My Current Pace A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 52F  
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6/26/2019 10:48 pm
My Current Pace A Poem

From my current place,
I have far to go.
Some would even laugh
As my pace is
Ever so slow.

If I were to race a snail.
I am not sure who would win.
I know I might be grossed
So I might run forward
Or backward.
In one case I would be
The winner as I was frightened
By the snail's slithering
And antennas.

A turtle might be cuter
To race as an opponent
They so nonchalant
As I like their peeking heads
And stubby little legs.
I might stop to admire
Their leisurely ways.
Who would be the winner?
It might be a tie
As I keep pace just to see
Them cross the finish line.

In other words
The slower species
And I can relate
I am no cheetah
I am not a gazelle
Or greyhound.
I am lucky if I don't stumble
And become immobile.
I am lucky if I stay
In a forward motion.

Yes I have far to go
And with my current pace
I might make it
In the following decade.
I am not talking 2020s
But the one after that.
That is if I am still living
And with the threat
Of global warming
And degenerative diseases
That might make
The prospect dim.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

yesmamallthetime 52F  
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6/26/2019 10:52 pm

Self deprecation is a big part of my sense of humor.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

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