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Which do you prefer? Lights on or off?

by BlackWood567 12/13/2018
How does a well educated geologist meet guys?

by WetRockWithHole 12/13/2018
NOT earn points?

by papis_baby_girl 12/13/2018
BI GUY Play?

by Onthehunt19751 12/13/2018
How many ladies enjoy or would like to enjoy pegging a guy?

by mrwhatthe 12/13/2018
Which do you prefer

by skip654321 12/13/2018
The Erotic Stories.

by Palidin6999 12/13/2018
who thinks aff is a shitty site

by pornstarcock402 12/13/2018

by Jay10063 12/12/2018
Just for points....

by walkinbanana2 12/11/2018
What's the best way to get/earn points on here?

by CuriousInCali89 12/11/2018
hello.................. is everybody...

by Clara_Voyar 12/11/2018

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