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cunt and cock   5/30/2019

Garry is waiting for weekend as I have planned with Indrani a nice and hot evening .Indrani is my elder sister's closest friend as we both have met lot of times in our home.she is a 24 years hot b

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silver sand   2/26/2019

i there, this is leo dude75 from mumbai.well iam looking for mature female companion.i saw your profile i think you are ideal women for me. here is iam writing a erotic mail for you i hope u will like

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fun time   2/26/2019

Hi everyone!!! This is my first story. In fact, it happened in real. My name is Manisha and I am 26 years old. I am on the chubbier side. I stand 5’6 tall and I have 36C boobs and 43 inches ass. It

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teacher   2/26/2019

ii everyone I m Rajveer from Punjab, 5’11” with muscular body doing I m 20 years old. Coming back to the story, it happened when I was in 12th class. Our school has recruited new staff for

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silk satin   2/26/2019

One day my aunt and uncle came home to stay with us for two days. My aunt is a beautiful woman. But she always says to me that I look better than her because of the size of my boobs, 36-30-34. My uncl

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indian slut   2/26/2019

My name is Nidhi. I am a Indian woman but now settled in USA. Like many women, I'm bored with my marriage Don't get me wrong, my husband is a wonderful man and I still consider myself very muc

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cunt   2/26/2019

one day i had sexual encounter with my neighbor, her name is jenny, 43 single mom. <br><br> that day i just fucked his big ass from behind, spanking her ass, squeezing her huge juicy tits,

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fun with my professor   2/26/2019

I am writing my first story about how I managed to score big in my internals in college just based on how good I was with my professor. <br><br> First, let me tell you about the professor.

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hard thing   2/26/2019

every one this is my first story, so please bear with my mistakes. My Self Nani (Name Changed) and I am from Lingampally, Hyderabad, I am regular reader of this site, and the story here I am narrating

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my neighbour   2/26/2019

Hello Friends , I am back with my new sex experience happened in bangalore.If any girls or aunties looking for secret fun please do mail me at contactmishra59[a][t]gmailDOTcom or also you can message

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the encounter   2/26/2019

I am a regular reader of Indian sex stories. Let me now come to my experience. When I joined the company I saw two more girls joining on the same day. One of those two was really attractive and I kept

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satin   2/25/2019

Sudden darkness and abruptly the black window was a paler square behind the Russian’s head. No bang of overstretched circuits this time, just the sudden death of all-electric light. Outside the vill

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silver sand   2/25/2019

I wanted him to know it had aroused me to do it so I’d gone to the bathroom at work and rubbed myself to climax through the pretty fabric, pushing the gusset good and hard into my moistening folds.

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the consultant   2/25/2019

This story takes place in the early 1990's. My name is Jim, I had remarried four years earlier to a great woman named Danielle, called Dani. She was very smart and also very sexy. Late 30's, d

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firman and neighbour   2/23/2019

In this erotic Christmas tale, Leila realises that her neighbour works as a fireman. Drinks and chatting spark a flame between them and Leila finds herself consumed by a fire within as he embarks on e

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