scoupe42 55M  
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4/20/2019 12:35 pm

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4/22/2019 5:51 pm


Today, would be a good day to motivate someone and "Encourage" them!

sweet_VM 60F  
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4/22/2019 3:31 pm

Perfect!!! Hugs V

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Tmptrzz 56F  
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4/22/2019 9:12 am

Good morning and Happy Monday my friend what great words of Encouragement to start off our new week..thank you..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 4/22/2019 5:48 pm:
Hi Temp, as always thx for viewing and feedback.

author51 56F  
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4/22/2019 1:02 am

Words of wisdom and it is always nice to encourage someone instead of putting them down my friend.. Hope you had a good Easter....

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

scoupe42 replies on 4/22/2019 4:10 am:
Hi my friend, thx for viewing. My Easter was quiet.

2trythis 55F  
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4/20/2019 5:22 pm

Very good reminders. Thanks for sharing.

scoupe42 replies on 4/20/2019 5:33 pm:
How you been? Thx for viewing

Paulxx001 62M
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4/20/2019 2:30 pm

Good ones. Thanks for the reminder. 👍

Words are like meatloaf- they can be sculpted into any shape you choose.
She asked me a question.Handcuffs Or Silk Scarves

Mancrotchwatcher 57M
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4/20/2019 2:22 pm


scoupe42 replies on 4/20/2019 2:52 pm:
Thx for viewing.

sexysixties2 71F  
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4/20/2019 1:45 pm

We all need a bit of encouragement at times.

"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age."
~~~ Anais Nin ~~~

scoupe42 replies on 4/20/2019 2:00 pm:
So true, my friend.

Heathen_G 60M
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4/20/2019 1:13 pm

Motivating a stone to move , is a waste of energy. Telling the stone, once, something to motivate it, is also a waste of energy, but at least your tried, and you can feel good for trying.

scoupe42 replies on 4/20/2019 1:37 pm:
Hi, thx for viewing and feedback.

scoupe42 55M  
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4/20/2019 12:47 pm

Sometimes in life, we can be critical on some people, that seem to always be in the same rut. Why not "Encourage" them. This might help them get out of their rut. Motivation is the key!

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