play with the other then switch.

bobbiejoe58 63T  
315 posts
8/10/2018 12:33 pm

would love to suck on both. I would hope you would do the same with mine.

lefty64014 62M
184 posts
8/10/2018 12:33 pm

Both of course

fun4couplesnmore 46M  
539 posts
8/10/2018 12:35 pm

ummm, yes.

notsure1949 70M
8965 posts
8/10/2018 12:37 pm

two hands, can finger them both

oldbstrd55 62M  
3116 posts
8/10/2018 12:41 pm

Back and forth, up and down and everywhere else on your body.

pulkit03 32M
29 posts
8/10/2018 12:42 pm

both are too yumm!!

fun4couplesnmore 46M  
539 posts
8/10/2018 12:42 pm

and if I may add, after seeing your profile pic I had to go to your page, and I'm just sitting here smiling. you have such an amazing smile, that it honestly made my day to see it over and over again. xo

MITCH4280 59M
32 posts
8/10/2018 12:42 pm

Both your whole breasts

WeWantYouToP1ay 40M/34F

8/10/2018 12:42 pm

the one in my mouth. yep.

a7pluse15152 53M

8/10/2018 12:46 pm

I hate to choose so I like them booth.

1025mws 56M
677 posts
8/10/2018 12:50 pm

I would play with both of your nipples! I would lick, suck, and nibble on both of your sweet nipples any place and time.

DMOgre12 55M
7 posts
8/10/2018 1:01 pm

Right one, tasty!

bifun50 69M
298 posts
8/10/2018 1:12 pm

Both and ALL that goes with it

NewName62 56M
11875 posts
8/10/2018 1:16 pm

Wait...your left, or my left?

Regardless, taste testing is always appropriate.

Aaaaand...I just got hard.

SApostie 38M

8/10/2018 1:30 pm

they look equally enticing, I guess I'd have to try and see

Greyhawk47 49M

8/10/2018 1:31 pm

I would have to say the left nipple if I had to choose but love playing with them. I’m sure the right would be as hard as the left by the time I got through

powercaps716 63M
11692 posts
8/10/2018 1:38 pm

if i could have both, i would be in heaven

Story435 71M
2819 posts
8/10/2018 1:41 pm

Oh sweetheart I want to play with both and they are very nice too!

aman4u1962a 57M
1700 posts
8/10/2018 1:41 pm

Whichever one I could get to first!

wjb1958 61M
3659 posts
8/10/2018 1:41 pm

Both would feel great in my mouth

5488 posts
8/10/2018 1:59 pm

Dear Jeanie, How could I possibly prefer one over the other? Both deserve equal attention!
I wish you a very naughty weekend, my friend.

wd40w 66M
6985 posts
8/10/2018 2:03 pm

Can't play with just one...Wouldn't be fair...I'll be in the Garage...

"Illigitimi Non Carborundum Est" W.F. "Bull" Halsey wd40w

dell9600 62M  
732 posts
8/10/2018 2:13 pm

Both, mouth in one, fingers on the other, giving them both equal time with my lips & tongue

j4theladies69 37M
21 posts
8/10/2018 2:48 pm

Both. They are both beautiful like you

NubeNueve9 36M
447 posts
8/10/2018 2:53 pm

Both, of course, it wouldn't be fair if one got attention and the other didn't!!!

Hardupfosho 43M
1727 posts
8/10/2018 2:54 pm

The right one! I'd like to see if we could get the left one into your own mouth

Have fun!

scottj55555 51M
1964 posts
8/10/2018 2:55 pm

Both of course, but the real answer to the question is I prefer the nipple that I'm nibbling on.

sexydad1167 52M  
1361 posts
8/10/2018 3:10 pm

Both!!! Put one in my my mouth and play with the other with my fingers then swap my mouth and fingers then put both of them in my mouth. but of course cannot leave the rest of your lovely breasts unattended or for that matter the rest of your body so from there just start working my mouth all over every square inch of you.

28shyblueyes 57M
77 posts
8/10/2018 3:11 pm

Both unless you was playing with one, then we could switch from one to the other.

SavvyBurlyReal 40M

8/10/2018 3:12 pm

Why make one jealous of the other when you can play with both equally and they are both very enticing!!!!

sckinkcouple 61M/56F  
462 posts
8/10/2018 4:09 pm

Both, just like everyone else. Have a wonderful weekend!

bubbacjr56 62M
782 posts
8/10/2018 4:17 pm

you cant take one with out the other one I like them both,

wantaplay8 66M
5607 posts
8/10/2018 4:29 pm

Right, left and then both...That is the way to do it! Would you rub those breast against my chest?

Desir4Fire 44M
1976 posts
8/10/2018 4:47 pm

Ummmm that's a hard choice!!!!!
No, it's not, that's me dick that is hard!!
It would have to be both nipples!!
Followed by other parts of your sexy body!!

Looknfind18 67M  
3981 posts
8/10/2018 5:02 pm

both, and they look delicious

rm_radar46411 54M  
224 posts
8/10/2018 6:15 pm

no contest, both!

mc_justmc 59M  
5132 posts
8/10/2018 7:50 pm

I would play with both, but that lovely face would be getting most of my attention.

Sensual_GentleM 56M
257 posts
8/10/2018 8:16 pm

Both your nipples deserve equal attention and as much TLC as you desire. I would never want to neglect either of your beautiful breasts and nipples ...

coolpoolguy3 53M
1997 posts
8/10/2018 10:43 pm

Both, they look so delicious!

dublos 54M  
131 posts
8/10/2018 11:00 pm

The most sensitive one

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3529 posts
8/11/2018 1:53 am

I prefer to suck on both, but will admit one usually gets more attention than the other, sorry !

dec47 72M
816 posts
8/11/2018 3:54 am

mmmmm now that is the question. I would like to provide some TLC for both of those lovely nipples, unless, of course, you prefer a little man handling. Then i'm your guy either way you want to enjoy it.

1salesman3 64M
4456 posts
8/11/2018 4:10 am

I would love to play with both of them. MISS YOU

XHamburgDave 76M  
9055 posts
8/11/2018 5:12 am

Hi Jeanie

Is this a Trick Question? I couldn't choose one over the other, it would have to be both {=}

lickeyzsplit 57M
864 posts
8/11/2018 6:18 am

Left Right repeat ..Left Right repeat have to go south for a little taste of nectar Mmmmmxoxo

Leegs2012 46M
45686 posts
8/11/2018 8:59 am

Both of course!! It's great to see you posting again!! xoxo!

153 posts
8/11/2018 10:13 am

I would suck both first. Then I would be able to tell which one you like having sucked the most.

This blog is written for entertainment purposes only. Mostly mine, but I hope you enjoy it too.

kissableleo66 67M
127 posts
8/11/2018 10:25 am

Both! Yummy!

pacnwlover42 50M
7114 posts
8/11/2018 3:14 pm

Both of course...and I want to do it when you are soaped up in the shower.

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

Tazman1311 55M
3 posts
8/11/2018 5:38 pm

Both of course *Y*

Lustfulpassion68 47M
110 posts
8/11/2018 7:56 pm

play with them both licking one pinching the other while my other hand is teasing your juicy clit

CmeBvee 43T  
7 posts
8/12/2018 1:34 am

the top nipple, if you had to choose only one.

Jay Vee

Shots30 43M
2249 posts
8/12/2018 2:13 pm

I will equally suck on both nipples as I have a tit in each hand. I would love to bury my face in your tits! YUM!

Cheers! ?*

citizen4722 61M  
63984 posts
8/12/2018 4:23 pm

Can I test (taste) them both and let you know

The12er 46M
250 posts
8/12/2018 10:54 pm

mmmm both of course!!!

Love the sensastion as the nipple grows stiff in my warm hot mouth as i genlty let my tongue play with it!!

Lonely16842 54M  
782 posts
8/12/2018 11:45 pm

It's hard to choose just one ....has to be both

Grankoalabear 64M
15 posts
8/13/2018 4:12 am

Ideallu I would play with both, one at a time, biut it will dpende from which side we find ourselves together!
Do you feel the same sensations at both nipplees.??

20ForMILF 21M

8/13/2018 5:04 am

I prefer them in pairs but understanding your question based upon this picture your right nipple, the one towards the top of the picture appears most appealing as it displays your areola most clearly!

rhill4fun 59M
133 posts
8/13/2018 6:27 am

hello my sweet lady I have missed you,
I would love to play with both of your sweet nipples

Mary022015 63T
82 posts
8/13/2018 4:50 pm

Both of course xx

2017Up4You 52M  
163 posts
8/14/2018 7:29 am

Both are beautiful and I would spend equal amounts of time on each nibbling, suckling and kissing them!

all_about_you73 46M
173 posts
8/14/2018 2:36 pm

I look at nipples like sisters. I give each of them the same amount of attention so neither get jealous. In my mind, I may have a favorite. But your nipples will never know the difference.

einzig7 62M  
204 posts
8/14/2018 6:34 pm


Hutch837 50M
7 posts
8/15/2018 2:50 am

both cause you cant leave the other one out. equal play

tnjackin 49M
129 posts
8/15/2018 8:06 am

Mmm, both of course

Northshore2031 40M  
23 posts
8/15/2018 5:58 pm

Both! Who wouldn't want to play with your lovely nipples.

kumswaloer3 50M
257 posts
8/20/2018 4:09 am

Definitely Both ! Welcome Back , BTW. Hope all is well .

DiscreetAffairPA 43M
208 posts
8/20/2018 9:13 am

Both. Definitely both. One in my mouth, one between my thumb and forefinger.

search3foryou 51M
218 posts
8/20/2018 4:50 pm

It just wouldn't be fair to play favourites with one or the other, so I pick both....while I play with you!

LittleDrummerMan 36M
99 posts
8/20/2018 7:32 pm

All of it. Breast, nipple, body.

Sometimes I'm clever and other times I just babble. You decide LittleDrummerMan

Horny45152 50M
273 posts
8/24/2018 3:10 am

BOTH could not let the other one feel left out *Y*

captainthickone 46M

8/24/2018 12:06 pm

I like them both

LikeToEnjoyU16 64M  
196 posts
8/26/2018 4:40 pm


dan_nl_2006 37M
1116 posts
8/30/2018 3:59 am

give the choice, I would take both. BTW. do you prefer one vs the other more?

north55901 60M  
21 posts
9/5/2018 8:59 pm

There is no doubt I would play with both.

21pook 53M  
31 posts
9/17/2018 4:51 pm

Both is the answer for sure. would love to suck on one and squeeze the other while doing so.

sokkerman99 50M  
153 posts
9/20/2018 5:58 am

Could there possibly be a wrong answer here? They are both equally delicious! Bravo!

81 posts
9/22/2018 2:24 pm

I see you have two. Why leave one out? I always loved to use my mouth on one and make the same movements with my fingers on the other. Also, as I suck on one nipple, I love to squeeze the tit with both hands firmly until the lady throws back her head and moans in that moment between pain and pleasure. So, if I make one tit swollen and happy the other one deserves the same favor! Always a pleasure beautiful!

MaxClimax001_ 39M
29 posts
9/22/2018 10:10 pm

wish i could put my face betwee those hot b(.)(.)bies

feelupurpanties 43M

10/9/2018 2:30 pm

No powder milk tits milk only tits so left or right you choose but I like both in my mouth and then uh oh she cummin again

PedroforPrez 42M  
3 posts
11/20/2018 6:12 am

Both, of course, but you look cold!

slatmaker 68M
4 posts
12/3/2018 2:06 pm

Both of course.

Jim030446 63M
15 posts
1/15/2019 10:03 am

Do I have to chose? I like them both and want each one to suck on!

1276lakeboy 57M  
1 post
1/30/2019 9:21 am

The one that's closest

descreetfun42 56M
139 posts
2/7/2019 9:56 am

wow.. both.. take my time on both.. Mmmm do love a lady who enjoys her breasts and nipples played with... BOTH yours look great.. yes.. I am a big boob fan.. could suckle them all day if I had the chance..

58willard 61M  
23 posts
2/10/2019 9:08 pm

Both would get my full attention

crackmybluenut 43M
1 post
2/24/2019 2:13 pm

both for hours

madan4fun 62M
14 posts
3/10/2019 7:08 am

wow!!! what an inviting nipples so firm and projecting made my mouth water...would like to nibble for hours

afuckingdevil 52M  
9 posts
3/23/2019 9:22 am

Both of your delicious nipples would be enjoyed, Beautiful

AdeptHandsForYou 62M
60 posts
5/25/2019 12:18 pm

Silly question. I think that you already know the answer. I only they were closer than the land of lakes!

greenguy726 67M
114 posts
6/23/2019 5:45 pm

as they say..... that's a HARD choice.... no matter which I were to choose it would be hard for me! in more ways than one....

Piper3654K 49M
54 posts
6/27/2019 2:51 pm

I'm going to go with Right. Love your blogs...

tjones8888 52M  
37 posts
7/16/2019 9:29 pm

Dam. I love your pictures!

ZorroResbaloso 48M  
23 posts
10/9/2019 3:42 pm

Sorry, so late on this - Both, of course. But if I had to choose just one? The right nipple!

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