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Jan 1, 2018SiouxlandHAPPY NEW YEARS1   
Jan 1, 2018Sioux City Adult BookstoreHAPPY NEW YEARS1   
Jan 1, 2018NW IowaHAPPY NEW YEARS1   
Jan 1, 2018Prowler's NWIowa groupHAPPY NEW YEARS1   
Dec 28, 2017Prowler's NWIowa groupGroup get together1   
May 20, 2017Gang Bangers of Iowawillling to do a gang bang for a group of men1   
May 20, 2017Sioux City Adult Bookstoreanyone out there1   
Jul 26, 2016Sioux City Adult Bookstoreseeing who s still around2   
Jul 26, 2016Prowler's NWIowa groupTraveling to Sioux city2   
Mar 19, 2016Prowler's NWIowa groupseeing if anyone is still out there1   
Jan 20, 2016Prowler's NWIowa groupanyone chat anymore1   
Nov 4, 2015Siouxland areahello and welcome1   
Oct 31, 2015Married/Attached but lookingAnyone actually looking1   
Oct 13, 2015Gang Bangers of IowaGangBang Planning For a Special Lady1   
Aug 28, 2014Prowler's NWIowa groupmeet and greet1   
Jul 2, 2014Sioux City Adult BookstoreNew Video Booth Options2   
Feb 15, 2014Married But PlayingWhat was your first 3some like?1   
Feb 15, 2014Sioux City Adult BookstoreReturning to the bookstore5   
Jan 17, 2014Prowler's NWIowa grouplookin for something to do friday day jan 172   
Jan 17, 2014Sioux City Adult Bookstorelookin for fun on jan 172   
Jan 15, 2014Prowler's NWIowa grouplookin for something to do friday day jan 171   
Aug 27, 2013NW IowaHello from Spencer.1   
Jul 20, 2013Prowler's NWIowa grouphey where is everyone at? how is your summer going?1   
Feb 1, 2013Prowler's NWIowa groupsuper bowl1   
Feb 1, 2013Sioux City Adult BookstoreWhat should I expect5   
Jan 21, 2013Gang Bangers of IowaLooking to have some fun1   
Dec 3, 2012Sioux City Adult Bookstorewhere did the ladies go1   
Oct 6, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupresponding to emails1   
Sep 11, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupso any one around that would like to get together sometime1   
Aug 27, 2012Siouxland bookstoresany one still wanting to meet4   
Aug 25, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupwow is everyone on vacation or just not interested any more2   
Aug 25, 2012Siouxland bookstoreswhere is every one1   
Aug 14, 2012Siouxland bookstoresAny one interested in getting together still??3   
Jul 25, 2012Siouxland bookstoresAny one interested in getting together still??1   
Jul 25, 2012Siouxland bookstoresbook stores9   
Jul 21, 2012Siouxland bookstoresRomantix's experiences5   
Jul 10, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupNo 1 Wants Fun!1   
Jun 30, 2012Siouxland bookstoresno one interested i take it1   
Jun 25, 2012Siouxland bookstoreswhere did some of the post go2   
Jun 25, 2012Siouxland bookstoresmeeting time and place1   
Jun 21, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupmeet & greet?1   
Jun 16, 2012Prowler's NWIowa groupwhere are all the ladies and couples at???????????2   
Feb 4, 2012Prowler's NWIowa grouplookin for bi or bi curious to join for mfmf3