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Jan 15, 2019Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Dis, Dat or D'utha1   
Jan 4, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Share a reply if you like doggie style.1   
Jan 2, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Naughty Fun In The Shower.1   
Jan 2, 2019AFF Naughty Community.Flashing My Tits.1   
Dec 23, 2018AFF Naughty Community.Fondle and suck.1   
Jun 9, 2016Living The Dream !!!!Summer Fun: Skinny Dip, Sex on the Beach or Boat Party1   
Apr 10, 2016Living The Dream !!!!Baseball season has started, for which team do you cheer?1   
Apr 9, 2016Living The Dream !!!!You deserve to be punished because....1   
Mar 29, 2016FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchNew Hotwife looking for big cock to play with1   
Mar 19, 2016Living The Dream !!!!An Ice Cream Sundae1   
Mar 12, 2016Leather, Lust, Love, & LaceKiss Lick Spank Fuck or Pass1   
Mar 12, 2016FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchyoung asian wife1   
Mar 12, 2016FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchI Love a Hot Load1   
Mar 12, 2016Leather, Lust, Love, & LaceThis or that....1   
Mar 10, 2016Living The Dream !!!!Right now I need......1   
Mar 7, 2016Living The Dream !!!!Hugs, Kiss Dance or ^5 ???1   
Mar 6, 2016I'm a flirtBeen a long time1   
Feb 26, 2016Big Tit LoversThe Dream Threesome2   
Feb 3, 2016Big Tit LoversIs Age Really JUST A Number?1   
Aug 30, 2015Big Tit LoversEndowment1   
Jul 3, 2015DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSDaddy's Pacifier1   
Jul 2, 2015DADDIES, GRANDPAS & BABY GIRLSRoman Pool in the Room - mmm1   
May 17, 2015Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Your A F F screen name...1   
Mar 12, 2015Big Tit LoversWho is going to the Mardi Gras Party March 14th in Colorado?1   
Mar 12, 2015Big Tit Loversgetting the room going again1   
Mar 6, 2015Welcome to the Pleasure Domewhat to do1   
Feb 9, 2015Big Tit LoversI saw you...1   
Jan 26, 2015Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Drawing with Carlee :)1   
Jan 24, 2015Welcome to the Pleasure DomeIf only1   
Jan 16, 2015Big Tit LoversIs there anything better?2   
Jan 16, 2015Welcome to the Pleasure Domegive ,me one1   
Jan 8, 2015LOL's Shameless FlirtingYour favorite part of the opposite sex?1   
Dec 28, 2014Big Tit LoversWhat is your definition of 'Big'..or 'Too Big'?2   
Dec 27, 2014LOL's Shameless FlirtingThe Big Five -Oh!!!1   
Dec 27, 2014Big Tit Loversshowing cleavage2