Good Advice A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 52F  
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6/26/2019 11:06 pm
Good Advice A Poem

I said he was like Hitch
In the movie with Kevin James
Eva Mendes and Will Smith.
He gave such good advice
In the dating realm
And relationships.

He had never
Seen the movie
So he said
He may check it out
Such a good teacher
Listening to feedback
And possibly adding
To his repertoire.
Which makes me want
To watch the movie
Again myself.

But that is artifice.
I am all about being real.
I am authentic
And genuine.
Being fake and lying
Holds little appeal.

Forget Hitch altogether
I will stick to my
Current advice giver
He was just telling me
To be a good listener.
To draw a subject out
That a date is interested in.
Use the acronym NEOTWY
Which is a good tool
For writing.
And why.
You see? It is effective
In learning about anything
That has participants
And takes place
But be more subtle
With my questions
That just blurt out
The How and Ws.
He said he learned this
By reading detective
And police novels.

So I will put this into practice
And report back to him.
I hope I can make my teacher proud
Of me, his student
And my progress.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

yesmamallthetime 52F  
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6/26/2019 11:07 pm

We shall see how good I am at this ...

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

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