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"Morning humor with a little Yoga"  

scoupe42 57M  
3445 posts
5/8/2020 6:36 am

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5/10/2020 9:43 am

"Morning humor with a little Yoga"

Morning all, we need some humor or some stimulation start the day. How about a little of both!

diverunner 59M  
6092 posts
5/10/2020 7:01 am

".. ass so fine you had to take notes"
If only knew this when I was younger... I would have had a library full of notes by now!

scoupe42 replies on 5/10/2020 9:41 am:
True that! Thx for viewing

Pu55y80ll69 47F  
2 posts
5/8/2020 9:02 pm

A good man always able give her woman more than one round 😉. Good morning talk.. have a great evening..

Paulxx001 63M  
16683 posts
5/8/2020 12:08 pm


... is there another way to look at it.
A Man Will Never Forget How A Woman Smells

scoupe42 replies on 5/8/2020 2:15 pm:
Hi Paul, thx for viewing

Tmptrzz 57F  
78260 posts
5/8/2020 11:13 am

Love these my friend.. but that last one is so very true..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

scoupe42 replies on 5/8/2020 11:50 am:
Hi Temp, thx for viewing

author51 57F  
92463 posts
5/8/2020 7:25 am

Thanks for the Friday smiles my friend....xoxoxo

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

scoupe42 replies on 5/8/2020 9:23 am:
My friend, thx for viewing

scoupe42 57M  
8495 posts
5/8/2020 6:42 am

If I didn't get you attention, I bet I got it now!

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